OSC Community Lecture & Event Schedule

OSC offers community lectures at our facility on the third Tuesday of each month, January – November. We frequently add lectures to the schedule, so check back here or on our Facebook page for updates. All lectures begin at 7:00pm at our location at 250 Nat Turner Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606, unless noted otherwise. You can register by clicking on the lecture title you would like to attend. Alternatively, you can call 757.596.1900, ext 368 or email to RSVP or to obtain additional information.





January 21Dr. Joel StewartEffective Treatments for Common Foot and Ankle Conditions
January 31Red Cross Blood DriveRed Cross Blood Drive January 2020
February 18Dr. Emily LudwigLife Uninterrupted: A Psychologist's Guide to Thriving with Pain
March 17Dr. Mark McFarlandRegenerative Medicine & Effective Treatments for Spine Conditions
April 3Red Cross Blood DriveSign up Now
April 21Dr. Boyd HaynesAdvances in Joint Replacement for the Knee and Hip
May 19Dr. Raj SurejaSpinal Cord Stimulation
June 18Dr. Martin ColemanEffective Treatments for Common Shoulder Problems
July 10Red Cross Blood DriveSign up Now
July 21Dr. John BurrowEffective Treatment for Hip and Knee Pain
August 18Dr. CarlsonDr. Jeffrey CarlsonTreating Painful Issues of the Spine
September 15Dr. AndrusDr. Jenny AndrusTreating Peripheral Neuropathy
October 20Dr. SnyderDr. Robert SnyderPatient Specific Knee Replacement
November 17Dr. Joel StewartDiagnosing Painful Issues of the Foot and Ankle
DecemberNo lectureHappy Holidays!


The schedule is subject to change.