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Testimonials – Suffolk

Becky Brown – Lumbar Spine Fusion – Multiple Levels

Thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and the whole staff at OSC (Tanya, Kaye, Jim (PT), Zach (PT Tech), to name a few).

After a year of medicines, PT, injections and continued pain, I finally had my L2-4 fusion in February. Dr. Carlson followed my spine progress over time and told me, “You will let me know when it’s time.” I found his approach to treatment very refreshing, as many doctors will jump to surgery at the drop of a hat.

As a Personal Trainer and the Employee Health & Wellness Coordinator for the City of Suffolk, it was devastating for me to not even be able to walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes without crying in pain. So, it was time… When I awoke in the recovery room, I felt immediate relief from sciatica, groin and leg pain. I thought to myself, “He fixed me again!”

See… Dr. Carlson also fused my C5-7 about 5 years ago with great success. He also successfully fused my husband’s L4-S1 in 2015. Both he and I can now do any activity we want. I even walked a 5K two months after this surgery!

In my profession, I see a lot of spinal disease & injury. I educate others by sharing my story of how bad things can get and how having the right doctor makes all the difference. I refer everyone I know to Dr. Carlson. He is a true miracle worker. Thank you again, Dr. C!

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