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Guidelines for Submitting a Testimonial

We are always grateful when one of our patients is inspired to tell others about their positive experience at OSC, whether it is with a physician or staff member, if they liked our facility, advanced imaging technology, Physical Therapy Center, etc. We feature patient testimonials on our website, on TV commercials, on our FaceBook page and in brochures and magazines, because your story may help other individuals (who are apprehensive about treatment) choose an OSC physician to care for themselves or a family member. We also encourage you to write about your experience on-line at sites such as Angie’s List, Vitals or Healthgrades.

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Many of our patients ask us “What do you want me to say when I write my testimonial?” Here are a few suggestions:
1. Make it personal. Say what comes from your heart. Your story is different than anyone else’s; that is what makes it unique and interesting
2. It can be long or it can be short (we do not have a minimum or maximum word count)

You should include:
– Your name
– The name of your physician
– The problem for which you had treatment
– The results of your treatment

You may wish to include:
– Your age
– Your hometown
– A personal story about your treatment
– You may want to include a picture of yourself to be featured on the website. We even have videos of patients who wanted others to see them doing so well after their surgery. You do not have to include a picture or a video if you do not wish to do so.

HIPAA Release
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or (HIPAA) requires that you sign a HIPAA Release Form in order for OSC to disclose any medical information on our website or in any other published form. This release authorizes OSC to feature your story on our website or in advertising for the OSC. The Release Form does not allow OSC to share any medical information other than that contained in your testimonial, nor does it require you to share any further information about your medical history.

HIPAA Release Annual Re-Authorization
The United States Federal Government requires that a HIPAA release be signed once; however the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that the HIPAA release be renewed annually. We will send you notification of the HIPAA release expiration date as the one year posting date anniversary approaches. You can re-authorize your HIPAA release form on-line here.

If you have any further questions about submitting a testimonial for publication, please feel free to contact our Director of Marketing, Shannon Woods at 757-596-1444, Ext. 368.

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