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Boyd W. Haynes, III, M.D.

Dr. Boyd Haynes is a Sports Medicine fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who has been with OSC since 1992. His practice is focused on sports-related injuries and disorders, with a special emphasis on hips, knees and shoulders. A pioneer in the field of Outpatient Total Joint Replacement, Dr. Haynes also performs computer-navigated Direct Anterior Hip Replacements, as well as the Makoplasty partial knee replacements. He is also the only Orthopaedic Surgeon on the Peninsula that performs endoscopic carpal tunnel release and endoscopic cubital tunnel release surgery. He also specializes in arthroscopic knee reconstruction and arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Dr. Haynes is the President of Coastal Virginia Surgery Center in Newport News, VA. He performed the first outpatient total knee replacement in July, 2010. The patient, 52 years of age, went home the same day as her surgery, after spending less than 10 hours in the hospital. Dr. Haynes continues to focus on minimally-invasive surgical options for our patients. Dr. Haynes is a repeat honoree as a “Top Doc” in our community, as selected by other physicians throughout the area. He has received many other honors and award during his career.

Dr. Haynes is a Richmond, Virginia, native, but has lived and worked on the Peninsula for over 30 years. He enjoys mentoring students who are interested in or pursuing a career in medicine. Dr. Haynes also enjoys playing volleyball, boating, fishing and spending family time with his wife and 3 kids.

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Call (757) 596-1900 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Haynes. Visit our Contact Us page for information on office hours. Our office is located in Newport News, VA. We are 40 minutes from Virginia Beach and an hour from Richmond, VA.


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  • B.S. Biology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  • M.D., Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Internship/Residency, General Surgery, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Residency, Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Fellowship, Sports Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons
  • Member, Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Member, Medical Society of Virginia
  • Member, Newport News Medical Society
  • Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Professor of Surgery, Riverside Regional Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Eastern Virginia Medical School

coastal virginia top doctors award

  • 2023 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2023 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc All Star” (at least five years consecutively)
  • 2022 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2022 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc All Star” (at least five years consecutively)
  • 2021 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2021 Three Best Rated Orthopedic Doctors in Newport News, VA
  • 2020 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2020 Virginia Living Magazine “Virginia Top Doctor 2020”
  • 2019 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2018 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2017 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2016 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2015 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2014 Coastal Virginia Magazine (formerly Hampton Roads Magazine) “Top Doc”
  • 2013 Hampton Roads Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2012 Hampton Roads Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2011 Hampton Roads Magazine “Super Doctor”
Recent Posts by Boyd W. Haynes III, MD

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Dear Dr. Haynes, I want to thank you for all you did for me over the past few months. The therapy helped some, but the pain was still there. You ordered the MRI and that led to a CT scan which led to you recommending I see Dr. Rento. I met Dr. Rento on January 3 and he told me the large mass was 99% chance to be cancerous. Even if not, the kidney had to go. On January 22, the mass and kidney were removed. I came home on Friday, and on Monday, January 24, Dr. Rento called and said the mass… Read More

Janet Bleakley – Life-Saving Alternative Diagnosis

  • Last August, my right knee started bothering me while walking and especially while twisting. I even had pain while trying to sleep at night, so I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who happened not to be affiliated with Orthopaedic & Spine Center. On the first visit, I received a cortisone shot that provided about 5 weeks relief. The second visit in October was no different and again I had about 5 weeks relief. The only other treatment offered was a series of three liquid injections that… Read More

Daniel W. Forrest – Knee Pain

  • Many thanks to Dr. Boyd Haynes and his very efficient staff. I needed a hip replacement and had pre-op testing before hand. They found a problem with my EKG and, as I result, I ended up with two stints in my arteries. I will have my hip replacement later. I had no idea that I had very bad artery problems. Thank God for Dr. Haynes’ staff. I am very happy to be their patient and would recommend Dr. Haynes and his staff very highly. Sara F…. Read More

Sara F. Ray – Pre-op Testing Discovers Clogged Arteries

  • Over a period of 2 years, I saw Dr. Boyd Haynes and received cortisone shots to ease pain in my right knee. When the shots failed to help, we decided it was time for total knee replacement surgery. The care to assure the proper diagnosis and resultant solution was done in a very professional manner that instilled confidence that we were on the right path. The procedure at Mary Immaculate Hospital went very well, and I was home the afternoon of the same day. With the help of pain medication,… Read More

Ellen Morello – Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

  • 2023 was the year of two new knees for me! After many years of knee injections working to decrease my pain, they stopped working. It was time for knee replacements to fix the terrible bone-on-bone pain. Dr. Boyd Haynes replaced my right knee in May and then my left knee in September. The process is like a well oiled machine and all the staff are so helpful and kind. I love my two new knees! I can walk without pain! After so long in pain, it has taken some getting used to! I am very happy and… Read More

Deborah Orband – Total Knee Replacements

  • A Year Later …. After a year, following my Rotator Cuff Surgery, all is well! Shoulder feels the best ever. From the start to finish, Dr. Boyd Haynes and the OSC Team were there all the way. The OSC Physical Therapy staff is the best! You must endure the physical therapy though, for full recovery, and it was not as bad as I expected! Get it done… Live Life! Dee… Read More

Dee Burcher – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes performed rotator cuff surgery on the 15th of January 2015, in order to repair a 2 x 2 cm tear and while repairing the tendon, also removed bone spurs that had formed in the shoulder. The surgery was performed on an outpatient basis. I had been told by other patients that it was a very painful surgery and that the recovery would be some six months or more. One individual actually said that it was more painful and a longer recovery than that of their open heart surgery. I didn’t… Read More

Erika Mitchell – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • OSC Physician: Dr. Haynes You SAVED my life! I had seen others before you and they could not fix my knee. You told me I needed a replacement and I was very scared. I had my surgery on 9-12-2012, and went back to work at 6 weeks! I can now shop at the grocery store and no longer have to have my knee drained every few weeks! I even went Christmas shopping! Thank you for being tough on me and asking me to work harder – my leg is almost straight now. I have referred others to you when they… Read More

Kathleen “Kathy” Adams – Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes accurately diagnosed me (after a misdiagnosis at another clinic) and quickly took action to remedy my issues. He took time to explain the different options for relieving my bilateral carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes. We decided surgery was the best option to meet the demands of my work and at-home life. Before surgery, he had wonderful bedside manner and made me feel comfortable. I felt confident I was in the right hands. After surgery, he called to ensure I was following… Read More

Ashley White – Bilateral Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Release Surgery

  • I would like to share my experience with a surgery performed by Dr. Haynes. I had been “putting off” Carpal Tunnel surgery that I should have had done years ago. Needless to say, I let it go long enough, that I have been told that I do have some nerve damage that is irreversible…that was my stupidity. I got to the point that I couldn’t sleep more than an hour or two at night without having my hand and arm wake me with pain shooting throughout from my armpit to the end of my fingers. Dr…. Read More

Charles B. Haywood Jr. – Carpal Tunnel

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes has given me back my hands! I saw him because of my trigger thumb. First, I had the cortisone shot on my left hand, then my right thumb also developed trigger finger. It could not bend at all. I was wearing a brace for work and taping my thumb and middle finger at night so I could sleep without them locking in a bent position, because when I would straighten them, the pain was excruciating. I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and decided surgery was my best choice for… Read More

Stephanie Lovell – Trigger Finger Release Surgery & Non-operative Care

  • My knees had been bone-on-bone for some time. I had tried gel and cortisone injections when I lived in Florida. Surgery worried me; the surgery itself, fear of uncontrolled pain, the rehab and the downtime. Dr. Jenny Andrus, Pain Management Specialist at OSC, provided another option: nerve blocks. These did give me temporary relief and the time I needed to come to grips with having knee replacement surgery. Dr. Boyd Haynes, also with OSC, was totally prepared for my questions about knee… Read More

Cathy Gumtow – Pain Management and Knee Replacement Surgery

  • I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel about four years ago and only being in my twenties, I thought it was something that would go away over time. It had finally gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep through the night or work with my hands without having shooting pain and numbness throughout my entire arm. Dr. Haynes operated on my wrist and within 3-5 days, I was able to get back to doing just about anything, from playing tennis to woodworking and drawing. The pain from the surgery was… Read More

Leah Schaffer – Carpal Tunnel Repair Surgery

  • I had a right hip replacement in early May 2017. I had previously had my left hip replaced. This prior surgery was approximately 10 years ago by another surgeon. Unfortunately, the first surgery was posterior approach and did not use the “jiffy” hip method used by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My first hip surgery resulted in 10 weeks missed work. Since my job was somewhat physical, even after the 10 week convalescence, there were some limitations. I had been lead to believe that I would never squat down… Read More

Ann Templin – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement Surgery

  • I had my first knee replacement by Dr. Haynes 10 years ago. I had held off on getting it done for years with very bad pain, because I feared the surgery. When the day came, Dr Haynes and his staff made me feel very relaxed and I even stayed awake during the surgery. Recovery was not fun, but I got thru it with steady improvement and it wasn’t long before it was just like new. My only regret was waiting so long to do it. I’m now getting ready to have the other knee done and I don’t have… Read More

Jill Figuenick – Knee Replacements

  • My second knee replacement was completed in December 2019 and performed by my most trusted OSC Physician, Dr Boyd Haynes. Although this knee replacement was physically challenging (due to intense pain and swelling) in the beginning, I had no fears because I knew I was in the best hands of the most professional Physical Therapy Center on the Peninsula, OSC Therapy Center.   Dr. Tom Toothaker, Clinic Director of OSC Physical Therapy and Josh Hancock, Physical Therapist Assistant,… Read More

Charlotte Mitchell – Total Knee Replacement & Physical Therapy

  • Physician – Dr. Haynes My name is Cristi Hayes. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my right hip, back in 2008 at the age of 35. In February 2013 at the age of 39, Dr. Haynes performed a total hip replacement of my right hip. So I’m here to tell you my story. I have had problems with my hip since 2007. The main problem was when I would sit down for a while and go to get up, my hip felt like it was stuck. It would be so painful until I worked out the kink. After about a year and a… Read More

Cristi Hayes – Hip Replacement, Pain Management

  • When I started experiencing severe hip pain a few years ago. There were days that I could barely walk and do for myself. My mother strongly recommended that I see Dr. Boyd Haynes as he performed a very successful hip replacement on her, about three years ago. After I couldn\’t tolerate the pain any longer and my quality of life was very much hindered, I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and I am so glad I did! Dr. Haynes had to replace my hip and reconstruct my hip socket. The surgery was… Read More

Amy Bray – Hip Replacement

  • Over the last three years, I suffered with chronic knee pain and had to wear a brace. I had made plans for a trip to Las Vegas and also for a cruise. While on vacation, I could not keep up with the others. My walking was impaired even with the brace. My right knee was very swollen and painful. This was not a good feeling. When I returned home, I mentioned my condition to a friend and he recommended Dr. Boyd Haynes. Dr. Haynes informed me that I would need a partial knee replacement. This was… Read More

Carol B. Mann – Partial Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes is always so positive and funny. He makes me laugh before injecting my knees!! Laughter seems to help in those stressful and painful situations. I can’t think of anything you could do to make my experience at OSC better.  Dr. Haynes’ funny attitude contributes the most to my satisfaction as his patient. He really enjoys his work and that makes me trust him so much more. Heidi… Read More

Heidi Callas – 5 Star Review of Dr. Boyd Haynes

  • I really like to line dance. In October 2002, I needed to have my hip replaced because of arthritis. It was a big step for me to proceed with this surgery as I believed my line dancing would not be an activity I would be able to participate in afterwards. I also wondered how long my “bionic hip” would last, because of dancing. Well, here I am going on l5 years, and my hip and I are still going strong! I am a 75 year-old woman, trying to move faster than the germs around me, and my hip is… Read More

Bridget Perrine – Hip Replacement

  • When I was 30, I slipped on some ice and twisted my knee about 180 degrees. It hurt, and it swelled up, but I was very stoic about pain and I pretty much ignored it. The pain and swelling came and went, increasing over time, until I finally said something to my family doctor. By that time, my knee had no cartilage left at all. It was bone grinding on bone. He asked me why I didn’t have it replaced. Well, I was about 54 then and I was under the impression that full knee replacements had to wait… Read More

Ginger Zarske – Total Knee Replacement

  • Physician: Dr. Haynes My name is Janice Hoffman, and I am an adjunct English teacher at one of the local colleges. Although I’ve never been athletic, I do lead an active lifestyle, especially since our grandson and his two Chocolate Labs live with my husband and me. Four years ago, I was horrified to learn that I would need a total hip replacement, so much so that I put it off for a year and a half. I had seen doctors here in Williamsburg and had even gone to Richmond for a second opinion,… Read More

Janice Hoffman – Hip Replacements

  • Dr. Haynes and staff literally saved my vacation this summer. I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. I had surgery in my right wrist by a another Doctor in the Richmond area, back in the year 2000. Back then, it took 6 to 7 weeks before I could use my right wrist. For that reason, I kept delaying the surgery on my left wrist. During the early part of the summer of 2014, my left wrist began getting worse, to the point it woke me up a lot at night and I couldn\’t hold things in my… Read More

Larry Lane – Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

  • I came to OSC in September of 2012. My appointment was with Dr. Boyd Haynes. Because I had multiple issues, he took x-rays and we discussed what was going on for me. I had torn meniscus in my left knee, pain in my right hip and in my right shoulder. The hip pain was the most pressing and we discussed having the joint replaced. I already had my left hip replaced and, unfortunately, it had been a very difficult surgery…it left me anxious and a little skeptical of Dr. Haynes’ assurances that… Read More

Debbie Vaughan – Hip Replacement (Jiffy or Direct Anterior Approach)

  • I have been Dr. Boyd Haynes’ patient since 03/2005. He has worked miracles numerous times. The last was 4 injections of ORTHOVISC. It is a miracle drug. I still had issues after surgery, therapy and previous injections. My knee feels brand new. I feel like a new person. I RECOMMEND ORTHOVISC HIGHLY. Dr. Haynes, Chris, Dr. Andrus, the Physical Therapy Team and all other staff members are THE BEST. I GIVE THEM A 10+ STAR RATING. Jon-Betty… Read More

Jon-Betty King – Non-surgical Treatment for Knee Arthritis

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes first treated me in 2012 for a torn meniscus; an injury that drastically affected my lifestyle and daily schedule. Dr. Haynes diagnosed the injury and explained the nature and severity of the tear, then recommended a course of action for performing a procedure to repair the tear. But then Dr. Haynes did something I was not ready for, something I had not previously experienced from a physician or surgeon…he asked me what I thought was best for me…how did I want to proceed?… Read More

John L. Henderson – Treatment for Sports Related Injuries

  • In February 2018, I fell and injured my right shoulder. I could not raise my arm more than a few inches. I visited Dr. Boyd Haynes who confirmed that I had a “massive” rotator cuff tear and that surgery was the only option. I’ve since learned that “massive” is the worst possible tear that he will try to repair. I have complete confidence in Dr. Haynes, so 2 weeks later I underwent the rotator cuff surgery and spent the next 6 weeks in a sling/immobilizer waiting to heal enough to begin physical… Read More

Betty Forrest – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery and Physical Therapy

  • I recently was having serious pain in my knee, and discussing my problem with friends & family, they recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes for advice. I called the office and had an appointment in a few days. He reviewed the x-rays and examined me, and his initial diagnosis was a torn meniscus. To confirm, he ordered a MRI, and a follow-up appointment, and I was back in the office within five days of my initial visit. His initial diagnosis was correct. He reviewed the test… Read More

Joe Gagliano – Arthroscopic Knee Meniscus Repair Surgery

  • I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand February 22, 2018. After my surgery, I did not have to take any pain pills and had very little discomfort. No stitches required. The healing process is quick and my hand feels great. Dr. Boyd Haynes is outstanding.  I give him a very high rating and a great recommendation. He is caring, responds to your questions and conducts himself in a professional manner. William G…. Read More

William G. Suis – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

  • Patient of Dr. Boyd Haynes Surgery in December 2013 I had pain in my right shoulder for decades as a result of playing sports in my youth. Over the past few years, it became progressively worse, and I sought out Dr. Haynes, as he was highly recommended by several people. I had surgery on my right shoulder for a completely severed rotator cuff and also for “frozen shoulder syndrome” which resulted from a lack of use. I can say that after surgery, I am now completely pain-free, and… Read More

Thomas Shelton – Shoulder (Rotator Cuff & Frozen Shoulder)

  • At the age of 81 years young, I had full knee replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes in March of 2020. I was very nervous about everything and waited a few years too long to have the surgery. Looking back, I wonder why I was so nervous. Dr. Haynes and his team were very patient in walking me and my family through the entire process. They leave nothing out and my surgery and recovery went great! I went home on the same day of the surgery. Everything that morning went exactly as Dr…. Read More

Vesita Lowman – Outpatient Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • I have been suffering with carpal tunnel in both wrists for almost 20 years. In 2013, I decided to finally get surgery done. I met with Dr.Boyd Haynes and he was great! He took the time to explain what carpal tunnel is and how the surgery fixes it. He also explained what to expect afterward. I scheduled the surgery on my left wrist but cancelled the surgery due to fears of anesthesia. In the fall of 2016, I decided I was going to have the surgery this time, so, I once again scheduled an… Read More

Julie L. – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgeries

  • Dr. Haynes, “You’ll know when it’s time for hip replacement surgery,” related members of the OSC Team. Severe pain in both hips prevented me from enjoying athletic activities with family and friends, household chores, routine excursions here in Gloucester and all of Hampton Roads. Fortunately, a dear friend who recently had a successful hip replacement, recommended Dr. Haynes. “When it’s over, the answers to all questions about what you can do WILL BE YES!” he said. AND HOW RIGHT HE WAS!… Read More

Barbara Naquin – Hip Replacements

  • On 8/17/16, I had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes III. In the past, I used another physical therapy center, but after visiting OSC’s physical therapy center, I was extremely impressed! My Physical Therapist, Dr. Jamie Swale, and her Physical Therapist Technician, Maria Shanks, have done a phenomenal job during my PT! My last day is scheduled for 11/3/16 . In the beginning, I went to physical therapy three times a week for the first two months and am now down to two days… Read More

Kathleen Howe – Physical Therapy for Total Knee Replacement

  • Several years ago, I sustained what, “for me”, was clearly a sports-related injury. I am sure that some of you ladies will be familiar with my sports event. I had been battling with a complex quilting pattern, on the floor of my sewing room, for an entire afternoon. As I stood up from my task for about the twenty-fifth time, I noticed a slight pain in my knee. After a few days of pain denial, then knee braces, along with several other failed self treatments, I realized that I was the owner of… Read More

Cynthia French – Meniscus Repair

  • I had my knee replacement surgery on Feb. 27,2019. I am so grateful to Dr. Boyd Haynes. I wonder now why I put it off for so long. If you can get through the first 7-10 days, you’ve got it made. I strongly recommend Dr. Haynes. He has done a hip replacement in 2011 and now my knee. Fantastic job on both! Helen… Read More

Helen Panags – Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries

  • I love Dr. Boyd Haynes’ sense of humor…it helps when you are hurting…and makes him seem more “human/humane”.  I appreciate his thoroughness and how listening is the most important thing to him. I recommend OSC to everyone who needs an Orthopaedic physician!!! Judie Paranuk

Judie Paranuk – 5 Star Rating/Review of Dr. Boyd Haynes

  • It is two and a half months since Dr. Boyd Haynes III, from Orthopedic Spine Center in Newport News, performed my total knee replacement. There are four things to consider when having a knee replacement. The first is, having a list of questions ready for your surgeon. Secondly, find an excellent surgeon, Dr. Boyd Haynes III for example, who listens to your concerns and considers everything before replying. Third, make sure you do your physical therapy exercises as instructed, remember to… Read More

Kathleen Howe – Total Knee Replacement

  • I have been playing softball and volleyball my whole life. In 2007, I was referred to Dr. Haynes by a family member, when my right shoulder felt like it was popping in and out of place when it was simply hanging by my side. It was a very uncomfortable and painful feeling. After an MRI, Dr. Haynes diagnosed me with a torn labrum, which would need surgery to repair it. I left surgery that day with minimal pain. Recovery was a long process of healing and physical therapy. A few years later… Read More

Casey Jordan – Shoulder (Labrum Repair) Surgery & Thumb Surgery

  • My name is Bonnie Hashberger and I reside in Gloucester County, Virginia. In 2005 at the age of 54, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and degenerative cartilage in both hips. I knew something was terribly wrong since I was having lower back pain and it seemed like my hip joints would cramp up severely. Like I imagine a lot of people do, I put off surgery way too long. I distinctly remember Dr. Boyd Haynes telling me in 2007 that I WOULD know when it was time to get my hip replaced. That… Read More

Bonnie Hashberger – (Jiffy) Hip Replacement Surgeries

  • Team Haynes, once again to the rescue! Through the suggestion of Dr. Boyd Haynes’ Physician Assistant, Chris Schwizer, I had an MRI done as I had major bicep pain. My MRI showed a partial tear.  This was almost 3 years after rotator cuff surgery… So, off to the awesome PT Group at OSC Physical Therapy. With the extensive direction of Dr. Jamie Swale and about 8 visits… it was incredible! No pain and great mobility. Compassionate, Caring, Knowledgeable is the OSC PT Team. Dee… Read More

Dee Burcher – Physical Therapy for a Partially-Torn Bicep Muscle

  • After a year of chronic hip pain and sciatic type pain, I obtained an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes. Eventually, it was determined I needed a hip replacement and I scheduled the surgery. I was always very active and the pain was interfering with my daily activities and had reached the point that even sitting for long periods was difficult. I found the office staff most professional and was seen at the scheduled appointment time, sometimes earlier!! The surgery was scheduled at Mary… Read More

Linda Pruitt – Hip Replacement

  • Before Dr. Boyd Haynes did my “jiffy hip” surgery, I was convinced I was going to have to move from the third floor apartment that I love. My arthritic hip was making the 38 steps to my apartment increasingly hard to climb. And with no elevator, it looked as if moving was my only choice. Dr. Haynes told me that if my hip was the only reason I thought I should move, that wouldn’t be an issue. He was right. Just two weeks post op, I am going up and down the stairs with no pain and little… Read More

Karen Muldoon – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes is a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon. It has been a year since Dr. Haynes completed a right knee replacement for me and I could not be happier with him, his staff, and their impressive medical facility. A year ago, I was experiencing extreme right knee pain and knew a knee replacement was my only hope of walking again without a walker. I learned of Dr. Haynes when a lady, working at Macy’s, offered a chair for me to rest when she noticed I was having problems walking. After… Read More

Betty Staples – Knee Replacement

  • Hello, my name is Denise Riley, A Celebrity Chef from the heart of the “BRONX” and this is my story! My story is no secret .. those who know me, know my mom died about seven years ago. She was diagnosed with Cancer, and later died from a Hip-Operation in New-York City. I was not sure how she died, whether from the Cancer, or the Hip-Operation, once they opened her up. So NOW .. about a Year ago .. I’m in need of a Hip-Operation!!! .. I was Terrified and Petrified!  For over a Year, I’ve… Read More

Denise Riley – Hip Replacement

  • As an attorney defending medical malpractice claims, I choose my surgeons carefully. I was 63 when Dr. Boyd Haynes did a total knee replacement, in Feb 2016. Several of my friends have had single or bilateral knee replacements by other providers. So I have context when it comes to assessing the relative outcome of my total knee replacement. One of my attorney associates is married to an ortho scrub tech at Mary Immaculate Hospital who works with many orthopedic surgeons. She could give no… Read More

James Akridge – Total Knee Replacement

  • I had a torn meniscus due to a bad fall that was repaired by Dr. Haynes with an arthroscopy on July 3, 2014. I just want to share how happy I am that my knee pain and overall problems associated with this injury have been drastically reduced. In fact, I feel like I’m pretty much back to normal. This injury was devastating for me since I’m very active and have never been limited in my activities. I walk a lot and was determined I would not be restricted in this. To help, I went to physical… Read More

Delana L. Merenda – Knee – Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

  • I am an active, 74 year-old man. Over the past ten years, arthritis had gradually damaged my right knee until I could no longer continue the physical activity necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking any distance was painful and as I favored my right knee, I began to have pain in my hip and left knee. I went to see Dr. Haynes at OSC (Orthopaedic and Spine Center) in February 2016. X-rays revealed bone-on-bone arthritis and after cortisone brought no improvement in March 2016, a… Read More

Hugh Asbury – Total Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes’ mantra is “that orthopedic surgery to repair an injury is not always the first and necessary solution”.  And that was the case for me. As an active 81 year-old sailor, I tore my right biceps muscle hauling in a sail. I have been an OSC patient for about 40 years, so I looked on the OSC website and saw Dr. Haynes treated biceps muscles. His first diagnosis was not pleasing, as an in office MRI also showed a tear in the right shoulder rotator cuff. I had rotator cuff surgery… Read More

Buddy DeRyder – Non-surgical Treatment for a Torn Biceps Muscle & Rotator Cuff

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes is always so positive and funny. He makes me laugh before he has Chris inject my knees!!  Laughter seems to help in those stressful and painful situations. I can’t think of anything that you can do to improve your practice.  What I enjoy most about coming to OSC is Dr. Haynes’ funny attitude. He really enjoys his work and that makes me trust him so much… Read More

Heidi Callas – 5 Star Review for Knee Treatment

  • I found it harder and harder to lift my right arm and use it as I needed to. After much thought as to the trade off between a poorly functioning arm and major surgery, I decided to consult with Dr. Boyd Haynes. He and his team of professionals did a thorough examination and laid out the rotator cuff surgery I would need and fully explained the recuperation processes. The surgery went well and I followed Dr. Haynes instructions for my physical therapy to the letter. I can say that… Read More

Fred Berger – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • I first went to Dr. Haynes with a hurting hip. He examined me and found that the hip was deteriorating from arthritis. We decided to hold off on the operation. While on vacation, I tripped and fell. Upon my return, I went to a hip replacement seminar given by Dr. Haynes to learn more about hip replacement. The seminar was very enlightening. Dr. Haynes was very through in his lecture. I made an appointment with him and he explained the procedure in a very understandable way. Dr. Haynes is a… Read More

Jeannie Mann-Astleford – Hip Replacement

  • I am Bill Adams, a 77 year old striving to remain quite physically active. In 2015, my left hip became too painful for sports or even walking for significant distances. Physical therapy, steroid injections, and stem cell treatments were ineffective. My investigation led me to choose Dr. Boyd Haynes of OSC for left anterior hip joint replacement in March of 2017. I was so delighted with the outcome, that I asked Dr. Haynes to replace my right hip joint that was also constraining my activities… Read More

Bill Adams – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacements

  • Dr. Haynes, I want to thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. I know you perform many surgeries, but believe me, I thank God for you! I can’t imagine anyone enduring the pain I did, but I honestly believe everything happens for a reason. Now that I am on the road to recovery, I can see that light shining much brighter than before, and I have you to thank for that. All my coworkers are looking forward to me walking again, and I speak for us all in a job well done to  you!… Read More

Irene Rawles – Direct Anterior Hip Replacement/Revision

  • I love Dr. Boyd Haynes.  He has done double-digit surgeries on me and I’ve always had a great outcome.  He always has a smile on his face and is so welcoming and makes you feel that you are the only patient he has.  I’ve been with Dr. Hayes for over 20 years and will continue with him and recommend him to all my friends.  Thank you, Dr. Haynes, for always putting me back together better than when I first saw you. Susan… Read More

Susan Melton – Multiple Orthopedic Surgeries

  • I am 56 with arthritis in both knees. The pain, stiffness and inflammation started in 2009 has increased with the passing of each year. I was eventually diagnosed with a torn Meniscus in my left knee. Arthroscopic surgery provided some relief. A once very active lifestyle of walking, jogging and rollerskating dwindled to watching television. I was in pain whether I was standing, sitting or lying in bed. Going up and down the stairs became a major undertaking. One day a coworker who had knee… Read More

Deidre Ellington – Non-surgical Treatment for Knee Arthritis

  • A year ago, I came to Dr. Haynes about the pain in my knee. I was very confident in him giving me the best advice, since he helped years earlier with my left knee with injections. I was ready for surgery at that time. Dr. Haynes suggested we try medicine first to help with the arthritis. I tried 2 different medicines with a little relief. I came back a couple of months later,but didn’t have complete relief. Dr. Haynes suggested a cortisone shot. I felt great for about a month and I was back… Read More

Janice Day – Partial Knee Replacement

  • For the past 5 years, as my “bum” hip got worse and worse, I had been saying I would never go for hip surgery. I was stubborn as well as scared of surgery in general. It got so bad this past summer I could not do even the simplest day-to-day things. I missed events I love to attend and friends I love to see. I missed all sorts of things, including being able to reach down to pat the favorite family pet cat. As long as it stayed warm, I was able to get away with wearing flip-flops almost… Read More

Lin McCarthy – Hip Replacement

  • I came in on Friday, January 27th. Dr. Boyd Haynes was amazing, as usual. Then I had to get a shot of cortisone in my wrist. I am a BIG baby and started crying even BEFORE the needle came out. I forget who gave me my shot…and who helped him, but they certainly humored this old woman and I appreciate that!!! Thanks for doing what you do so well. Vicki… Read More

Vicki Nyberg – Wrist Tendinitis

  • I have been having trouble with me left hip for over 6 years. My first Ortho in 2008 found a tumor in my ball and socket joint that was creating a popping when I walked which was very uncomfortable. Then in 2010, I was having pain and clicking in the hip again, so I went under the knife for a second time, only to find a labrum tear and bone spur which was causing the pain. Then in 2013, I noticed that I was getting very stiff when I would sit for a period of time and it became painful after a… Read More

Aimee Hamilton – Hip Replacement

  • I would like to take this time to share my experience and give my “Greatest” thanks to Dr. Haynes and the staff at OSC for giving me my life back. I recently had bilateral hip replacements on April 1, 2015, and immediately after surgery I knew that something was not right on my leftside, this went on for over three months going back and forth to the practice that performed my surgery with no available resolve, being told that nothing was wrong with my hip, this pain was so excruciating that… Read More

Irene Rawles – Bilateral Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes is an excellent, caring, and well-qualified orthopedic doctor. I started having knee problems in 2007 with a torn meniscus. Dr. Haynes performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee and did an excellent job. Then in March 2015, I started having issues with pain while walking and climbing steps. Before undergoing surgery, Dr. Haynes suggested a series of five Supartz shots for five consecutive weeks. You see, Dr. Haynes is NOT a doctor who would automatically perform surgery if you… Read More

Kathleen (Kathy) Wright – Total Knee Replacement

  • About two years ago, my left knee was hurting and I was giving into it by limping and putting most of my weight on my right knee. I was referred to Dr. Boyd Haynes by a friend. He ordered an MRI and found that I had a torn meniscus and loose body in my knee causing the pain. Dr. Haynes reputation is not to be so quick for surgery without trying all other alternatives. I was told that if cortisone shots corrected the problem and lasted three to six months, then that would the best treatment. I… Read More

Janet Chartier – Meniscal Repair Surgery

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes performed rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder January 5, 2017. I dreaded the surgery because I had heard the recovery process was extremely painful and uncomfortable. However, I found the recovery to be much faster and less painful than I expected. I followed Dr. Haynes’ orders to the letter, working with a Physical Therapist and exercising as directed at home. In less than two months, I had regained full range of motion with my right arm and, at this point, have very… Read More

Judy Bryan – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • Physician – Dr. Boyd Haynes I had a deteriorating hip over a period of 6 to 8 months. Shortly after seeing Dr. Haynes, I had to start using crutches and a wheelchair until he could operate on me using the anterior hip replacement method. The surgery went very well and Dr. Haynes explained what had taken place. He also said that I won the award for “the worst hip of the year”. It is not that way anymore. I used a walker during the first week after surgery, but was walking with no pain… Read More

James B. Pierce – Hip Replacement

  • I’m 71 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Boyd W. Haynes III for over 25 years. I enjoy being physically active, and, as a result, my body has paid the price. Dr. Haynes has always been keenly aware of my desire to get back into action as soon as possible after injuries, mishaps and age-related conditions.  He has performed orthoscopic surgery on both knees (running related), surgically removed calcium build up in my big toe (golf cart accident), treated my shoulder’s AC joint… Read More

Barry Buchanan – Injections for Arthritic Knee Pain

  • Six years ago, Dr. Haynes scoped my right knee for a meniscus tear and today, I have no pain in that knee. When I realized I had the same type of tear in my left knee a few months ago, I knew Dr. Haynes would be the doctor to take care of me again. I live in Virginia Beach and it would have been more convenient to find a surgeon closer to my home. However, my experience with Dr. Haynes was so pleasant and successful both times, I would come back to him again if I ever need any other type of… Read More

Donald Crigger – Meniscus Repair Surgery

  • Dr. Haynes and the OSC staff have been amazing in every way. My wife had hip replacement approximately 5 years ago. She was barely able to walk and was suffering from severe pain in the joint. She now is able to workout at the gym 4 days a week and has no pain whatsoever. I have had four surgeries by Dr. Haynes. I was a avid runner for over 25 years and as a result, I tore the meniscus in both of my knees over the years. Dr. Haynes performed arthroscopic surgery on both knees and after my… Read More

Stan Morgan – Partial Knee Replacement and Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

  • I am getting my second complete knee replacement in two months. The first replacement has left me without that scared feeling of “will it work or will it fail”. The first knee replacement has made me stronger in everything I do. For the first year, I could tell the difference in strength on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder if I could wear my new knee out from using it so much, so I’m getting the other knee replaced to match. I never thought I would squat down to pick up something again… Read More

Charlotte Barlow – Total Knee Replacement

  • I am a 63 year old that had my surgery with Dr. Haynes on 3/4/2015; the surgery was the second for my left knee. In 1983, I fell at my home, tearing the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments, as well as the meniscus in the knee. My care included surgery, follow-up and rehab; five days in the hospital, 8 weeks in a hard cast, 7 weeks in a soft cast and therapy for about 5 months. Why am I referring to this because its in the past–it’s to evidence how much improved the treatment… Read More

Gary Holsomback – Knee Replacement

  • My story is rethinking life with severe Osteoarthritis (OA), albeit “tri-compartmental O/A bone-on-bone” in my left knee. The disease was severe and getting progressively worse.The pain in my left knee caused me to miss out on family activities and just getting around in general. Working with Dr. Boyd Haynes and his PA, Christopher Schwizer, collectively we came up with a plan. I was comfortable going to Mary Immaculate Hospital for surgery, after all, I have heard positive stories about the… Read More

Gary Benoit – Knee Replacement Surgery with the ConforMIS System

  • Greetings, My recent follow-up visit with Dr. Haynes was full of good news and thankfulness – first to GOD and then to Dr. Haynes and his team! Approximately, six months prior to my surgery on 3/18/15, I began experiencing severe pain in my left hip, thigh and leg so I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Haynes, my orthopedic surgeon. After reviewing my x-rays and results of my blood work (elevated lead levels), Dr. Haynes advised that I undergo surgery to replace the now… Read More

Audrey A. Moore – Hip Replacement

  • Having had a full right knee replacement the year before with a doctor at a different center, I was elated to learn that I qualified for a partial left knee replacement at OSC. Dr. Haynes explained the process, and everything went just as he had said. The recovery was smooth and comparatively easy, and now, a year later, I have no pain in that knee and great mobility again. I highly recommend OSC and Dr…. Read More

Linda N. Joyner – Partial Knee Replacement

  • After more than thirty years of conservative treatments, including Physical Therapy, epidurals, anti-inflammatory medications, and surgical interventions (total left knee replacement in 2005, total right knee replacement in 2009), it was concluded that I needed both hips replaced in order to experience sustained pain relief. The pain was located in both groin areas, lower back and radiated down my left leg. Prior to surgery, the pain intensified even when sitting and changing position in… Read More

Barbara McRae – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • Had a total knee replacement done recently by Dr. Boyd Haynes at OSC. Well, that was a trip. It was a experience that I was a bit scared of, but I was treated very nice and with total respect. I felt relaxed and had no real heavy duty pain. All nurses were sweet, and I admire Dr. Haynes. Known this Doc for years, and he will always be my OSC Doctor. Carole A Benton-Lewis… Read More

Carole A Benton-Lewis – Total Knee Replacement

  • I had my left hip replaced the summer of 2013, and had a very good recovery. I came home the same day, had minimal discomfort and I was able to drive within 3 days. Dr. Haynes felt I would have a couple of years before my right hip would affect the quality of my life. July, 2015, I had the right hip replaced. I knew what to expect this time. Same great outcome. I am now 3 months post-op, and very happy with my recovery. I am a nurse and was familiar with the posterior approach for hip… Read More

Vanessa Wood – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • Physician: Dr. Haynes In the summer of 2012 I began to suffer acute hip, shoulder and jaw pain. I was diagnosed (and not quickly either) with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My PCP had me on large steroid usage for weeks to alleviate the joint pain and inflammation. My left hip quickly deteriorated and almost became necrotic. I was in a choir with one of Dr. Haynes’ RNs and she highly recommended him. I had to wait a month from consult to surgery, but I couldn’t work anyway, so I waited. The… Read More

Kim Silva – Hip Replacement

  • Over the years, Dr. Boyd Haynes has been our family’s orthopaedic surgeon. He has always provided truly remarkable skills and excellent care. His post-operative guidance in physical therapy also thoroughly supports the excellent outcomes that we have experienced. Our family is most appreciative. William… Read More

William Yost – Orthopaedics & Orthopaedic Surgery

  • OSC Physician: Dr. Haynes Alaska was the Motivation! On our 40th anniversary in 2001, we took out entire family, including grandchildren, on a two-week cruise to Alaska, a lifetime dream. During the trip, our adult children said “ Dad, you’re limping” and my usual reply was “yeah, but it doesn’t hurt very much”. Clearly, I walked less and enjoyed it less. After returning home, I made an appointment to see Dr. Boyd Haynes, who I had met socially a few years earlier, to… Read More

Doug Blaha, Captain USN (ret) – Hip Replacement

  •   Recently, I had a “trigger” finger problem. Sounds funny or at least it did to me. I visited Dr. Boyd Haynes for an office visit and he injected the site. As he predicted at the time, this was a temporary fix and I would need surgery to correct the situation. First, let me let you in on the fact that I am not a good patient when it comes to surgery. My big problem is anesthesia (hope I spelled that right). Most doctors don’t really like patients to opt for local anesthesia, but… Read More

Betsy Rowe – Trigger Finger Release Surgery

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes has quite a “fan club” and I am a member. He has been my surgeon for, now, two hip replacements and my recoveries and long-term outcomes have been most successful. His amazing surgical skill, his warmth and graciousness, combined with his wonderful sense of humor with his patients, make the process of serious surgery much easier to bear. He will not disappoint and I would not hesitate to recommend him as the surgeon you want and need. Ann… Read More

Ann Hall – Two Hip Replacement Surgeries

  • I just cannot even impress upon you how thankful I am to have had this practice take care of me during my recent surgery. It seems the practice is run very smoothly and each person I met, from the front desk to checkout, was so helpful. I really cannot think of anything you need to do to improve the service at OSC. Everything went like clockwork.  What I appreciate the most about my experience at your practice  is when I am treated like a human being, with emotions and concerns, and not like… Read More

Bonnie Saum – 5 Star Rating/Review for Dr. Boyd Haynes

  • My name is Marylin and I recently had another successful annual check-up with Dr. Boyd Haynes. This visit was to follow-up on my knee surgery I had a few years ago (pre-pandemic). As always, Dr. Haynes greeted me with a smile and open ear. He was as pleased as I was as to how my knee had healed and equally happy to hear and see how well my 1915 “Jiffy” hip replacement that he performed was doing. Dr. Boyd Haynes’ expert knowledge of hip and knee surgeries, his professionalism, and his… Read More

Marylin Randolph – Knee Surgery

  • Physician– Dr. Boyd W. Haynes III My name is Allan Cohen. I am semi-retired and live in South Florida. My right hip had extensive arthritis, making it difficult and painful to walk. X-rays showed I needed a hip replacement. Living in South Florida, there is no shortage of good surgeons to perform such an operation. But, I knew the only place to go was Orthopaedic and Spine Center and see Dr. Boyd Haynes. Dr. Haynes performs hip replacement from the front/side rather than the old, more… Read More

Allan Cohen – Hip Replacement

  • My name is Elizabeth S. Ambrose. I am 77 years old. I resided in Yorktown, VA until March, 2014, and now live in Simpsonville, SC. My physicians at Orthopaedic & Spine Center are Drs. Haynes, Sureja, and McFarland. Dr. Haynes treated me for rotator cuff surgery, which was very successful. Dr. Haynes referred me to Dr. Sureja who treated me with injections for 5 years. Dr. Sureja performed these injections with skill, care, and compassion. When he decided that he had gone as far as he… Read More

Elizabeth S. Ambrose – Spinal Fusion & Rotator Cuff Surgeries, Epidural Spine Injections

  • Knowing a total hip replacement was in my future, I attended Dr. Boyd Haynes presentation on the subject. He explained what the procedure involved and answered all questions. He and his staff prepared me as well as humanly possible. Honestly, I underestimated the pain of recovery in the first week. However, the home health nurse and physical therapist, automatically scheduled for me, were excellent. In just a few days, I was able to manage the pain with only Tylenol. I could feel my hip and… Read More

Jean Phillips – Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes finally made me realize surgery was the only way I would get full use of my right arm again. I had a significant tear in my rotator cuff, and it was very painful to use my arm. After surgery, four weeks out of work, following doctor’s orders, and Physical Therapy, I am well on my way to full use of my arm! Dr. Haynes and his entire team (OSC Physical Therapy) are above and beyond!!… compassionate and encouraging! LIFE IS GOOD!… again! David… Read More

David Deeley – Rotator Cuff Surgery and Physical Therapy

  • A few years ago, my family doctor sent me to Dr. Haynes for carpal tunnel syndrome. I had surgery and had no problems. Therefore, after a few months when my shoulder was hurting, I went back to see Dr. Haynes. An MRI revealed a torn rotator cuff. We started with shots, but when they no longer worked, I chose to have surgery. Dr. Haynes explained what would happen during surgery. On the day of surgery, he reassured me that everything would be fine and it was. There were no complications. The… Read More

Julia Porterfield – Carpal Tunnel and Rotator Cuff (Shoulder) Surgery

  • Dr. Haynes was excellent. I went to him after suffering a complete tear of my right bicep at the elbow. Dr. Haynes was very thorough and answered all of my questions understanding that I had never undergone any type of surgery prior to this injury. He performed the surgery the very next day and even called my home the night of the procedure to make sure I wasn’t having any post operative issues. The surgery was a complete success with nearly no pain in the recovery process. I would highly… Read More

Jeff Barnes – Bicep Repair Surgery

  • My name is Dana Farmer and I had an Anterior Hip Replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. I had seen a gradual function decline for approximately two years. I was having difficulty getting in and out of chairs, putting on socks and shoes, lifting my left leg to get in and out of vehicles, and walking. Due to the pain, my walk had become a “waddle” and I needed to use a shopping cart as a walker whenever I went into a store. I blamed the decline on getting older but came to realize my… Read More

Dana Farmer – Anterior Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes was sympathetic and answered all my questions before, during and after surgery. The surgery was scheduled quickly and the process was efficient. All of the staff were caring. My Physical Therapy went well and took in less time than expected.  My pain was managed very well during my recovery and healing. Having had a partial knee replacement by Dr. Haynes; I will look to him for all my Orthopedic needs and any future surgery. I have already referred friends to Dr. Haynes and… Read More

Carole Stockberger – Partial Knee Replacement

  • I am a retired Marine that loves hunting and fishing. Though, in 2014, I found it extremely painful to enjoy my retirement doing the things I love most. This was due to the pain I was having with my right knee. My wife suggested I see Dr. Haynes. I had been to other orthopedic doctors in the past and had cortisone injections that only helped for a very short time. Dr. Haynes was able show me the anatomy of how my knee was hitting bone on bone. He suggested a partial knee replacement. I was… Read More

John L. Davis – Partial Knee Replacement

  • I have never written a testimonial before, but feel compelled to do so, hoping that my hip replacement surgery and recovery story might allay some of your concerns and fears. This was not the first time Dr. Haynes operated on me. Previously, he repaired my meniscus and also operated on two of my children, once repairing an ACL and then operated on my other son’s ankle. So needless to say, I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Haynes! I had been dealing with what I thought was a groin injury that… Read More

Chuck Walsh – Outpatient, Computer-Assisted, Direct-Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes performed a partial knee replacement for me last year. I had previously consulted with another doctor who said I had to have a full knee replacement, but I’m glad I went to Dr. Haynes for another opinion. The surgery and after care went very well and I am pleased with the results. Before surgery, I was walking crooked and was in pain. Everything is fine now. I highly recommend him. Garland… Read More

Garland Whitley – Partial Knee Replacement

  • I went for my one year follow-up appointment today with Dr. Boyd Haynes for my total knee replacement surgery. All of my X-rays looked great and he said I had done great. This year has been so good, I was back in the gym in two weeks and I can now do any of the classes I want. The most important thing is I am totally pain free. Thank you Dr. Haynes, you have been so good and you have such a great bed side manner. I would highly recommend him to all for knee replacement surgery. He’s the… Read More

Beverly Creekmore – Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes did my first total knee replacement in October 2009 and my second one in March 2010. Before my knee replacements, I was in severe pain every day. My daily life had changed from being active to barely being able to go to the grocery store or sleep through the night. While the recovery was painful and required a dedication to the Physical Therapy, I can truly say it was totally worth it. I have been 100% pain free for many years now and I can’t thank Dr. Haynes enough his… Read More

Tracy Langlois – Knee Replacements

  • I had arthritis in my spine so bad, it actually interfered with my daily activities. The pain was unbearable. Dr. Boyd Haynes referred me to Dr. Raj Sureja, a Pain Management Physician at OSC. He gave me a shot of cortisone in my spine (epidural steroid injection) that has worked miracles. I am pain free. Dr. Sureja is a dedicated physician and takes time to listen and talk about recommended medical procedures to relieve pain that are best for his patients. His bedside manner is… Read More

Mary Payne – Epidural Steroid Injections for Pain

  • I was experiencing right knee pain after long distance running. I was very nervous about going to the doctor, I already thought I would be told  ‘no more running’. I saw Dr. Boyd Haynes and after a thorough exam and x-ray review, he suggested physical therapy for 8 weeks. He was right, therapy was exactly what I needed. I was able to learn some different exercises to do to correct and alleviate my knee pain. And the best part, I continued to run! Thank you, Dr…. Read More

Elisa Nelson – Non-Surgical Relief

  • I had progressively failing right hip for several years and the time finally came. My hip replacement went off without a hitch. I practically waltzed down the hall the first time I got out of bed. The hip has worked perfectly and rehab was beautiful for five weeks until an epidural in my back wore off. Hip is perfect! Dr. Hayne’s part in trying to fix my body has been OK in all… Read More

Joel D. Snyder III – Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes is so sweet, understanding and funny. He has performed two surgeries on me. Three years ago, a cyst in my wrist. Recently, a cyst on my middle finger. He was so kind to call at 9:30 pm, to see how I was doing. I said, “great, I do not feel anything.” He said, “you’re welcome. The feeling will slowly come back.” And it did. One week later and I am well on my way back to doing everything with my hand. Thank you so Much! Denise Reagan… Read More

Denise Reagan Russell – Cyst Surgeries of the Hand

  • I was scheduled to have Rotator Cuff surgery on my right shoulder with Dr. Boyd Haynes in September of 2016. I chose another physician and I ended up with a frozen shoulder. I moved here, from Richmond VA in 2015, with fears from another doctor in Richmond, who performed a spinal surgery wrong and I had to have a life or death revision surgery. Dr. Boyd Haynes explained to me what to expect with the frozen shoulder as he smiled with his beautiful personality. I saw him today January 27,2017… Read More

Lisa Jackson – Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

  • My name is Jan Keenan and I had a complete left knee replacement by Dr. Boyd Haynes. I had the surgery, because 8 years ago, I had a laparoscopic surgery on my knee for bone chips and a torn meniscus, which took away the backward motion in my knee, which you use when you walk. I was limping, unable to walk for very long, and getting severe back pains. I was determined to get that motion back after I had the surgery and be able to walk correctly again. After the surgery, I had more problems… Read More

Jan Keenan – Knee Replacement

  • Hello! My name is Debbie Adams. I had been living with osteoarthritis in my knees for over 14 years. I was terrified of a knee replacement and tried many options to avoid having that dreaded surgery. The constant pain and inability to bend or squat made my job as a special needs educator increasingly difficult. When my original orthopedist decided to leave the area, I called for a consultation at OSC. Upon meeting Dr. Haynes for the first time, he was warm and friendly and seemed genuinely… Read More

Debora Adams – Total Knee Replacement

  • Hello everyone! My name is Bruce and I’ve lived in Portsmouth, VA for 25 years or so. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. After the Marine Corps and Viet Nam, I settled in Richmond, Va. and graduated from University of Richmond in 1975. Overall, I’ve led a pretty rough and tumble life, convinced of my invincibility! Around 40, my daughter, Heather Elizabeth, was born in 1989. I had a son, Brian Bruce, in 1971, so I was no rookie to the dad-deal: wrestling, pitching ball,… Read More

Bruce Gordon Schultz – Carpal Tunnel & Hip Replacement

  • I have had pain in both knees for several years and had knee arthroscopies in the past. Even after I retired, I continued to work in my own lawn care business and the pain continued. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes to see what could be done. He found bone-on-bone and told me that I would know when I needed to have knee replacement surgery. I was convinced and scheduled my first surgery for January of 2020. With Dr. Haynes\’ expertise and my ,hard work with Physical Therapy… Read More

Talmadge M. (Mike) Gailey – Total Knee Replacement Surgeries

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Boyd Haynes for a couple of years now and cannot tell you how happy I am to have him as my doctor. I had a right hip replacement and shoulder surgery and both have made my standard of living so much better. Dr. Haynes and his entire staff are top-notch. I always come away from my appointments with all of my questions answered and a plan of care that we both agree on together. I would recommend if you are in need of orthopedic surgery of any kind, please, please,… Read More

Bonne Saum – Hip Replacement Surgery and Shoulder Surgery

  • With the summer of 2014 almost here and me well into my recovery after the April 23 2014 right knee replacement, I feel that this can be shouted from the rooftops-Doctor Haynes you are the best. My journey to this point began a long time ago. Out of high school 1970’s– I joined the US Marine Corps after short stay in the NN Shipyard-spending nearly 5 yrs on active duty–after that I began a long career with the US Postal Service–walking many a mile in the 23601 zip code. By October 2012… Read More

David Collier – Knee Replacement

  • I’ve been active since my early teen years. My father kept me active in scouting, and being outdoors, active. I became a pretty accomplished martial artist, a, 2:45:01 marathoner, and later fell in love with cycling, and riding with several groups on weekends, active. I developed a weakness in my left hip after long runs, and the heel of my right riding shoe begin to gently touch the side of my bike frame while on bike rides. All of this occurred while having a very successful career as a… Read More

Kelvin Anderson – Jiffy (Direct Anterior Approach) Hip Replacements

  • Paul Moseley, a patient of Dr. Boyd Haynes, following a tendon repair in his right arm. Mr. Moseley has also had knee surgery with Dr. Haynes. My name is Paul Moseley and I am an active 63-year-old male. November of 2020, I tore my distal bicep tendon in my right arm which is my dominant arm. I was moving a heavy sofa and the sofa shifted on my helper’s end. This caused my end to shift and me to hear a pop in my arm and… Read More

Paul Moseley – Tendon Repair

  • I am 55 years old and I live in Chesapeake, Virginia. On March 5th, 2014, Dr. Boyd Haynes performed a right Hip Replacement Surgery on me. Before finding Dr. Haynes, I had been turned down by three Orthopedic Surgeons. I had given up at the age of 55. I thought for sure I was never going to get help, even though I had Osteoarthritis in my right hip bone to bone. Every Orthopedic Surgeon had turned me down because of my weight. All three Doctors had suggested that I needed a Gastric Bypass… Read More

Sheila Dalton – Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes did a partial knee replacement for me about 2 weeks ago. I have been living with severe arthritis pain for over a year and I didn’t even think that there was any way to get rid of the pain completely, but Dr. Haynes made it happen! Two weeks after my surgery. I am in no pain at all.  It’s unbelievable. Karen… Read More

Karen Bowles – Partial Knee Replacement

  • I was blessed to have Dr. Boyd Haynes do the replacement surgery for my left hip in August 2016 and my right knee most recently this past June 2018. With my left hip, I spent two nights in the hospital and had very little pain. With my right knee, I was up and out of the hospital in less then 24 hours! I was amazed at how good I felt and how little pain I had. I started rehab the next day. Dr. Haynes is very professional and yet very kind and caring. You know exactly what to expect and what… Read More

Bonnie Wallace – Hip & Knee Replacement Surgeries

  • At 62 years old I found myself in need of a good orthopedic doctor in anticipation of future knee surgery. I have been having pain in my left knee for several years which has been controlled over time with 3 steroid injections. However, my last steroid injection relieved my pain for less than 2 months. I knew the next step would have to be viscous knee injections or surgery. I put it off as long as I could, but the pain in my left knee became constant and was inhibiting my daily activities…. Read More

Deborah Orband – Viscosupplementation Injections for Painful Knee

  • Dr. Haynes replaced my left knee in January 2015. It was one of the easiest surgeries I have ever had (including my right knee replacement). After the surgery, I was not groggy, nor in pain until later during the night, but by that time even that was not severe. I was standing (with help) about 4 pm that day and walking the next. My recovery went extremely well and by the beginning of April, I was able to go to D.C. and walk everywhere with my family. The OSC physical therapists were… Read More

Debra O’Neal – Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes explains me to me exactly what\’s going on with my knees, and assures me he will do everything within his power to relieve me of my pain, without surgery. In my opinion, Dr. Haynes is straight forward and to the point. He has a great smile.  And I love how he is on time for his appointments.  If the appointment is at 8 AM, you are in at 8 AM! Richard… Read More

Richard Sprouse – 5 Star Rating/Review of Dr. Boyd Haynes

  • My name is Glenda Adamowski. I have been a patient of Dr. Boyd Haynes for many years. I have always had good experiences when I visit he or other doctors there. In 2011, Dr. Haynes performed rotator cuff surgery on me. The surgery was tough, but I received awesome care by Dr. Haynes and his staff. To this day, I cannot even tell that I have ever had anything done to my arm. I never expected this. It is all due to the excellent knowledge of Dr. Haynes and the awesome surgeon that he is. I… Read More

Glenda Adamowski – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • In July 2016, I was in a bad horseback riding accident that caused me to separate my AC joint, that’s how I first came to OSC.  I was under the care of Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at the time. After rehab on my shoulder, I started riding and competing again, only to dislocate my knee for the fourth time. After I had an MRI done and results showed that I needed surgery on my knee, Dr. Carlson referred me to Dr. Boyd Haynes. I was very hesitant at first concerning the surgery, since I’ve had one knee… Read More

Jessica D’Aurora – Tibial Tubercle Transfer and Lateral Retinacular Release – Knee Surgery

  • I had my left knee replaced in 2012 with Dr. Boyd Haynes and it went very well! Everything is still going well. I can do everything I used to do and more. The hard work was worth it! 5 years later (today) I went in for pain in the right knee. So happy with Dr. Haynes and the whole OSC team. He always makes me feel at ease. We have a treatment plan in place. Then, he had Chris, the PA, give me a cortisone shot. Chris was outstanding as well. Thank you, Dr. Haynes, for always being there…. Read More

Kathleen Adams – Knee Replacement and Non-surgical Knee Pain Care

  • Recently, I underwent surgery for a torn triceps muscle. At the time of my examination, Dr. Haynes indicated that if left untreated, the condition would worsen. I was scheduled for surgery the following day as an outpatient. The procedure took approximately 30 minutes. I had full mobility of my arm within 2 1/2 weeks following the surgery. I have never had this kind of recovery for any of the other procedures that I have had in the last 10 years. I would highly recommend Dr. Haynes for any… Read More

Robert White – Triceps Repair Surgery

  • In November 2016, I had a tibia tubercle transfer and lateral retinacular release surgery performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. Shortly after the surgery, I had to start Physical Therapy. It was my second time at OSC Physical Therapy, but my first time with Dr. Tom Toothaker. Dr. Toothaker is an incredible Physical Therapist. He provided me with honest feedback and kept me focused on my exercises at home. We worked on not just getting me back to being able to manage day-to-day, but getting me… Read More

Jessica D’Aurora – Physical Therapy after Knee Surgery

  • During the summer of 2012, I ruptured my right Achilles Tendon. Physical Activity is a big part of my life, so I sought the best solution and Orthopedic Surgeon in the community. I was referred to Dr. Boyd Haynes. After my visit with Dr. Haynes we set a date for surgery. Dr. Haynes informed me that he was having great success in placing the patient in a boot only and not the traditional casting and immobilization. I was excited to hear this optimism and the news that I could be up and moving… Read More

Steven Kast – Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery

  • My name is Betty and in February of 2012, I was having problems with my knees. They would pop and grind especially when I climbed stairs. One evening while my husband and I were out for dinner, I started to get up, but my knee was locked up and I couldn’t move my leg or stand. My husband, not knowing what else to do, got down on the floor and started slowly moving my ankle. From the turned heads, I believe the other diners thought he was proposing to me, but he was just desperate to help me… Read More

Betty Owsley – Exercise and PT for Knee Pain

  • I just had a second total knee replacement surgery.  The procedure was performed at 8:30 am and I was at home recovering by 12:30 PM. I think I beat the time of his first patient going home that day.  No pain. Dr. Boyd Haynes is fantastic.  Went through six doctors before choosing him. I’ve had both knees replaced in the last six months.  I highly recommend him. Frank… Read More

Frank Huffman – Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

  • My name is Gary Benoit and have been a patient with Dr Haynes for about 2 years plus. Problem is with both knees, broken parts you could say, such as meniscus tears, not aligned, looking at possible knee surgery, all resulting from years of excess wear and tear from running and playing sports in general. Thus far, the shots received over this period of time on both knees have been working quite well ICW 2 tablets of Aleve. As of this writing, I have not taken any Aleve for over a week which… Read More

Gary Benoit – Knee Pain

  • I fell down a flight of steps while visiting my daughter in Hawaii 6 years ago. Upon my return, I set up an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes because he did my rotator cuff surgery previously. After consulting with Dr. Haynes, he advised me that I had a ruptured patella tendon of the left knee and it would require surgery to repair. This did not make me happy!! We have 9 grandchildren and they all “play” something so, I really needed to get this fixed and get my mobility back !! The surgery… Read More

Brown Weaver – Knee Surgery for a Ruptured Patella Tendon

  • I am 60 years old and live in Newport News, VA. Late 2013, I developed hip pain while sitting. The pain grew steadily worse and I could only sit for short periods. In December 2013, my problem was determined to be an arthritic hip joint. On February 19th, 2014, I had hip replacement surgery by Dr. Boyd Haynes at Mary Immaculate Hospital. The surgery took about an hour and I was able to go home that night. The pain in my hip immediately disappeared. Thanks to the quality of the operation and… Read More

Jerry Laughrun – Hip Replacement

  • I want to thank Dr. Boyd Haynes and his staff for the positive experience at OSC. I had my right hip replaced in March 2017 after being in pain for several years. From the initial meeting with Dr. Haynes to the pre- and post-operation discussions, Dr. Haynes helped guide me through the maze of questions I had. The surgery was quick and the physical therapy helped me get back to normal activities in minimal time. It\’s been a year and I\’m back to playing racquet ball, golfing, and just… Read More

Stephen Smith – Hip Replacement Surgery

  • I had Total Knee Replacement (TKR) on February 5, 2020. I was so afraid going into this surgery but I can honestly say it was so much better than I expected. Dr. Boyd Haynes did a great job, my knee is so strong now and I can do all of my daily activities…finally! He has such a great bedside manner and answered all my concerns and is so reassuring.           I did Physical Therapy at OSC with Dr. Paige Tretter and Fred Wintermantel. Again, a great… Read More

Beverly Creekmore – Total Knee Replacement Surgery & Post-op Physical Therapy

  • Walking on a knee that has zero cartilage is extremely painful. My daughter recommended I go to Dr. Haynes. He was completely thorough, and professional in his examination, discussed my options, and made it clear that it would be my decision as to what course of action to be taken regarding my knee problem. I chose complete replacement. The operation was done at Mary Immaculate by Dr. Haynes and I could not be more pleased with the results. I am 100% mobile again. I work in my yard, play… Read More

Gerald Ranes – Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes has been following me for several years for my arthritic thumbs. Yes, thumbs. The last few times I saw Dr. Haynes, he would always laugh and say “I can fix that permanently”. On Sept 30th, I had my left hand done, went through 4 weeks of Hand therapy and doing great. In fact on 12/16, I had my right hand done. My only regret so far is not doing this sooner. By spring gardening season, I should be good to go. Thank you to Dr. Haynes and his wonderful staff. Katherine… Read More

Katherine Howard – Thumb Reconstruction Surgery

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my left hip replacement back in 2004, without complications or problems. I had the posterior method of replacement and recovered beautifully. I was back to work part time, within 2-3 weeks, working up to a full week gradually. From the first appointment I found Dr. Haynes to be friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. My intention was to get the right hip done within a year, but I felt so good after the left hip replacement, I put it off for awhile and other… Read More

Virginia “Ginger” Reaves – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • I was in a car accident that left me with non-stop pain in my back, hip, leg, groin ….my active, quality life was gone.  I have too many stomach & esophagus problems that I’m not able to take pain or anti-inflammatory drugs…the pain got so bad, I was not able to sleep. I was very sad and miserable. I was not able to walk far without having to stop and rest all the time. Dr. Boyd Haynes tried every possible treatment to help me. When he told me I was at the point of needing a total… Read More

Deborah Gaeto – Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes made my wife and I feel very comfortable and spent a quality of time with us answering all of our questions and explaining my surgery thoroughly. He was very “down to Earth” and we left his office knowing I was in good hands. Before I went down to surgery, Dr Haynes again spoke to us and reassured to us, what we already knew, and made us feel more comfortable. My torn bicep tendon surgery was a complete success and Dr Haynes called me that evening himself to check on me. I hope I… Read More

Kenny Hayes – Bicep Tendon Repair Surgery

  • Like so many other people, I work on a computer all day, which entails keeping my hands and wrists in a stable position for far too many hours a day, with limited full range movement. In 2011, I started having pain in my right wrist and I was fearful of carpal tunnel syndrome. Since I am too type A not to try and figure it out myself, I went on-line to try and determine the possible causes of my pain. Several causes existed for the type and location of the pain I was having and some detailed… Read More

Lisa L. Wood – DeQuervain’s Syndrome Surgery

  • I had Dr. Boyd Haynes replace my torn ACL in my right knee back in 2005. It was my first ever surgery and I was very nervous about the having it done but I wanted to be able to stay active with sports, etc. Dr. Haynes made the surgery and recovery a breeze. And with the help of physical therapy I was back playing in my adult baseball league the next spring. I just recently experienced swelling in the same knee after hard running workouts. A MRI revealed a tear in the meniscus which required a… Read More

Michael Harris – ACL and Meniscus Repair Surgeries

  • I had an MRI on my back in 2019. It showed I had some problems and I felt I would likely need back surgery at some future date. I met with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in early 2020 to see if it was time for back surgery. At that time, I was having more pain in my knee than in the back. He recommended a hip replacement. That turned out to be good advice and Dr. Boyd Haynes did a very successful hip surgery. On July 4, 2021, I developed severe pain in my back and the back of my legs. I met with Dr…. Read More

William Johnson – Lumbar Spinal Fusion

  • I’m writing on behalf of my husband. He had a total knee replacement on 2/19/20, performed by OSC’s Dr. Boyd Haynes. I’ve been so impressed with the entire process, from the scheduling of the surgery to how quickly his disability paperwork was submitted, to the entire experience at the hospital. We were both greeted so nicely at Mary Immaculate Hospital..all of the nurses were fantastic, the care he got was great. While he was in the recovery area, one of the nurses called twice to update… Read More

Debbie Lehrer – My Husband’s Total Knee Replacement

  • I had been having trouble with knee pain for quite some time. The pain was when I was sitting and sleeping. Finally, I went to Dr. Boyd Haynes. X-rays were done and later I had a cortisone shot to no avail. They ordered a MRI and it showed two torn meniscus and a torn ACL. Dr. Haynes said he would fix the torn meniscus but he would not do anything with the ACL. As he put it, I wasn’t 21 and the surgery on the meniscus would leave me just fine. I was up and going after about one week. The… Read More

Willis Ann Ward – Knee – Meniscus Repair

  • I would like to thank Dr. Boyd Haynes for what he did for me. I suffered for over two years with a hip problem. I saw another doctor for quite a while, but no surgery. Later on, another doctor told me to see Dr. Boyd. He has the best manner with me. He operated on me, to do total hip replacement and the surgery was a success. He is an excellent surgeon and a beautiful person. I recommend him to all I know. I thank God for him. EDITH… Read More

Edith Cheseman – Total Hip Replacement

  • Physician Name(s) – Dr. Haynes and Dr. Carlson My name is Charlene R. Small (retired teacher). I live in Mathews County, VA. My problem started in June 2012. It was like a “Charlie Horse” in my right leg, just below my knee. Dr. Haynes put me on muscle relaxers and then therapy. I had a MRI which showed a slight tear in one of the lower vertebrae. Things improved and I was released on August 20th. Well on August 23rd, I reached to pick up something and I thought I would never get… Read More

Charlene R. Small – Spine Surgery

  • In the spring of 2019, I noticed muscle mass disappearing in my lower left leg and loss of strength. After going to my PCM, which happens to be the US Navy since I am retired military, I got a referral out of the USN system to see a Spine Surgeon. I picked OSC, even though it is a long drive and traffic is terrible getting there from Va Beach. Boy, am I glad I did. Got an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson within a week of contacting them, when I contacted some Docs here in Va Beach, I was… Read More

John De Mille – Spine and Knee Procedures

  • I could hardly walk into Dr. Boyd Haynes’ office. I had been misdiagnosed by many doctors. After a fast look at my hip x-ray, he determined that a total hip replacement was in order. Dr. Haynes did the surgery on February 26, 2020 and within two weeks, I was driving my car and the walker was put away. The office staff was awesome and very encouraging. Thank you, to Dr. Haynes and your office staff, for giving me back my life! Tom… Read More

Tom Buchinsky – Total Hip Replacement

  • Physician: Dr. Haynes It was a dark and stormy night. Deep in the throes of depression, I was contemplating the misery that had befallen me through the inexorable degeneration of my left knee by osteoarthritis. Boyd Haynes III, MD, at OSC in Newport News, had tried valiantly to avoid surgery, to no avail. When the fateful day arrived that I was told all non-surgical remedies had been exhausted, Dr. Haynes informed me that I was candidate for his new robotic partial-knee replacement… Read More

William Watkins III – Partial Knee Replacement

  • I found out last Fall that my left hip would need to be replaced, due to the effects of arthritis. It was bone on bone. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to do the surgery. I read testimonials on the OSC website, as well as the Health grades website. Based on what I read, I decided to go with Dr. Haynes. I set up an appointment with him and the minute he walked into the exam room, I knew he was the doctor for me. My surgery went very well. He even lengthened my leg 1/4″ to make it even with my… Read More

Charlene Gale – Anterior Hip Replacement

  • I came in to see Dr. Boyd Haynes for right hip pain. He showed me a stretching exercise to do.   It has worked really well. I do my stretches while I am watching TV every night and I do not have any more pain. Thanks so much, Dr. Haynes! Loralie Seawell

Loralie Seawell – Stretching Exercise for Hip Pain

  • I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on March 5th. Went back to work that Monday. Surgery was a breeze, as the team at The Surgical Pavilion at Mary Immaculate is above and beyond! Dr. Boyd Haynes is amazing!! He told me everything I needed to do after surgery. Keep hand elevated for two days… and by Saturday, I removed the bandage and started using the hand/fingers as much as possible… and all was UP hill from then on. Moving my fingers, etc. Minimal pain. 3 weeks later and getting almost back… Read More

Diana “Dee” Burcher – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes, ready for surgery I would like to thank Dr. Boyd Haynes and his staff for not one, but two successful endoscopic carpal tunnel and endoscopic cubital tunnel surgeries; one on my right wrist and elbow and a month later on my left wrist and elbow. I researched extensively prior cubital surgery and HIGHLY recommend Dr. Haynes for his endoscopic expertise . Traditional cubital tunnel surgery would have… Read More

Shelley Vasseur – Endoscopic Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Release Surgeries

  • I had a total hip replacement on September 11.  Prior to the surgery, I met with Dr. Boyd Haynes and  he explained exactly what he was going to do. The whole process went smoothly. I have experienced little to no pain and I wish I had done this years ago.  The staff at OSC are extremely professional and I felt very comfortable going through this with them. Dr. Haynes is the best and I would recommend him to anyone. I will eventually get my left hip done and I want Dr. Haynes to… Read More

George Crowder – Hip Replacement Surgery

  • I was a professional braider for over 10 years which required me to stand for long periods of time. When the pain started in my hip, I began to receive cortisone shots but felt little relief. It wasn’t until I began working for Newport News Public Schools when the pain became unbearable, and I was unable to work. I unfortunately fell behind on my water bill because of this, and Newport News Waterworks called me to collect their payment. While I was speaking with the representative, I told her… Read More

Chanel Paschal – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • I am 20 years old and currently a college junior at CNU. I am very active. I exercise daily with Crossfit, volleyball and the occasional 6 mile jog. I had to keep up with exercise when I came to college because of my background with being an athlete. I was a junior Olympic gymnast for 12 years. My last year, I suffered an arm injury, around the elbow area, that ended my gymnastics for good. I was told by many doctors that I had torn my UCL and needed Tommy John surgery, which I later found out… Read More

Kasey Daiger – Cubital Tunnel Endoscopic Release

  • My name is Sean Bunyon. This testimonial will sound very hyperbolic, but it’s the honest truth and I wasn’t paid for my endorsement, LOL. Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my first hip replacement a few months ago and I’m beyond satisfied with the results. I had a congenital defect of the femoral head that caused severe arthritis, discomfort, pain, changed my gait, and made it almost impossible to run for most of the past decade. I procrastinated having the surgery, in large part, due to the… Read More

Sean Bunyon – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement

  • I tripped at work in August 2018 and was diagnosed with a massive rotator cuff tear. I wound up having two surgeries and a shoulder manipulation performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes and finished my Physical Therapy a couple weeks ago. I was so fortunate to have Dr. Haynes as my surgeon and highly recommend him. His professionalism and patient follow-up is outstanding. Jackie… Read More

Jackie Smith – Rotator Cuff Surgeries and Shoulder Manipulation

  • I had a total knee replacement at OSC at the end of May 2021. Dr. Boyd Haynes ( and PA Chris Schwizer) performed my surgery. I strongly recommend going to OSC and requesting Dr. Haynes in particular, for this surgery. Their services are conservative, comprehensive and professional. I requested Dr. Haynes because he previously performed hip replacement surgery on my wife and her experience was excellent. Dr. Haynes was very thorough in terms of discussing my knee surgery and recommended for… Read More

Wilfred MacDonald – Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

  • Last year, my husband went to see Dr. Haynes for a torn meniscus is his knee. After his surgery, he has not had any problems at all. When I started experiencing severe pain in both of my knees, I decided to see Dr Haynes. I felt very comfortable with him and trusted him completely. I have arthritis in both knees, but I am not at the point of replacements yet. He suggested I have the series of 3 shots that adds a lubricating fluid back between the joints. A month after the series of shots, I… Read More

Lynn Defino – Visco-supplementation Injections for Knee Arthritis/Pain

  • About eight years ago, I had surgery to replace my left knee joint at a practice in another city. Six months later, the joint failed and I had to have it done all over again. At the time, I was told that my right knee would likely need to be replaced at some point in the future as well. Having had the bad experience that I did, I was very reluctant to have the right knee looked at when it started giving me troubles after a recent airline flight home. I asked a doctor at another specialty… Read More

Lewis Downs – Non-surgical treatment for knee pain (arthritis)

  • I would like to commend my personal physician, Dr. Boyd Haynes, who recently handled both my knee replacement surgeries. Dr. Haynes epitomizes the word “preeminence,” as a consummate professional with both superb skills as a surgeon, as well as an excellent “bedside” manner. I liked his conservative and logical approach to attacking both my knee issues. Due to his professionalism, by the time the decision was made to have surgery, I felt extremely comfortable with Dr…. Read More

David Coes – Knee Replacement Surgeries

  • My name is Gary Benoit and I am 70 years of age. Dr. Boyd Haynes, Joint Surgeon, completed my anterior right hip joint replacement on 8 May 19. It was much needed, since my limping and pain continued to get worse. The problem was due to all of my years of attempting to stay healthy, and over time, it finally caught up to me. My right hip was “bone on bone” and needed to be attended to. Pain did increase daily. After a consult with Dr. Haynes, it was determined my next course of action… Read More

Gary Benoit – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Haynes performed a carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand on a Thursday morning. I am a musician and was able to rehearse guitar the following Monday and played a show the following Friday and Saturday nights with no problems at all. AMAZING!!! Dr Haynes answered all my questions and the surgery went perfectly. I only took a total of three of the prescribed pain pills the night of the surgery and the pain was minimal. I recommend this surgery and Dr. Haynes to anyone suffering from carpal… Read More

Joseph Davis France – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

  • I enjoy the warmth and support of staff. (Especially Dr. Boyd Haynes!!). I appreciate the ease of checking in; especially the self-service kiosk. Also like the fact that the wait is usually minimal!! Dr. Linda McLean

Dr. Linda McLean – Orthopaedic Care

  • I am a 71-year-old outdoorsy woman living in Mathews County, VA. I started seeing Dr. Boyd Haynes for my knee over eight years ago. My knees were in bad shape back then, but I told him I didn’t want to do replacement. So, he worked with me, patiently trying every type of injection, physical therapy, etc. for years. Eventually my knee became so bad, I couldn’t get on or off my horse without assistance, and I rode in constant pain. My knee woke me up at night, and I couldn’t easily go up… Read More

Alice Grady – Total Knee Replacement

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