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Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAOS | Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Jeffrey R. Carlson, M.D.Dr. Jeffrey Carlson joined OSC in 1999, and serves as the President and Managing Partner. He is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon who focuses on the treatment of injuries and disorders of the spine. Dr. Carlson also sees patients for a wide variety of general orthopedic issues and problems and favors conservative treatment for his patients.

He is a thought leader and pioneer in the development and implementation of outpatient spinal surgery procedures and techniques, including Less-Exposure Spine Surgery (LESS), which is minimally invasive, and less traumatic for the patient.

He actively seeks new and advanced technologies as treatment options, carefully selecting those that will offer the best outcomes for his patients. Recently, Dr. Carlson added the Medacta MySpine® Lumbar Fusion Surgical Navigation System to the services he offers for his patients, which enhances surgical accuracy and reduces surgical trauma to the patient during lumbar fusions.

Dr. Carlson received his B.S. from the University of Maryland, and promptly began medical school at George Washington University. Upon completion of medical school, Dr. Carlson did an internship in General Surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Post-graduate training included his residency at Harvard University, and two fellowships. One was in Orthopaedic Trauma surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the other a combined Neurosurgical and Orthopaedic Fellowship in Spine Surgery at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Dr. Carlson was also an instructor of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at Harvard University before joining OSC. Dr. Carlson was the first fellowship-trained spine surgeon on the Virginia Peninsula.

In June 2022, Dr. Carlson was awarded his Certified Physician Executive (CPE) credential after completing 170 hours of course work and a 3 1/2 day Capstone Program and in-person summary presentation in Tampa, Florida.  The credential was bestowed by the Certifying Commission in Medical Management (CCMM) from the American Association of Physician Leadership.

As an orthopedist, Dr. Carlson stays actively involved in continuing medical education by teaching spine surgery techniques around the world. Dr. Carlson recently served as the Chief of Surgery at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA. He has received many awards, including being named one of America’s Top Orthopaedic Spine Reconstructive Surgeons, earning the Arthritis Foundation’s Medical Excellence Award and being included in Becker’s Specialty Review “Spine Surgeons to Know.” In addition to his busy clinical schedule, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson enjoys weight training, jet skiing and playing soccer with his family.

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  • B.S., Zoology/Pre-Med, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
  • M.D., George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • Internship, General Surgery, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH
  • Residency, Harvard University Combined Orthopaedic Program, Boston, MA
  • Fellowship, Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Fellowship, Spine Surgery, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Instructor, Orthopaedic Spine Surgery, Harvard University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Master of Business Administration, Longwood University, Farmville, VA
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, FAAOS
  • Certified Physician Executive (CPE) through the Certifying Commission on Medical Management from the American Association of Physician Leader
  • Member, AO North America Spine Faculty
  • Member, International Association for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Member, American Medical Association

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I had been having back issues for about 15 years. I had been getting various treatments for primarily severe pain associated with muscle spasms, which was caused by spinal bone movement. Injections worked to lessen the occurrences, but I still was concerned about the painful episodes happening. Basically, it was affecting my Quality of Life. I had two MRI’s over a 14 month period and the images really helped to show the degradation of my condition over time and solidified my choice to go… Read More

Jim Obrien – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • I was having so much lower back pain, to where I was limit to little or no activities. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson did a Lumbar Fusion surgery on my back on May 23rd, 2016. It was the best decision I ever made, because now I can sit up straight, I can walk straight.  I want to Thank Dr. Carlson so much for doing the surgery, it changed my life. I would highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to anyone with back problem. Dr. Carlson cares about his patients, their recovery and Dr. Carlson and staff will… Read More

Denise Owens – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • I had my fourth back surgery (previous one was 17 years ago) and have had a remarkable recovery. From the surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to Dr. Tom Toothaker and his staff at OSC Physical Therapy, everyone I came in contact with was professional, friendly, pleasant, and capable. Thank you all for your personal attention to me and my specific medical needs during this time. I highly recommend this team to anyone searching for the right group of medical professionals. Thank you! Jeff… Read More

Jeff Askew – Spine Surgery

  • I would like like to thank Orthopaedic & Spine Center for providing outstanding service. I reached out to Shannon Woods (from out-of-state) with many questions about a potential surgery. Despite not being a current patient, Shannon and Dr. Jeffrey Carlson showed compassion and took the time to answer my questions. Based on I my experience I would highly recommend OSC. Dennis… Read More

Dennis Bolton – Questions about Spine Surgery

  • I’ve had low back pain for 20 years. I decided enough is enough and consulted Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. After the MRI, Dr. Carlson explained In great detail what was found. S1, L3, L4, and L5 needed fixing. He performed Spinal Fusion, and my life changed for the better! No more extreme back pain! No more pain shooting down my legs while standing! Thank you, Dr. Carlson. I got my life back! DIANNE… Read More

Dianne Jewett – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • My name is Sharon.  I relocated from New York and needed a chiropractic doctor and my friend recommended Orthopaedic & Spine Center to me.  I was given an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson,  I went to OSC because of an old neck injury that happened in 1998. I recently had experienced numbness in my pinky and ring finger in both hands and I was walking like I was intoxicated (and I don’t drink). Dr. Carlson put me into Physical Therapy, which really didn’t help much.  So, I had to… Read More

Sharon Oliver – Multi-Level Cervical Discectomy Surgery

  • My name is Stephen Hyde. I am 66. I live in Newark, Delaware in the summer and Sarasota Florida in the winter.. I herniated a disk that was causing weakness in my left leg and a drop foot. After consulting doctors over 2 1/2 years that said that they could not help me, my friends Dr. Marty and Vicki Coleman convinced me to see Dr. Carlson. He convinced me that he could help me walk normally pain free and eliminate the drop foot. On 2/11/15, he operated on me for 40 minutes. I could walk… Read More

Stephen Hyde – Spine Surgery

  • Thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and the whole staff at OSC (Tanya, Kaye, Jim (PT), Zach (PT Tech), to name a few). After a year of medicines, PT, injections and continued pain, I finally had my L2-4 fusion in February. Dr. Carlson followed my spine progress over time and told me, “You will let me know when it’s time.” I found his approach to treatment very refreshing, as many doctors will jump to surgery at the drop of a hat. As a Personal Trainer and the Employee Health & Wellness… Read More

Becky Brown – Lumbar Spine Fusion – Multiple Levels

  • Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon This is the first of two, yes, two, testimonials I wish to write for Dr. Jeffrey Carlson of Orthopaedic & Spine Center. Dr. Carlson has twice performed surgery on me for two unrelated ailments, so you could say I’m a return customer. My name is Clay Schreiber. I’m a reasonably fit, 58 year old male, originally from Newport News and now living in Williamsburg. In… Read More

Clay Schreiber – Lumbar Fusion

  • In August of 2018, I herniated a disk in my back preparing for an impending storm. The pain was excruciating.  When I called OSC, I had no idea what to expect because I had been cared for through the Military system for 30 years. From the moment I spoke to the folks at OSC, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and the staff there knew I was in serious pain and they all showed such great compassion for me. Dr. Carlson\’s staff helped with pain management until there was a final… Read More

Bryant Clark – Microdiscectomy Surgery for Herniated Disc

  • Jeffrey R. Carlson MD, MBA, FAOOS, CPE Very professional. I recommend him to anyone and you will get outstanding results. Joseph Nolan 

Joseph Nolan – Spine Care

  • I am a 42 yo male Navy veteran. Since about June of 2000 I have been battling lower, and sometimes, debilitating back pain. I would have considered myself as in shape and athletic growing up. I have never had any mishaps that would have caused my pain. Through the years I saw my ability to partake in various athletic events and involvement in the gym become less and less. My quality of life suffered, and I believe this pain cost me my Naval Career. Throughout my journey to minimize my pain I… Read More

Jose Cartagena – Multi-level Lumbar Decompression and Fusion

  • Hello!  My name is Cynthia Hayes and my physician’s name is Jeffrey R. Carlson, of the Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC). Here is a little bit of information on how I ended up there: Back in the winter months of 2015, I developed pain down my right arm, from the shoulder and down to my hand.  The pain was so severe that it caused me to awaken just about every night or should I say, early in the AM.  It seemed no matter how I tried to get rid of it, it just continued to get… Read More

Cynthia Hayes – Cervical Spine Fusion

  • My name is Karen Levy and I am 66 years old. I had pain in my left hip for about 2 years.  Based on the description of my symptoms, my Primary Care Physician sent me to an Orthopaedic Specialist.  He treated me for bursitis, gave me a cortisone injection in my hip bursa and sent me to Physical Therapy.  None of that treatment worked and the pain persisted. I had seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC before and loved him.  I made an appointment with him to get an opinion on my pain and what… Read More

Karen Levy – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • Meet Brenda Gardner! In 2010, Brenda was diagnosed with neuropathy, and over the last decade, her pain has gotten significantly worse. “I was at OSC for an appointment with Dr. Carlson when I saw a poster for electric cell signaling to treat neuropathy in his exam room. I asked him about it and he explained the process to me and that the treatment was only $30 a session. I immediately said  ‘sign me up.'” Brenda takes a prescribed dosage of gabapentin to supplement her electric cell… Read More

Brenda Gardner- Electric Cell Signaling

  • It started with shoulder pain, that I could not put my finger on, in April. A cortisone shot in shoulder, no relief. An MRI of my shoulder showed nothing, then the pain disappeared but I could not lift my left arm. Four weeks of physical therapy, was no help. Then, an MRI of my neck showed bulging discs in my neck and I was told only surgery could fix the problem. I researched for the best spine surgeon and found Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. I had cervical diskectomy on C-4 thru C-7, in August 2021… Read More

Linda Benson – Multilevel Cervical Spine Fusion

  • Still Going Strong 13 Years after Successful Back Surgery Around 1982, I injured my lower back while moving heavy furniture. For the next 23 years the same part of my lower back continued to be periodically susceptible to debilitating re-injuries and frequent pain, but I always managed to get back on my feet with the help of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. Then in the Spring of 2005, I re-injured it yet again, this time much worse than previously. Within a very few… Read More

Spine Surgery for Disc Herniation – W. Anthony Starkey

  • Physician – Dr. Jeffrey Carlson Hi, my name is Jefferson (Jeff) Hughes and the following is my testimonial regarding the lower-back surgery performed by Dr. Carlson of the Orthopedic & Spine Center (OSC) of Newport News, Virginia, on 11 June 2012. I come from a Military family (father retired from the (USAF), served in the USAF and retired with Disability (DAV) after having severe trauma to both knees; and have been a Peninsula resident for the past 40 years. Currently, I’m a… Read More

Jeff Hughes – Spine Surgery

  • OSC Physician: Dr. Carlson My name is Dianne Spears. I am originally from Hudson Falls, New York, but have lived in the Tidewater area for over 40 years. During those years, the Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) has been a place I could count on to remedy the damage I did to multiple body parts. For example, Dr. Boyd Haynes has repaired for me two rotator cuff and two meniscus tears. On October 21, 2013, I fainted and fell, hitting my head. The doctors at the Bon Secours Harbour View… Read More

Dianne Spears – Spine Surgery

  • I thank Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and his staff for the work that was done on me: (a) I could not stand for 3 minutes/now I can stand for 30 minutes (b) walking with my back bent/ walking now straight up (c) again, thank you for the quick repair to my back (d) I have told others about the great work you can do. John… Read More

John Young – Multi-level Lumbar Fusion

  • I was referred to OSC, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, by my mother and father.  My father had to have a full back fusion about 2 years ago and he was referred to Dr. Carlson.  Let me say that at first, I did not listen to my mother, (boy, if I had a dollar for every time I should have listened to her) which was yet again the wrong thing to do. I hate when she is right! My issues started in January of 2017, with what I thought was just a pulled muscle and hip pain.  I was having trouble standing or… Read More

Barbara Talhelm – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • I had surgery with Dr. Carlson on December 30, 2015. I was very nervous, because I had a spinal fusion in December of 2013 that was done wrong. I was referred to Dr. Carlson by my co-worker, Anthony Orozco, who had recent cervical fusion. I moved to the Hampton area from Richmond, Virginia in 2015, after a second cervical fusion revision. I had L4 lumbar fusion with Dr. Carlson. Dr. Carlson is a true professional who really cares about his patients.  I tell all of my friends that he is the… Read More

Lisa Jackson – Lumbar Fusion

  • On 12/6/17, I started to get sharp pains in my right leg.  I saw my PCP on 4 visits over the next week and was told I had a swollen muscle in my back that was causing leg pain.  I received 4 medications from my PCP with no improvements. On 12/15/17, I saw my PCP again and was told if my condition didn’t get better to come back the beginning of next year to get an MRI. That same day, 12/15/17, I went to the chiropractor and was told I had a swollen muscle that was pinching the nerve running… Read More

Brian Brisson – Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery

  • Physician – Dr. Carlson I am Susan Evans from Williamsburg, VA. I was 55 years old when I had my spinal decompression and fusion of discs L4 and L5, performed by surgeon Jeffrey Carlson. My recovery has been nothing short of stunning. On March 31, 2011, I fell while out of town. Looking up from the carpet of the corporate conference room wondering how I got there was frightening. I had never fallen like that and had no idea why my left leg and foot suddenly were numb, and my foot no… Read More

Susan Evans – Spine Surgery

  • Dear Dr. Carlson, I want to thank you for relieving my back pain several years ago. I had a bad back for years. Two other doctors operated on me, but told me they didn’t know what to do about my upper spine. My regular doctor made an appointment with you. You took x-rays and an MRI and said my spine was closing up and needed surgery. You operated and put in two rods and ten pins to open my spine. What a blessing! That was several years ago and I haven’t been bothered by it since. I… Read More

Frances Greene – Spinal Stenosis Surgery

  • On December 21, 2016,  I had a decompression/fusion surgery done on L4 & 5, S1 by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at Mary Immaculate Hospital.  I never felt any pain, the whole team was 1st class,  including the staff that comes to your house for a few weeks and the rehab folks  (Personal Touch Home Care and Physical Therapy). I started walking within a few weeks and go do a couple mile walk with my dogs any time. Once in a great while, I can feel a minute amount of pain in my back, but most… Read More

Brian Wilson – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • I had chronic back pain due to a herniated disk for 16 years due to an injury as a teen. Fortunately, for the longest time, I was able to manage the pain with physical therapy and chiropractic care. I live a very active lifestyle that includes distance running, golf, boxing, weightlifting and playing with my two energy-filled Australian Shepherd dogs. In early 2018, the pain that I had felt time and time again was suddenly much worse. I attempted the forms of treatment that had previously… Read More

Kyle Haymes – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • Here is my story: I am a 51 year old active female and my story goes back about five years ago, when I tore the meniscus in left knee. Eventually, I had to have surgery to repair. Six months later, I tore it again, but waited another 6 months before another surgery. Between the tears and arthritis progressing, Dr. Carlson and I did everything we possibly could to stop the inevitable…knee replacement. He told me that when I was ready I would know it, and sure enough, by the beginning of 2014,… Read More

Kimberly Holland – Knee Replacement

  • I would like to thank Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and the staff of OSC. I suffered from back pain due to Spinal Stenosis. I recently had a Lumbar Fusion (L4-L5). The surgery was successful. I am pain free. I am very grateful to Dr. Carlson. Previously, Dr. Carlson performed knee surgery on my wife. That surgery was successful as well. Dr. Carlson was my one and only choice to perform my back surgery. Once again thank you. Ron… Read More

Ronald Reavis – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • My next step was back surgery, which I dreaded, but it had to be done. I didn’t want to wait too long, in case it caused more damage to my back . I went to see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson for a consultation to check out my options. After talking to Dr. Carlson, it was a go and plans were made for a Lumbar Decompression and Fusion of the L-3 thru L-5. I felt very comfortable around Dr. Carlson and knew he was the one I wanted for surgery. I looked on the internet for an animated video of my type of… Read More

Ben Poter – Multi-Level Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • I really feel like Dr. Jeffrey Carlson educated me about my medical issues better, in 10 minutes, than all my previous specialists had in the last year. It was great that everything was in-house! Everyone I had contact with, in person or on the phone, was warm, friendly, and helpful. With regard to how you could improve your service, honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing! John… Read More

John Lovell – 5 Star Rating/Review for Dr. Jeffrey Carlson

  • Dr. Carlson has been very professional and confident in all of my surgery and after visits.  I highly recommend OSC to any of my friends dealing with problems. Thank you to all of the staff at OSC. David Heape

David Heape – Spine Surgery

  • My first encounter with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, a little more than a year ago, was to try and find relief for unrelenting low back pain. A previous primary provider had suggested that there was nothing wrong with me. On the first visit, Dr. Carlson did X-ray’s and confirmed that the only thing he could do for me was surgery to fix my problems with my Lumbar 1-5, and Sacral spine . He set me up for pre-op tests,  told me why I needed the surgery and allowed for my questions. It was a lot of… Read More

Karen Hershberger – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • I’ll make this short and to the point. My name is Graffie B. Edler Jr. I had been having minor lower back problems for years but dismissed it as sciatica. As the years went on, my occasional numbness turned to pain. Eventually, my pain got to the point I couldn’t dismiss it any longer. I decided to seek a chiropractor which helped very little but did reveal my problems were more than sciatica. I had my chiropractor refer me to a neurologist because the spinal pain was getting… Read More

Graffie B. Edler, Jr. – Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • Physician – Dr. Jeffrey Carlson I was in pain every day. I was going to see other doctors and they would treat the pain, but it didn’t go away. So, a friend of mine went on the Internet and found Dr. Carlson and pulled up his history. I made an appointment to see him. When I got the appointment, Dr. Carlson x-rayed my left leg and saw that the bone was on bone in my knee. He let me know that I needed a knee replacement. On December 31, 2012 I had a total knee replacement. To… Read More

Deborah Seward – Knee Replacement

  • I came to Dr. Carlson for severe lower back pain after receiving no help or treatment from another physician. My first visit was in September of 2013, just prior to our leaving for a 2 week trip to Ireland. Dr. Carlson not only listened intently to my description of the pain, but offered immediate information and means towards some relief. I was scheduled for an epidural and sent to physical therapy. It was the physical therapy that I did faithfully that literally got me through the 2 week… Read More

Linda Stewart – Spine Surgery

  • I’ve struggled for a couple of years with lower back pain. After seeking treatment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, I’ve finally reached a place where my pain is nearly gone. We tried a variety of non-invasive options first. Cortisone shots, x-ray guided epidural shots and of course, physical therapy. I had finally arrived at surgery as the best option. I was hesitant at first. I wasn’t comfortable about surgery on my spine, but I went through with the procedure . Wow, was I nervous for… Read More

Mike Puckett – Conservative Back Pain Treatment & Spine Surgery

  • In the spring of 2019, I noticed muscle mass disappearing in my lower left leg and loss of strength. After going to my PCM, which happens to be the US Navy since I am retired military, I got a referral out of the USN system to see a Spine Surgeon. I picked OSC, even though it is a long drive and traffic is terrible getting there from Va Beach. Boy, am I glad I did. Got an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson within a week of contacting them, when I contacted some Docs here in Va Beach, I was… Read More

John De Mille – Spine and Knee Procedures

  • My name is Kenny Meekins. I am a retired high school baseball coach and athletic director from Manteo, NC. For the last 5 years, I have experienced low back pain. After retiring in Jan. 2016, I imagined my retirement being very active. The more active I tried to be, the more pain I started to experience. Riding a bike, walking, and playing golf became more difficult as the sciatica pain in my left leg became more excruciating. I started looking for a Doctor in August of 2016 to find my… Read More

Kenny Meekins – Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Fusion

  • I am an active 74-year-old male with good overall health. My first back problem occurred in 1974 when I was 31 years old. I was building a deck and twisted around putting a stairway landing in place. The next thing I knew, I was down on all fours and had to crawl to the front door of the house. An osteopath performed a gentle manipulation treatment that was almost miraculous, and I was almost immediately as good as new. He was to be my savior for many years. Between 1974 and 1999, I had… Read More

Bill Busby – Lumbar Fusion Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

  • Dr. Carlson performed a fusion on 3 vertebrae in in my neck. I suffered from a pinched nerve, which caused pain and numbness throughout my right arm. The pinched nerve was a result of arthritis. After the fusion, I immediately felt relief. I have not experienced any after effects of the surgery. Even though I can see the implant on x-rays, I cannot tell that there is anything different, including my ability to move in any direction. Dr. Carlson did a great job and relieved all my… Read More

Kathleen Mack – Spinal Fusion

  • After Dr. Jeffrey Carlson replaced my second knee, it seemed to heal more slowly and I was dejected. Dr. Carlson wisely took me out of in-home physical therapy and assigned me to Dr. Tom Toothaker at OSC Physical Therapy. I had used them for years and felt comfortable with my OSC PT family of providers. Tom took my case on personally. His daily encouragement and motivation caused me to try harder and we were able to celebrate the small steps together! My appointments are at 7:00 AM and… Read More

Kerri Vailati – Physical Therapy for Knee Replacement

  • I have been waiting to write this testimonial until the very end of the recovery process. My wife has always had minor back pain, sometimes it was worse the others, but she always managed to deal with it. Usually, she went to her chiropractor and, after a visit or two, the pain went away, or at least she didn’t mention the problem. Early in July of 2021, she began to complain about her back again and decided to try the chiropractor like she had always done in the past. Also, she tried doing… Read More

Brenda Botsford – Multi-Level Lumbar Fusion

  • I spent years with neck & back pain, misdiagnosing, physical therapy, etc….and not LIVING! I promised my husband on NYE 2018, we would not focus on neck/back pain, but redirect to find answers. WE DID IT!! This MAN was patient (not his virtue), understanding and truly SUPPORTIVE! He was my voice when I didn’t have one, picked me up when I couldn’t stand and fed me when I didn’t want to eat! So eternally grateful to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson! On 9/4/19, Dr. Carlson performed a Lumbar… Read More

Tonya Thomas-Gray – Multi-Level Lumbar Spinal Fusion

  • My name is Anthony Sam and I’m a 58 year old from Denver, CO, who spent 20 years in the US Navy and another 11 years as a Mechanic for NAVSEA Systems. My Doctor is Jeffrey Carlson and I was seen by him for Severe Chronic Osteoarthritis of my right and left knee. My knee pain can be traced back to my time in the Navy and then was dramatically increased due to my physically intensive duties working as a Ship Yard Mechanic. I have, in the past, had multiple knee surgeries on both of my… Read More

Anthony Sam – Knee Replacements

  • In August 2016, I had cervical spine fusion. I was afraid to have the surgery. I attended a lecture in July 2016 that Dr. Carlson gave on “Managing Neck, Back, and Limb Pain: Treatments from Disc Replacements to Fusion.” Dr. Carlson answered a lot of questions about fusion in a way that I could understand. I had the surgery and it was better than I expected. Very little pain, and I was amazed at how fast I felt better and could get up and around. Thank you, Dr. Carlson! Helen… Read More

Helen Nichols – Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

  • Dear Dr. Carlson, I want to thank you so much for the excellent care you and your staff has given my family. You have been such a blessing to us, and we want to share our appreciation in hopes that our experiences may be comforting and a confirmation to others who are making decisions regarding their health. Thanks to Orthopaedic & Spine Center, my left shoulder now feels as good as new. We first met you when you cared for our son after a traumatic fall at his summer job on July… Read More

Jan Holloman – Spine Surgery

  • My name is Alan Gunnerson. I am a 57-year old male that spent several years with increased lower back pain, and over the past two years, extending down my left buttocks and leg to my left foot. I found myself only able to sit for a short period and then had to stand, again, only for a short period. I described myself as a yo-yo; there was no comfortable position. Come to find out that I had spinal disk compression between L4 and L5 and spinal stenosis within the disk area that was irritating my… Read More

Alan Gunnerson – Lumbar Laminectomy Surgery

  • (Photo of Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in the OR) I am an active volunteer, kayaker, and skier. A year and a half ago, I was having serious hip pain and nightly leg cramps, sometime lasting for more than an hour. My first x-ray identified a ruptured spinal disc. The recommendation for me was to go to rehab or a chiropractor, but things did not improve. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson came recommended to me. After several visits with him, it became obvious that surgery was the answer. On January 2nd, I had 10… Read More

John Thomas – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • Physician: Dr. Carlson I developed severe pain in my lower back on July 1, 2012. After going to the ER, they gave a diagnosis of sciatica. The pain was not helped by the Tylenol #3 prescribed. On July 3, 2012, I went to see a chiropractor, Dr. Boon, in Williamsburg, who I have been seeing since 1991. She, upon examining me, did not do a regular treatment, but made the diagnosis of a pinched nerve in my lower lumbar. I kept ice packs on my back and leg and as she suggested, called Dr…. Read More

Bonnie Sizemore – Spine Surgery

  • This endorsement is a long time in coming as I am one who does not give an endorsement lightly… In the spring of 2016, I started to suffer pain in my right leg, specifically the thigh and calf. It seemed to be little more than a sprain or strain, but it got worse. The pain got so bad, I could not walk, stand, or sit. I just fell to the floor in agony. My Primary Care Provider tried muscle relaxers and pain meds and recommended physical therapy. Although all helped, none solved the… Read More

Bruce Jensky – Spinal Cyst Removal and Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • I was dealing with hip pain for 7 years and had an MRI of my hip and back more than once. I went to 3 different doctors and had no problems they could identify. One doctor suggested that removing the hip bursa might correct the hip pain. I had this done, but it did not help with the pain. I could only walk for a city block before the pain would set in. I could sit and rest for 2 minutes and walk another block. Standing for any length of time was also difficult, and the pain would set right in… Read More

Dave Eilers – Spine Surgery

  • About one year ago, Dr. Carlson made my life better. Dr. Carlson is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon. He is the best there is. He is a God-send with skilled hands. Yes, his main specialty is spinal surgery, but he does knees also! He gave me a beautiful new knee. Dr. Carlson has wisdom, expertise, and is a surgeon with a sense of humor. Even though I am an old lady, I told him that I didn’t want the “old lady” knee replacement, I wanted the “NFL quarterback knee”. I… Read More

Glenda MacDonald – Knee Replacement

  • I suffered complications (severe numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain) from bulging cervical discs for about three years. During the year before cervical fusion (C6/C7) surgery, I was calling out sick from work, missing family events, and not sleeping well because of the pain and discomfort. I had gone from doing 50 push-ups in one minute to not being able to do a single push-up at all. After several medication trials with my PCP, we found a combination of two that managed the pain (one… Read More

Brian Carlsen – Cervical Spine Fusion

  • My name is Bruce Liles and I am 59 years old. I have lived and worked in Newport News, VA since the early 70’s. I have always been very active. I work out at the gym several times a week and our family goes on active vacations, including snow skiing, camping, hiking and white-water rafting. I played sports in High School and I am a former casual runner and enjoy an occasional round of golf. My wife and I also enjoy working in the yard and flower beds. A few years ago, I began to experience… Read More

Bruce Liles – Spine Surgery

  • I was blessed to have Dr. Carlson perform my surgery for Lumbar Fusion. I suffered for a year and half, due to I was so afraid to have surgery. Now looking back and knowing first hand that Dr. Carlson and his staff took excellent care of me, I wish I had had the surgery much sooner. I followed all the instruction given to me by Dr. Carlson, Kaye and Mary Immaculate Hospital and did just fine. If I got scared and had questions, all I had to do was call and they were there for me. My home… Read More

Deborah Ann Cox – Lumbar Fusion Surgery & Physical Therapy

  • DR. CARLSON, It has been over a year now since my back surgery, and as of this date, I’m doing fine. Thanks to you and God. God for his blessings upon me and you for your experience in surgery along with your caring nature. I will never forget the first day after the operation, I received flowers from you and staff. The office was wonderful. Thanks and I wish you all best in the future. Clarence… Read More

Clarence Marshall – Spinal Surgery

  • Coming from a long line of men who made their living on the water – his father was captain of a fishing trawler – Herman “Skip” Gibbs first injured his neck more than forty years ago when he dove into shallow water as a teenager. He went to the doctor after the accident and got muscle relaxers, he remembers, but because he grew up in a family where men weren’t supposed to be weak, he didn’t complain much when the pain didn’t resolve. “It wasn’t uncommon to just accept… Read More

Herman Gibbs – Spine Surgery

  • I had neck surgery performed (by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson) on July 11th of this year (2016). It’s only been 5 weeks since then and I feel great. There Is absolutely NO PAIN and I have complete range of motion. I actually don’t feel like I ever had neck surgery. He is definitely GOOD at what he does!!! James A. Randall,… Read More

James A. Randall, III – Cervical Spine Fusion

  • Dr. Carlson is my hero! He has performed two surgeries on me. The first was to repair a bad surgery from another doctor for a herniated discs in my lower back. I could barely walk before the surgery. And I had suffered with back pain for over 20 years. Within two weeks of the surgery (with Dr. Carlson) all pain was gone and I was walking like nothing ever happened! To this day, I don’t have back pain and that was five years ago! My second surgery was for a disc problem in my neck causing… Read More

W. T. Guthrie – Spine Surgery

  • My name is Jimmy Powell and I went to see Dr. Carlson for my lower back pain. He recommended that I have physical therapy for my pain. DPT Jamie Swale found the trouble areas in my back and set up a therapy program. With her help and the help of her co-workers, they resolved the intense pain. Thank you for your wonderful… Read More

Jimmy Powell – Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain

  • Physician: Dr Haynes I want to thank you for your wonderful care again. Thanks to you and your diagnosis and treatment, I not only felt better, I could truly enjoy every moment of my trip, especially the parasailing that my wife talked me into. To prove it, I am enclosing a picture to prove it. Thank you once again. Steven… Read More

Steven Jacobs

  • About a year ago, I woke up suddenly in extreme pain, I could not walk. After many trips to the doctors, the cause was diagnosed, I had a nerve that was touching a vertebrae. I did everything but fly a kite in a thunderstorm to relieve the pain. Since I was very apprehensive about BACK SURGERY, I figured interviewing some doctors would help. So I did my research, read bios, surgery experience for my particular condition, testimonials etc. One of the surgeons I visited was Dr. Jeffrey… Read More

Sherry – Spinal Surgery

  • I am a 60 year old woman, widowed in January of 2011. In May 2008, I had surgery to repair a ruptured disc at L4-L5. I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and needed to have a rod with screws and a cage inserted in my back to keep it stable while the bone fusion was taking place. It was a long recuperation and a painful one. It took about three weeks to be able to sit upright in the bed, without pain upon doing so. I had to wear my back brace whenever out of the bed, lasting for 3 months. I… Read More

Cynthia M. Davis – Spine Surgery

  • I’m a 60 year old mechanic/supervisor who has dealt with lower back pain for the past 25 years.  In July 2017, I was unable to work due to the lower back pain, and pain shooting down my right leg and into my feet. I was unable to sleep throughout the night, unable to stand , sit or walk for any amount of time. I sought chiropractic care, but with no relief. I tried a cortisone shot, but with no relief. I had always said that I would never have back surgery, but that is what I did do. My… Read More

Kenneth Williams – Complex Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • I had been experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain with a numbing and tingling, radiating down my right arm for quite some time. My 2016 holidays were spent in excruciating pain. After many x-rays and MRI’s, I was finally diagnosed with a herniated disc and pinched nerve in my neck. I was sent to see a neurosurgeon who told me that I was not a candidate for surgery and my only treatment option was cortisone shots. I sought a second opinion on the recommendation of two people who had been… Read More

Patricia Ricks-Armstead – Cervical Fusion Surgery

  • I met with Dr. Carlson and his assistant, Tonia. He looked over my MRI, talked with me, did his exam and told me what I needed. I had surgery. He never sugarcoated what would happen during recovery. I have some pain, but I’m praying, resting, and taking my medication. I am getting a lot of help from my family and starting to heal. I would recommend Dr Carlson to anyone. His bedside manner is “we’re gonna take care of you”. And he did! Thank you, Dr. Carlson. I also want to thank his… Read More

Tracy White – Spine Surgery

  • On September 27, 2017, Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson performed a Cervical Discectomy at the Surgical Pavilion, Mary Immaculate Hospital. Dr. Carlson cut under my neck (less invasive) which was an outpatient surgery. I had no complications thanks to the great team under Dr. Carlson’s direction. I have to say because Dr. Carlson is a Christian (for me that’s important), so many Christians in the community know of him, and raved about his work in the surgery. I felt at ease and wasn’t a bit scared… Read More

Brenda Bannister – Cervical Discectomy

  • Physician Name(s) – Dr. Haynes and Dr. Carlson My name is Charlene R. Small (retired teacher). I live in Mathews County, VA. My problem started in June 2012. It was like a “Charlie Horse” in my right leg, just below my knee. Dr. Haynes put me on muscle relaxers and then therapy. I had a MRI which showed a slight tear in one of the lower vertebrae. Things improved and I was released on August 20th. Well on August 23rd, I reached to pick up something and I thought I would never get… Read More

Charlene R. Small – Spine Surgery

  • I had been suffering badly for months! The pain in my left buttock, left hamstring, behind my left knee and in my left heel/arch were close to debilitating and nearly constant. There were a few moments when the pain was so intense and/or the odd tingling in my left leg were so bad that I came near to a feeling of helpless panic. If it weren’t for my faith, I would have easily hit a deep, deep despair. Life was pretty bad because of my sciatic nerve pain. Luckily, DR Carlson was my… Read More

Jeffery Stone – Spine Surgery

  • After a subpar experience in every way with another local orthopedic group, I finally caved in to my mother-in-law’s advice and made an appointment with Jeffrey Carlson for chronic neck and shoulder pain that had plagued me for over a decade. I was amazed at the facility. MRI’s and x-rays on site–no traveling to second locations for the aforementioned tests. Efficient billing practices and fast turnover of workmen’s comp and other potentially frustrating forms that come with the medical… Read More

Leonora del Rosario Reiley – Spine Surgery/Physical Therapy

  • I was having increased low back pain and difficulty with my legs, causing balance and gait problems. I had been to two other orthopedic surgeons, who stated the required surgery would mean possibly 3-6 months out of work. I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, who, after several rounds of x-rays, determined I had a problem that was missed by the other surgeons. The required surgery was a lumbar 3 to 4 fusion, completed as an outpatient. My recovery has been quick, and I am pain free in my… Read More

Mark Buckley – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • I’ve been a patient of Orthopaedic & Spine Center (and the old OSSMS) since the mid 1990’s, starting with Dr. Helmuth Trieshmann (right knee, arthroscopic surgery for torn cartilage), Dr. Robert Snyder (left knee, total replacement), Dr. Raj Sureja (pain management) and most recently, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson ( lower back, lumbar spinal fusions). I had been dealing with sporadic issues with my back since 1975. This year, the frequency, intensity, and duration became intolerable. Surgery… Read More

William R. Gorman – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion

  • I am so thankful for Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and his team at OSC. I had a previous back surgery on the L4/L5 region (lower back) with screws and had discomfort from the start. When asking the doctor about it he said “if your not in pain don’t worry about it”.  I put up with the discomfort, the clunking feeling when turning from side-to-side until I started getting sharp pains in my hip area. When I went back to my doctor, he decided I just needed physical therapy and steroid shots. I did that… Read More

Helen Beebe – Spine Surgery to Fix a Previous Spine Surgery

  • When I went to see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, I was in pain from my L4 and L5, causing a bad sciatic nerve issue with pain and numbness in both legs.  I had talked to different people who have had back issues or surgery and everybody’s story was different. In my case, I previously had a lumbar spinal fusion outpatient surgery and was walking with a walker before I left the hospital. I had my Lumbar Fusion surgery on Nov. 15th, 2016. OSC had set-up a home health nurse and a Physical Therapist to… Read More

Edwin Magnus -Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • This past August, I had my second back surgery by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. No matter how many times I visit this facility, the entire staff treats me like I am the only patient there. Dr. Carlson has never rushed me when I had questions and when it came time for the surgery, he made me feel so comfortable about the whole thing. I have bragged on him so much and I can even talk to my boss about him, as he did her surgery as well and she feels the same. When I had my first surgery about… Read More

Brenda Applin – Spine Surgery

  • For several years I had been putting up with pretty severe back, pain but was reluctant to have back surgery, considering all the horror stories that had been told. These included people who had back surgery who ended up worse off and some had trouble getting around. After my pain got to the unbearable point which affected my daily life, including stopping playing handball, I decided to see  Dr. Carlson of the Orthopaedic and Spine Center. He discussed all the options, which included surgery,… Read More

James Pressick – Spine Surgery

  • Physician – Dr. Carlson Last Christmas (2012) I could walk our two Yorkshire Terriers only a few minutes before the neuropathy in both legs caused me to stop. My lower back had been sore for several years. A series of epidurals hadn’t helped. My wife encouraged me to see Dr. Carlson as he had treated her for a neck problem, and the rest is history. A MRI showed the extent of my problem and we determined surgery was necessary. In February 2013, Dr. Carlson performed a Lumbar Fusion and… Read More

Harry E. Waters – Spine Surgery

  • Hi, my name is Danny Kennedy. I am a Northrop Grumman employee. If there is anybody out there that is having the kind of terrible back and leg pain that I have been having, I want to let you know there are people that can help you. The people that helped me are Doctor Jeffrey Carlson and his staff from Orthopaedic & Spine Center. On May 31, 2009 I woke up and was not able to stand or walk without having terrible pain down my left leg. This pain was terrible even if I had taken powerful… Read More

Danny Kennedy – Spine Surgery

  • I was referred to the Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC) for my lower back pain. After approximately 10 years of off and on back issues I recently experienced heightened and continuous pain. It was my first experience with OSC and Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Dr. Carlson reviewed my MRI and x-rays with me and explained the cause and effects of my pain. He explained the options for addressing my issues. After trying the epidural as my first option, it became obvious surgery would be my best option…. Read More

Cecil S. – Spine Surgery & Physical Therapy

  •   My name is Tammy. In April 2017, I had a Lower Lumbar Laminectomy (Discs 2-4 surgery) from a different medical facility. Unfortunately, my chief complaint that I had expressed to that doctor (I found out was in disc #4-5) was not treated and I was still having the same issues. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson for a… Read More

Tammy Carnegie – Laminectomy for Herniated Spinal Disc

  • Physician: Dr. Jeffrey Carlson I would like to thank Dr. Carlson for saving my husband’s life. An unrelated MRI, that was completed at my husband’s job, showed that my husband had a bone spur pressing against his spinal cord right at the base of his brain. As we looked at the MRI and Dr. Carlson explained the seriousness of the problem, he did so in a way that assured us that everything was going to be just fine. Since we did not come to the office expecting to hear that my husband needed… Read More

Craig Warren – Spine Surgery

  • I found Dr. Jeffrey Carlson through a referral from a family member. I knew I needed back surgery but I wasn’t happy with my current doctor. With my MRI in hand, I met Dr. Carlson in March of 2020. I was impressed with his thorough explanation of what was happening in my lower back, he showed me on the MRI that I had 3 discs gone and one on the way. He scheduled me for a four-level fusion procedure, then four days before my surgery, the hospital canceled all elective surgery due to the… Read More

Bob Bowman – Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • On Jan. 11th, 2016, I received nothing short of a “MIRACLE” surgery by the truly talented, skilled and “BLESSED” mind and hands of Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson… the Orthopaedic & Spine Center staff and Dr. Carlson’s entire team! I had no idea that this major lower back surgery would change my life so much! I “TRULY” wish I could have met this Dr. decades ago! After almost 25 years of only being able to walk from room to room with a cane, or out to the car and having to spend the… Read More

Douglas Dail – Spine Surgery

  • I am a 65-year old male who suffered from progressive, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis for many years. My doctors prescribed various types of pain medications, physical therapy, and injections to control my symptoms, until I developed sciatic nerve pain in my hips and legs in December 2017. After reviewing the results of my most recent MRI, the pain management specialist who was treating me recommended I consult with a surgeon to determine if a surgical procedure was necessary to… Read More

Alan Weismann – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • My story started over 5 years ago, when I fell on ice and injured my lower back. I went to my PCP, who referred me to many different specialists. After X -Rays, MRIs and many other tests, I was offered no pain management. During this time my left leg was in severe pain and eventually went numb resulting in atrophy. As time, passed I felt hopeless and believed that was how the rest of my life was going to be. One day a customer told me about OSC and Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. It ended up being the… Read More

Charlie Wood – Lumbar Microdiscectomy

  • For years, I have heard horror stories about failed spinal fusions and how some patients were never able to walk again after the procedure, so I was very hesitant to agree to any type of spinal surgery. However, I had cervical fusion, performed by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson several years ago, which was a total success and with no complications or symptoms since that time. After spinal x-rays and a subsequent MRI confirmed significant narrowing of the lower spinal canal which was causing significant… Read More

Anonymous – Cervical & Multi-level Lumbar Fusions

  • When you hear about back problems and having to have Lumbar Fusion surgery, of course, fear takes over and many questions arise. My family doctor referred me to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to take care of my problem. My first meeting with Dr. Carlson was very reassuring. I felt at ease. It was as if God had given His approval and I have truly been blessed by Dr. Carlson and his staff. They were always on top of any problem that arose. I believe that the Lord has ordered Dr. Carlson’s life to be His… Read More

Emma Riddick – Lumbar Spine Fusion

  • I was suffering with back pain for about three years from a pinched nerve. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson gave me an option that would relieve my back pain issue. I had the laser surgery done on 3/25/19. I am now pain free, with the help of surgery and physical therapy. I feel free of pain. I want to thank Dr. Carlson for a job well done. Dorian J…. Read More

Dorian Johnson – Outpatient Lumbar Spine Surgery for Pinched Nerve

  • I injured my neck 30 years ago and lived with pain and numbness in my left arm, hand and neck every day. I went to multiple doctors, to include two other orthopaedic offices, and no one offered any help or relief until I visited Orthopaedic and Spine Center. My first visit with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson offered me hope, he immediately explained why I had the pain and numbness and explained what my options were. I had cervical spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and an herniated nucleus… Read More

Barbara Summers – Epidural Steroid Injections, Cervical Discectomy Surgery & PT

  • It’s been almost a year since I had spinal fusion surgery. Prior to the surgery, I had been in significant pain when standing or walking for about 9 months. Today, I am pain free. Dr. Carlson and his staff were amazing, as were the folks who cared for me during physical therapy. One of my brothers had spinal fusion surgery many years ago and I remembered tears coming down his face when we drove him home. I was in little to no pain when my wife drove me home the day of surgery and walked up… Read More

Tom Zwerner – Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • I injured myself while pulling back my crossbow. It caused a horrible pain in the back of my shoulder that radiated into my left arm. I went to my PCP and he prescribed prednisone and a muscle relaxer. After a week, the pain was about the same. A friend suggested I see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. I met with Dr. Carlson and told him what had happened. He said it sounds like I had a ruptured disc in my neck and may need surgery. I had an MRI on October 25, 2017 and a follow up with him on November 2…. Read More

Lee Carter – Cervical Discectomy

  • I was diagnosed with needing an anterior cervical fusion-level 1…Once I met with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, it was determined that surgery was necessary. When I looked into what the surgery would entail, I was extremely nervous about the procedure, being my first surgery ever. I was warned that Dr. Carlson would go in from the front, move my esophagus, and go straight back to the disc in my neck. When I arrived at Mary Immaculate Hospital, they took me in right away and started pre-op. Dr…. Read More

David Kruger – Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

  • I work for Ringling Brothers Circus on the acrobatic equestrian team called the Cossack Riders, started by my family members. I injured myself while lifting ramps for work and had to have lower back surgery. A few weeks later, I developed pain in my leg and foot which was really bothering me.  The circus was in Hampton, VA, so I came to see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson who was recommended as a spine specialist. He ordered an MRI to see what was going on with my spine.  Dr. Carlson said that I had… Read More

Sherzod Teshabaev – Multi-Level Lumbar Fusion

  • I have been living in excruciating pain and torment for years. I have also visited the top docs in the country (Philadelphia Eagles Spine Surgeon, Johns Hopkins and many more). They all agreed that my spine was a mess, but some thought that surgery wouldn’t help in the pain I was describing to them. They also differed on when I needed the surgery and how much to fix. I had recently heard of a local surgeon who had done amazing things and had also first-hand friends describe their experience… Read More

John Asby – Multi-level Cervical Spine Fusion & Laminectomy

  • One year ago, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson performed a Lumbar fusion procedure on me. I was walking the same day and back to work with limitations in just three weeks. Today, I’m glad to say I’ve had no problems and no pain. Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • I had lumbar fusion surgery back in 2012, in another location with another surgeon. When back pain came back in 2015, I sought additional treatment at OSC. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson was extremely helpful and sympathetic, and he thoroughly explained all the options. I elected to have an extension of the fusion and this was performed 1/09/17. The surgery went well and my recovery was smooth. At the beginning, I had pain from the surgery, but after that healed, everything was fine.  I feel so… Read More

Susan Willhauck – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • When someone eliminates your pain and improves your Physical well-being, how can you thank them enough? You can’t, but I’ll try. Thank you Dr. Carlson, for having the skill, expertise and surgical skills that has allowed me to return to daily workouts and Golf. God Bless you. Bob Guadagno

Bob Guadagno – Spine Surgery

  • Hello there everyone, my name is Ms. In Suk Bolton from Hampton, Virginia. My physician’s name is Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Newport News, Va. The reason that I went to see him was because, for over 5+ years, I have been battling and dealing with really bad Sciatic Nerve Pain, which was the result of having no bone cartilage in between my 4 lower lumbar discs in the spinal column. As a result, the spinal cord was being pressed and rubbed… Read More

In Suk Bolton – Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • I had lower lumbar spinal fusion for a degenerative disk issue. My surgery went well and I was happy to go home the same day, even walking out by myself with a walker. I was skeptical at first to go home, because of what I kept reading online about recovery. I was home and comfortable with my family. I prepared myself for a comfortable way to sleep and sit before the surgery and had everything ready at home. I kept up with my pain medicine as they said for the first couple of days and it didn’t… Read More

Tanya Taskey – Lumbar Spine Fusion

  • When I told my friends that I will be undergoing a spinal fusion surgery, their first question was “where?”  I responded “OSC (Orthopaedic & Spine Center) at 250 Nat Turner BLVD”.  They would say, “Chris, we hope that you have Dr. Jeffrey Carlson as your surgeon. Carlson is more popular than Ferrarius – the Sicilian.” From his direct and focused gaze to his soothing voice, you can tell you are in good hands when Dr. Carlson is your physician. The team of doctors who worked on me did a… Read More

Chris Ozor – Cervical Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • For over three years, I had been dealing with a condition that prevented me from standing for over 10 minutes without severe pain in my right hip and right foot would go numb. Also while walking, after about ½ mile, my right hip would start to hurt and my foot would develop a drop. It started out relatively mild and I had undergone several conservative non-invasive procedures from a surgeon in whom I had confidence in Mt. Pleasant, SC. My wife and I relocated back to the Virginia from South… Read More

Michael Taylor – Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Fusion

  • I was in the worst pain of my life and had seen another surgeon.  I received a call from a friend (literally at the 11th hour) who suggested Dr. Jeffrey Carlson.  I contacted his office and they worked me in quickly. Dr. Carlson reviewed my MRI and came to a different diagnosis.  Dr. Carlson saw a ruptured disc, not a bulging one!  Surgery was set and pain medication was prescribed.  Everything that followed was professional, timely and efficient!  When I had a question, I received an… Read More

Tom Pitkin – Microdiscectomy for Ruptured Disc

  • I think the day my back problems started was sometime in 1997, when I bent over and picked up a gallon of bleach on the bottom shelf in the grocery store, and all of a sudden, I felt a pop in my back and it started hurting. I got home and for the next few days, laid on a heating pad.  My back was still sore, but I handled it and went on with my life. In February of 1998 – I was driving in my car.  As an outside Sales Rep, I drove a lot to visit clients.  Back in those days, I carried a… Read More

Lawrence” Larry” Reidnour – Outpatient Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • In April of 2018, I began experiencing severe pain in my lower back.  I went to see Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson on 18 May 2018, after having seen another physician, who was more interested in satisfying the needs of the insurance company rather than taking care of my needs as a patient. Dr. Carlson performed a through examination, reviewed my MRI, and assessed that the only treatment/cure for my ruptured disc was surgery.  Dr. Carlson was extremely caring as was evidenced during my initial… Read More

J.A. Faulkner, Jr. – Lumbar Spine Surgery

  • I had my final exam by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson today after lumbar Fusion surgery 12/30/15, the best decision I had made! The surgery gave me my life back after 20 years of pain and misery! Dr. Carlson is the greatest! I recommend him to everyone I meet. Dianne Jewett

Dianne Jewett – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • Even though the office is 1 1/2 hours from me, I wouldn’t trade offices for a million dollars. I can call and have my answers immediately and an appointment within a day or two. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to anyone with the slightest back problem. Jeannie Marie Jones  

Jeannie Marie Jones – Back Pain Treatment

  • I am a physically fit, 61 year old female and I had been dealing with sciatica for 4 years. It started with a pain in my left calf. I tried massage therapy, TENS unit, and physical therapy. My GP referred me to OSC. I chose Dr. Jeffrey Carlson because I have several neighbors who had successful back surgery performed by Dr. Carlson. During my first visit, back x-rays were taken right in his office. The next step was an MRI, which could have been done at the OSC, but due to a 10 day insurance… Read More

Janet Sandeen – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • Kudos to Dr. Carlson of the Ortho & Spine Center in Newport News, Va. For MANY years I suffered with pain shooting down my right leg. The chiropractor and many injections were just temporary fixes. My husband’s insurance company changed, which allowed me to go wherever I wanted to go for treatment. At the recommendation of an acquaintance, I decided to go see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. After telling him about my long term problems, he ordered an MRI. When that came back, he told me that I… Read More

Cynthia Hockaday – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion

  • I am 70 years old and with all the insurance changes, it was very stressful to try to figure out the who and why and where that I had coverage. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson helped me with this and then we got started on the when and why of what I needed.  It was very scary, as I do not do sick, except for Breast Cancer in 1996. Dr. Carlson ordered a painless MRI of my LUMBAR SPINE.  Then, when he knew what had to be done, he set me up for outpatient surgery at Mary Immaculate Hospital on 1/24/2018…. Read More

Linda Rogers – Lumbar Spine Surgery

  • Shared from Facebook Reviews — 5 stars for Dr. J. Carlson. He did a fantastic job replacing my knee. All through physical therapy, I couldn’t help but notice that my knee movement was smooth as silk. That being said, it’s looking like my other knee is due for an upgrade too. Kenneth Gifford

Kenneth Gifford – Knee Replacement

  • In December 2019 I was on crutches struggling to walk due to synovial cysts and severe spinal stenosis caused by degenerative disk disease and spinal instability at 49 years old. I spent 2 years using physical therapy, myofascial release, and huge daily modifications to manage my symptoms and stay mobile. Last December the pain began to be unbearable again and I started to search for new providers and found OSC and Dr. Carlson. I poured through all these reviews and his online blogs and then… Read More

Jennifer Brugliera – Spinal Fusion

  • I had been experiencing sciatic nerve pain in my left leg for over 4 months. I had tried all types of treatment to diminish or eliminate the pain, to include a chiropractor, physical therapy and finally, an neurosurgeon at another facility other than OSC. To my great disappointment, the neurosurgeon briefly looked at my MRI, made a few cursory remarks and said “try oral steroids and if that doesn’t work, get a steroid injection”. I did as instructed but without success. I had no follow-up… Read More

Erven S. Tyler – Spine Surgery

  • I would highly recommend OSC’s Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, my Surgeon, who successfully performed two TKR operations (within the past 2 years) and who guided me on my journey to total recovery through therapy. I further recommend the therapy program offered at the OSC establishment. My 20 plus therapy appointments with the OSC Newport News Therapy office, found the staff extremely professional and friendly, starting with the appointment staff at PT’s front office. My therapy evaluators/trainers… Read More

Charles Bellinger – Total Knee Replacements & Physical Therapy

  • I am in NO Pain. That alone is amazing. I’ve been in pain like 5 years. Now with this lumbar fusion performed by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, my back feels stronger and I feel my posture is better. I’m 6’1″ tall and now I think I stand a little straighter. I’m six weeks post-op right now. I’m so happy I no longer have a “bad back”.  Thanks! Timothy… Read More

Timothy Williams – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • As a young girl, my passion was horseback riding. I trained as a hunter/jumper, it also lead to a bit of falling as well. I was also rather clumsy and fell down a staircase or two. During this time, I believe I injured my back. I became a hairstylist in my early 20’s where I continued to have back issues. Two children later and continued work, standing on my feet, I couldn’t put off the dealing with the pain any longer. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson was actually my second opinion, he was such a… Read More

Jennifer Heath – Lumbar Fusion Surgery to Treat Spondylolisthesis

  • I first had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jeffrey Carlson when he performed a neck fusion on my wife. I was impressed by how much he cared for his patients and his great expertise. I myself had been diagnosed with a fractured L5 by the US Army in 1984 and was informed then that I would require a lumbar fusion sometime in the future. Well, I was finally able to receive Dr. Carlson’s medical review and recommendations for a fusion procedure (L5-S1), which was performed in March 2020. I was out… Read More

Micheal Burkholder – Lumbar & Cervical Fusion Surgeries

  • While living in Florida, I was a patient at an orthopedic sports medicine facility where I received shots for my back pain, but had no positive results. After returning to Virginia from Florida, I knew I had to finally address my back problem and go forward with a second spinal fusion. While at a dinner, I was fortunate enough to speak to someone who had similar problems, and recommended I go see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Dr. Carlson was great to work with from start to finish- giving me options… Read More

Doug Kieper – Lumbar Spinal Fusion

  • I awoke one morning in May of 2021 with a pain in my shoulder blade which progressed that day to agonizing pain through my shoulder and down my arm. The fingers on my hand were numb and I also had weakness. X-Rays and an MRI showed bulging and compressed C-5 through C-7 disks complicated further by arthritis. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson patiently explained the problem and recommended cervical spinal fusion. The operation was performed at Mary Immaculate in June 2021 and was flawless. The staff at MI… Read More

Keith Johnson – Multi-level Cervical Spinal Fusion

  • Hi, my name is Jay (James) Titlow, and I am a patient of Doctor Jeffrey Carlson. I also have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, for almost 20 years. The BEST “fix” to minimize the adverse effects of Parkinson’s to date, is to exercise. Unfortunately the torque and stiffness I often experience in my lower back, is the price I pay to keep my daily gym ritual intact. I have had 2 lumbar fusions with Dr. Carlson. Within a few months of my 1st surgery, the back pain returned… disappointing. Since… Read More

Jay (James) Titlow – Lumbar Fusion Surgeries

  • I was born with many handicaps and I once had a doctor in Norfolk, but my back never was right. I had car accident and I was told Dr. Jeffrey Carlson was the best. He has done three back surgeries for me and I have to tell you, I won’t let anyone touch me but Dr. Carlson! He is the best! I have had two knee replacements and one hip replacement and the other doctors at OSC did them. People ask me, “Cindy, how do you even move with all the rods and equipment?”  I tell them “go see these… Read More

Cynthia Payne – Spine Surgeries, Hip and Knee Replacements

  • I am a 70 year old female. I suffered every day for over 3 1/2 years with what I will call varying types of head pain; not headaches. Over that time period I saw seven different Orthopedists and Neurologists including ones associated with Duke University and The University of Virginia. I was prescribed at least 12 different medications. I had sleep studies and tried a CPAP machine, which actually made the pain worse. I went through physical therapy. I had steroid injections into my neck. I… Read More

Jean P. Dennis – Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery

  • Excellent group of doctors, assistants, and wonderful physical therapy team! I had been referred to see an orthopedic surgeon. So I did some research online and came across a few in Hampton Roads. After reading the reviews and testimonials from the different practices, my decision was made and I chose to go with OSC. On my first appointment, options were discussed and the worst case scenario was given. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson requested a better imaging scan done so that he could fully assess… Read More

J. Joseph – Cervical Disc Fusion Surgery & Physical Therapy

  • I began having major pain in my right shoulder blade area while traveling in the fall of 2016. Once home, I saw my primary care physician who immediately ordered x-rays that revealed severe arthritis of the right side of my neck. Planning to manage arthritis for the rest of my life and refusing to use pain medications, I started physical therapy and began a regime of neck and shoulder exercises to keep my neck loosened up. The pain was manageable and life continued. In early 2018, however, I… Read More

Donna Leslie – Multi-level Cervical Spine Surgery

  • Dear Dr. Carlson, Thank you so much for the lovely plant.  Even more so, thank you for fixing my back so I want to get up and live again. On June 26, 2015, I visited a chiropractor.  The next morning, I was unable to get out of bed by myself.  It continued to get worse.  I came to you because I was told you were great with backs. After several shots, I elected to go with the surgery.  I was operated on 9-8-2015.  By the middle of September, I decided you must have angel wings on… Read More

Gwen Allen, Spine Surgery

  • I have had neck pain for about 15 years. It got worse with each passing year. I tried the Chiropractor doctor and also did PT. I found Dr. Jeffrey Carlson through a friend.  He suggested a Cervical Discectomy on C5, C6 & C7. As soon as I came out of surgery, the pain was gone! I just had the normal recuperation from surgery and that was it! I have to say, this was a very easy surgery to recuperate from. I wish I had done this years ago. I am still pain free and my neck feels… Read More

Karen Levy – Cervical Discectomy Surgery

  • My experience regarding the evaluation and management of my neck (cervical) condition, under the care of my colleague Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson, M.D. has been outstanding. He was highly recommended to me and I am very happy that I chose him as my cervical spine orthopedic surgeon. His practice includes a state of the art facility and is very efficient and convenient. He employs an excellent support staff and has many convenient on-site ancillary services. The staff at Mary Immaculate Hospital… Read More

Samuel Tyson, MD – Four-Level Cervical Decompression & Fusion Surgery

  • Thirteen epidurals, pain medication, dry needling, physical therapy… thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, these are in my past. After my fusion surgery, I am free of pain, my range of motion has returned, and my outlook towards future gains on the golf course has been revived. How many times did I hear, “You have the best,” when mentioning my surgery. Who? My pain specialist (who sent his son to Dr. Carlson for shoulder repair). Golfers I met on the course. Even the surgical nurses in pre-op… Read More

Frank Hunyady – Lumbar Spine Fusion

  • Dr. Jeffrey Carlson saved my life in 2005 when a painful herniated disc that I’d suffered with for 3 years finally took me out of the game of life. My recovery then was unremarkable, meaning I was back to feeling normal fairly quickly. I recommended Dr. Carlson to anyone having issues, for years. I never thought I’d be seeing him again, but in 2022, after a slow deterioration in my neck, I went to see Dr. Carlson for help for a second time. His team was quick to get the necessary x-rays and… Read More

Michelle Vega – Discectomy & Cervical Fusion

  • I was recovering from a Lumbar Fusion (2 mo’s) when I was at one of my post visits with Dr. Carlson. I was complaining of neck pain, had no range of motion, and headaches that were debilitating 24/7. Dr. Carlson ordered x-rays and said “you have narrowing of the cervical spine and the only way to fix this is surgery”. he ordered a MRI and he reviewed the results with me and said “you need 3 levels fused C4-C7, I will perform a Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion”. I asked him if this would take… Read More

Patricia Stuhm – Multi Level Cervical Fusion

  • I am Terrie Dustin, a 63 year old woman, who first contacted Dr. Carlson in 2014 with intense low back pain and intermittent numbness from the waist down. At the time, I was the sole caregiver for my 94 year old mother who had ALZ and I was becoming less and less able to care for her. The spasms in my back were unpredictable as to their severity and duration, so it created an unsafe condition for both my mother and myself. Dr. Carlson met with me and was very honest and open about my… Read More

Teresa Dustin – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • My husband , who is 81 years old, had been suffering for over 40 years with lower back pain. He has been on some type of pain medication ever since. He had been receiving injections for pain management over the past 10 years. It reached the point where the injections were no longer effective in controlling the pain. He finally reached the point where he could no longer endure the pain and we made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Dr. Carlson said he could fix the problem and we set up a… Read More

Eugene Gale – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

  • A longtime OSC patient, Alethia had an appointment with Dr. Carlson and noticed a poster in his exam room that mentioned our neoGEN Electric Cell Signaling treatment for neuropathy. “I have always had neuropathy, but have been avoiding treatment because I thought the only remedy was medication.” Now, Alethia has finished her 7th treatment of Electric Cell Signaling, and can already tell a difference! “Prior to neoGEN, I had a loss of feeling in my toes. But now, I am already seeing a… Read More

Alethia Willis – Electric Cell Signaling

  •   I TRAVELED ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA TO SEE DR. JEFFREY CARLSON. I am a 23 year old, active female who enjoys going to the gym several times a week. I began having lower back pain in November of 2017. I had already gone through back surgery for a herniated disc at L4-L5 when I was 17 (also done by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson), so as soon as I felt the slightest twinge in my back, I made sure to rest and try to allow my back to recover. For 2 months, I refrained from any intense work outs,… Read More

Ileana Geary – Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery

  • The surgery that Dr. Jeffrey Carlson did for me was Great. I was suffering, on a scale of 10 being the worst pain, a 10. It was getting worse daily. Dr Carlson said I had vertebrae that were pinching nerves. He also said he could fix it. The pain is completely gone.  I also do not have to take any pain meds.  If you need a real Orthopedic Doctor, go and see Dr. Carlson. Dennis… Read More

Dennis Parks – Spine Surgery

  • Being a fairly active and healthy 66 year old male, suffering from stenosis, an abundance of arthritic spurs and now degenerative discs pinching nerves, I was once again compelled to seek relief. Having had laminectomies on my L2-3 and L3-4 about six years ago to relieve pressure on the nerves, I was once again having nerve issues as a result of disk issues in the same place, not to mention inflammation up and down my spine. Every time I played golf, or even ping-pong, that kept me side-lined… Read More

Mark Anderson – Multi-Level Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • I have spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, and disc trouble. I was in a great deal of pain, from my right hip through the knee, down the right side of my leg and across the top of my foot. I felt like the mummy -dragging my leg behind me. I tried shots in various locations. They would not work very long, if at all. I finally had Dr. Jeffrey Carlson do surgery, he cleaned up the area around the nerve and disc. I went home with no pain, other than some minor stuff around the incision site. In… Read More

Steve Smith – Lumbar Spine Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

  • I am currently a very healthy and still somewhat athletic seventy-two year old male. All my life, from high school until today, I have been physically active in some kind of sport or work out type exercising. In the past I have played football, wrestling, baseball, and long distance running. I have been a utility lineman which requires extreme lower and upper body strength to climb poles. I was, before spinal issues, and currently am a barbell strength lifter which basically entails… Read More

John Johnson – Shoulder Surgery

  • On September 30, 2014, I had Lumbar Fusion Surgery to the Spine by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Before surgery and after surgery, the treatment and comfort I received at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital was exceptional. Dr. Carlson was very informative about the surgery and recovery in the Hospital and at home. It is now two weeks after surgery. I have no pain no numbness in my back or legs. I should have done this years ago. It is so great to go about my life with no pain and enjoy all the… Read More

Carol Ferrell – Spine – Lumbar Fusion Surgery

  • MY BACK, A STORY WITH A FUSION CONCLUSION It began years ago, as many stories do. I did things I probably should not have done, forcing my back to support more off center weight than it should have. Added to those missteps were years (almost 40) of climbing vertical steel ladders of cranes with a heavy shoulder tool bag. To combat the nagging pains, journeys to chiropractors helped. Within recent years, those chiropractor’s visits did not seem to help. The chiropractor noticed the lack… Read More

Tim Miller – Multi-level Lumbar Fusion

  • On January 3, 2016, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson performed a revision of a lumbar decompression and fusion on me at the only 5* orthopedic hospital in our area, Mary Immaculate Hospital. His care and concern for me were above and beyond what I could have expected. After talking to many people who had similar pain, I began to think that my golfing for 2016 was out of the question. I was expecting a 6-8 month recovery period and that made me kind of blue. My family and I decided that the best plan for… Read More

Sandra K. Pullen-Droessler – Lumbar Fusion Revision Surgery

  • I have been extremely pleased with the care I received from Dr. Carlson including before, during, and after my surgery. I found him to be compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional during all of my visits with him. If I need any ortho care in the future, I will be certain to ask for him first! I recovered from my surgery with hardly any pain or discomfort, despite being prepared for lots of pain and a long recuperation! Being a retired RN, imagine my surprise when I was able to get up and… Read More

Kathryn Carden – Spine Surgery

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