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Tom Toothaker, DPT- Physical Therapy Clinic Director

Tom Toothaker, DPTDr. Tom Toothaker joined the Physical Therapy team at OSC in 2011. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Christopher Newport University and Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Old Dominion University, where he was president of his class.

Tom has a special interest in studying and teaching functional movement patterns.  He is certified in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) which he uses frequently in his assessment and treatment of patients. He is a provider of functional dry needling (level 2) through Kintecore.  He uses a combination of treatment strategies including Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, CuppingDry Needling, joint manipulation, and various hands-on manual techniques.  These techniques coupled with corrective exercises are used to assist patients in reaching their maximum functional ability and improve quality of life.

Dr. Toothaker is a former United States Marine with a passion for physical fitness and wellness.  He enjoys Power and Olympic lifting.  He is a level 1 Crossfit trainer and holds a USA Weightlifting level 1 coaching certification.

Dr. Toothaker lives in Williamsburg, VA,  with his wife Stephanie, who is also a physical therapist. He has been an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Virginia Physical Therapy Association since 2008.

To set up an appointment with Tom Toothaker or anyone at our Physical Therapy Center, call (757) 596-1900.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Christopher Newport University
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Old Dominion University

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • There are not enough words to describe Dr.  Tom Toothaker. He is the best doctor I’ve ever had. He pushed me to do my exercises and called me out when he thought I wasn’t doing my best. His bedside manner is 2nd to none. He made me very comfortable from our 1st appointment until my last. I would highly recommend him to any and everyone. And if I ever need Physical Therapy again, I will come back to him. Shawn… Read More

Shawn Ross – Physical Therapy

  • I had my fourth back surgery (previous one was 17 years ago) and have had a remarkable recovery. From the surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to Dr. Tom Toothaker and his staff at OSC Physical Therapy, everyone I came in contact with was professional, friendly, pleasant, and capable. Thank you all for your personal attention to me and my specific medical needs during this time. I highly recommend this team to anyone searching for the right group of medical professionals. Thank you! Jeff… Read More

Jeff Askew – Spine Surgery

  • I had a right knee replacement. I worked with the following Physical Therapist and PTAs: Tom Toothaker, DPT Jonathan Lorusso, LPTA Bill Richard, PTA The place was very clean and the equipment was wiped down after every patient. The whole staff was pleasant and helpful the entire time I was there. I appreciate all the work they did with me. I am glad that I have finished my Physical Therapy but I will miss them all. Dana… Read More

Dana Stutts – Physical Therapy after Knee Replacement Surgery

  •   I went to Physical Therapy after reverse shoulder replacement surgery. I had waited so long to have surgery that I had lost a great deal of mobility and knew it was going to take a focused time in Physical Therapy to bring the shoulder back to a workable place. Dr. Tom Toothaker was perfect for the job. He is the best Physical Therapist I’ve ever had. He set forth a plan of recovery that was just right – not too aggressive or too slow. He encouraged me to try my hardest &… Read More

Jo Ellen Valdez – Physical Therapy after Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  • I was impressed with my original evaluation by Dr. Tom Toothaker and subsequent treatment by Physical Therapists Victoria, Josh, and Bill. My complaint of muscle spasms was targeted in treatment and resulted in an exercise program for me to follow to prevent similar symptoms in the future. All the staff, including front desk folks, technicians and therapists were very pleasant and professional. I will recommend to others and return for treatment when/if necessary. Carolyn… Read More

Carolyn Masser – Physical Therapy

  • I just completed rehab for my right shoulder reverse replacement surgery. Dr. Martin Coleman of Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) in Newport News was my surgeon. I did my physical therapy at OSC under Dr. Tom Toothaker. Dr. Toothaker designed a therapy program for me and monitored it closely, often leading me through the entire session himself. He and the entire staff were very supportive in helping me achieve goals. The PT assistants and others made sure I followed the regimented program… Read More

Sheridan(“Butch”) Barringer – Post Surgical Physical Therapy for Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  • In November 2016, I had a tibia tubercle transfer and lateral retinacular release surgery performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. Shortly after the surgery, I had to start Physical Therapy. It was my second time at OSC Physical Therapy, but my first time with Dr. Tom Toothaker. Dr. Toothaker is an incredible Physical Therapist. He provided me with honest feedback and kept me focused on my exercises at home. We worked on not just getting me back to being able to manage day-to-day, but getting me… Read More

Jessica D’Aurora – Physical Therapy after Knee Surgery

  •   I’m very pleased with the care Dr. Toothaker, Victoria and Tom gave me when I was under their care. It was very hard when I first started, but each visit was better then the one before. I would recommend this practice to anyone in need of physical therapy. Thanks so much. I’m on the good left knee now. Ernestine… Read More

Ernestine Yancey – Physical Therapy

  • There is no way I can praise Dr. Tom Toothaker and his wonderful staff for the outstanding work they do. (And, no, we’re not related!) In 6 or 8 weeks, they were able to reduce the pain in my back and leg by at least 80 to 90 percent. In fact, I was able to take a half-mile walk yesterday AND ENJOY IT!!!! (Something I haven’t been able to do for years!) In fact, I feel as though I have been given a whole new lease on life. I especially want to thank Josh Hancock and Fred Wintermantel for… Read More

Rudolph J. Pazdernik – Physical Therapy for Back & Leg Pain

  • Tom Toothaker DPT, is a very dedicated Physical Therapist. He has worked with me for sometime. And because of his diligence, I’m feeling better. He is very personable to his patients. Gary Reph  

Gary Reph – Physical Therapy

  • I just wanted to commend the Physical Therapists Jamie Swale and Tom Toothaker, Victoria Bartnikowski, PTA and the intern Jamey (whose last name I also don’t know) for treating me.  My last P.T. experience at another facility was a disaster. My pain increased and I ended up on a cane. This time, my treatment made me better, and the exercises I received for at home will help me be pain-free and also increase my strength. Thanks to everyone for a great experience! Barb… Read More

Barb Abraham – Physical Therapy

  • I’m writing on behalf of my husband. He had a total knee replacement on 2/19/20, performed by OSC’s Dr. Boyd Haynes. I’ve been so impressed with the entire process, from the scheduling of the surgery to how quickly his disability paperwork was submitted, to the entire experience at the hospital. We were both greeted so nicely at Mary Immaculate Hospital..all of the nurses were fantastic, the care he got was great. While he was in the recovery area, one of the nurses called twice to update… Read More

Debbie Lehrer – My Husband’s Total Knee Replacement

  • In March 2017, I had a total left knee replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My physical therapy was at OSC Physical Therapy Center. Dr. Tom Toothaker met with me and designed a physical therapy program for me. I worked very hard with him and his staff to increase the flexibility and range of motion necessary to regain full use of my left knee. It was a long, very painful process and, sometimes, I felt that I had hit a brick wall. I kept working, and with the help of Dr. Toothaker and… Read More

Sherry Neff – Post-surgical Physical Therapy for Total Knee Replacement

  • My name is Catherine Reid, I would like to thank Tom Toothaker, DPT. Joshua Hancock, LPTA and Fred Wintermantel PTA, for their care doing my rehabilitation at Orthopedic & Spine Center. I was treated for pain in my left shoulder, which made it impossible to complete my normal physical duties and daily activities that I was accustomed to doing. After eight weeks of rehabilitation, I have been able to resume all my my normal activities without pain. I was made comfortable at each… Read More

Catherine Reid – Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

  • I just finished my four months of therapy on my reverse shoulder replacement at the OSC PT office (beside the main office). I was sad to leave because the whole staff there works as a team, from the office staff Stachia and Cliff, to the doctors and physical therapists, and to the PT assistant Nneka. I was welcomed each day and the tech greeted me with genuine concern as to how I was doing. I worked mostly with Fred Wintermantle and Dr. Tom Toothaker. Both knew exactly which exercises would… Read More

Deborah Pack – Physical Therapy for Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  • I completed four weeks of Physical Therapy today with Dr. Tom Toothaker for a torn rotator cuff surgery. I found him to be an exceptional Physical Therapist. Not only did I quickly get my range of motion and strength back, I learned how to continue the PT at home on my own. Dr. Toothaker was kind, compassionate, a good listener, as well as presenting himself with confidence and professionalism. The entire staff at OSC Physical Therapy was a pleasure to work with. They all did an outstanding… Read More

Judy Bryan – Physical Therapy after Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • I have used OSC Physical Therapy on several occasions and have always been very pleased with the treatment that I have received. I have been going again for the past 5-6 weeks and Tom Toothaker, DPT, has been my therapist. I can not say enough good things about Tom. He is indeed a professional in all senses, very easy to understand and always has a smile and encouragement. He explains what he is going to do to help you and makes you feel completely at ease. I never left therapy feeling that… Read More

Walter Satchell – Physical Therapy

  • Dr. Martin Coleman evaluated my broken arm and suggested physical therapy. Everyone in the OSC Physical Therapy department was extremely helpful and courteous. Dr. Tom Toothaker and his team were very through at each visit. The exercises were very beneficial. The discomfort in my arm was evacuated on each visit. Thank you for your outstanding team. Special thanks again to Dr. Toothaker and his team for their excellent service in taking such good care of me. William… Read More

William Layton – Physical Therapy for a Broken Arm

  • This was my second knee replacement that Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC did and the second time with these Physical Therapists. Joshua Hancock, LPTA, worked diligently with me and I completed my therapy in six weeks. The place is very clean and the tables are cleaned and prepped after each patient. The whole staff was so pleasant and attentive the entire time I was there. I truly appreciate all the work they did with me and in a way, I was sad to leave them. I\’m glad I healed as I… Read More

Sunnie Dringenberg – Physical Therapy after Knee Replacement

  • Thank you, Dr. Tom Toothaker, Josh, Bill and the entire team at OSC Physical Therapy. These folks really make excellence the standard! From the moment you walk in the door, there is no doubt that you are at the place you need to be to get your mobility back on track. Can’t say enough about this team. No doubt that I would visit them again. Doug… Read More

Doug Patterson – Physical Therapy

  • I have gained new respect for the value of Physical Therapy. It has improved my mobility by at least ten fold. It has taken me from a slumped over, partially feeble, crooked old woman (with a crooked old smile and a crooked old cane trying to walk a crooked old mile) to a virtually upright structure with no assistive-walking devices and a lot happier face. My Physical Therapist – Tom Toothaker, DPT. It is not an easy process and requires dedication, but is so worth it if you value your… Read More

Debbie Collier – Physical Therapy

  • My second knee replacement was completed in December 2019 and performed by my most trusted OSC Physician, Dr Boyd Haynes. Although this knee replacement was physically challenging (due to intense pain and swelling) in the beginning, I had no fears because I knew I was in the best hands of the most professional Physical Therapy Center on the Peninsula, OSC Therapy Center.   Dr. Tom Toothaker, Clinic Director of OSC Physical Therapy and Josh Hancock, Physical Therapist Assistant,… Read More

Charlotte Mitchell – Total Knee Replacement & Physical Therapy

  • Tom Toothaker, PT, DPT I can personally attest that Dr. Tom Toothaker not only helped me tremendously recover from my shoulder injury, but he helped me get over the fear of another dislocation.  Tom really listens and communicates well and made me feel at ease. He is the best therapist, and we are fortunate to have him lead our team of therapists. He is always teaching, observing, and finds ways to help others. Go Dr…. Read More

Sharon Leybold – Physical Therapy for Shoulder Dislocation

  • After Dr. Jeffrey Carlson replaced my second knee, it seemed to heal more slowly and I was dejected. Dr. Carlson wisely took me out of in-home physical therapy and assigned me to Dr. Tom Toothaker at OSC Physical Therapy. I had used them for years and felt comfortable with my OSC PT family of providers. Tom took my case on personally. His daily encouragement and motivation caused me to try harder and we were able to celebrate the small steps together! My appointments are at 7:00 AM and… Read More

Kerri Vailati – Physical Therapy for Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Tommy Toothaker and his team are terrific. Six weeks ago, I was tottering and shuffling like an old man, constantly afraid I was losing my balance. Well, I am 87, so I didn’t think they could do too much for me. But was I ever surprised! Today, they have me walking better than I have in years. And my balance has improved 100%. I would gladly recommend OSC Physical Therapy to anybody. In fact, I have already given their folders to a couple of friends. I just can’t say enough good… Read More

Rudolph Pazdernik – Physical Therapy

  •   I am 82 years of age and have been suffering with a muscle injury for over 5 years and was taking Dry Needling. It was suggested that I participate in the Physical Training Program. Tom Toothaker, DPT and his assistant Rachel, guided me in this endeavor and I was released on November 3, 2020. Their constant guidance and insurance that I complete each exercise properly has resulted in almost a pain free movement of my muscle injury. I would like to thank them for their time and… Read More

Kenneth Chaney – Physical Therapy for Muscle Injury

  • In February 2018, I fell and injured my right shoulder. I could not raise my arm more than a few inches. I visited Dr. Boyd Haynes who confirmed that I had a “massive” rotator cuff tear and that surgery was the only option. I’ve since learned that “massive” is the worst possible tear that he will try to repair. I have complete confidence in Dr. Haynes, so 2 weeks later I underwent the rotator cuff surgery and spent the next 6 weeks in a sling/immobilizer waiting to heal enough to begin physical… Read More

Betty Forrest – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery and Physical Therapy

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