Electric Cell Signaling Treatment

FDA CLEARED, Drug-free Relief from Acute & Chronic Pain

20 Treatments – Twice a Week – 30-40 Minutes

OSC is booking consultations for a revolutionary new treatment for pain associated with neuropathy – neoGen® Electric Cell Signaling Therapy. The neoGEN® system is a state-of-the art, technically-innovative medical device for producing electric cell signaling energy waves (EcST and ESI). The neoGEN® medical device is the original and only electric cell signaling device that was used in clinical research and published in multiple medical journals, proving the ability to effect nerves and reduce painful symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy.


  • Safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment
  • Minimal potential for side effects, which are easily avoided
  • Extremely high patient compliance, outcomes and satisfaction


To make an appointment, please contact us at 757-596-1900 and reference neoGEN® consultation. All patients must be seen by an OSC physician to determine if their diagnosis is clinically appropriate for this therapy.

If an OSC specialist clears the patient for treatment, three very small biopsies will be taken of the skin in the painful area of the body to be treated. These samples will be sent away for testing as treatment starts and the results will provide a baseline reading of the patient’s nerve function and health. After the patient has completed treatment, three additional biopsies will be taken and sent to the lab for analysis. Typically, these test results show increased nerve growth, nerve fiber lengthening and straightening in most patients, which indicates measurable positive physiologic changes have occurred in the treatment area.


The patient will be seated in a comfortable, reclining chair. Four suction cup electrodes will be placed strategically over and around the area of the body to be treated. These cups have sponges that are infused with a proprietary blend of water and minerals which increase conductivity. Our staff is specially trained to know how and where to place the electrode cups for the patient to get the maximum benefit from the treatment.

The OSC technician will then turn on the neoGEN® unit and slowly begin to increase the intensity of the bioactive signal energy waves to the patient’s comfort level. These multiplexed waves are delivered via patented computer-assisted wave generator system that is constantly adjusting throughout the treatment, according the the desired mechanism of action for the clinical diagnosis of the patient. The treatment will last around 30-40 minutes, depending on the condition and severity.

During treatment, patients are encouraged to relax, read or nap, as most individuals find the therapy to be soothing.

neoGEN® Electric Cell Signaling Therapy is not covered by most insurance providers. If you have questions regarding coverage or payment, please contact our Billing Department at 757-596-1900.