Stress Management Workshop – Dr. Ludwig

Based on the problem-solving therapy approach, this is an empirically supported, brief educational and life coaching program. The workshop provides participants with practical tool kits which help to address common sources of stress in everyday life. When stress levels become too high, it can lead to emotional distress and can exacerbate health and pain problems.

You will learn practical problem-solving skills, which can help you to overcome low motivation, negative moods, and negative attitudes. This workshop can also help you to set reasonable goals, be creative in coming up with productive solutions, and make better decisions every day. The more successful you are in overcoming obstacles to reaching your goals, the less stress you will experience. The less stress that you have, the better your overall physical and mental well being.

The 4-Week Session Begins Thursday, February 6th in our second floor lobby at 6 p.m.

Insurance Code: 96164 and 96165 x2
Cash Cost: $152

Eligibility: Participants must complete a questionnaire prior to signing up for the workshop. Participants may be asked to attend a screening appointment prior to participation. This is to help ensure that the group is a good fit for your unique goals and needs. To get started, call 757.596.1900.