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Interventional Pain Management Physician | Jenny L. F. Andrus, M.D

Dr. Jenny Andrus is a fellowship-trained interventional pain management physician who joined OSC in 2009. Her practice focuses on the treatment of painful musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders. She routinely treats neck and back pain, joint pain and painful neuropathy. She feels strongly in treating the whole person and often uses physical therapypain psychology and medications along with interventional procedures to target difficult chronic pain. Her practice focuses on improving function and quality of life.

Dr. Andrus is fellowship-trained in minimally invasive procedures such as epidural injections. She performs selective injections to effectively target the pain source. Dr. Andrus is one of the areas most experienced physicians in neuromodulation (spinal cord stimulation) and has an excellent success rate with this for back and leg pain as well as neuropathy. Dr. Andrus also performs electrodiagnostic studies, which are often crucial in diagnosing the cause of pain.

Her free time is spent with her husband, two sons and daughter. She enjoys gardening in the summer and crafting and scrapbooking in the winter.

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  • B.S., Biological Psychology, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
  • M.D., Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA
  • Internship, Internal Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA
  • Residency, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Fellowship, Interventional Pain Management, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Board Certified, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Board Certified, Pain Management
  • Member, International Spine Intervention Society
  • Member, North American Spine Society
  • Member, American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

coastal virginia top doctors award

  • 2023 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2023 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc All Star” (at least five years consecutively)
  • 2022 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2022 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc All Star” (at least five years consecutively)
  • 2021 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2020 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2020 Virginia Living Magazine “Virginia Top Doctor 2020”
  • 2019 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2018 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2017 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2016 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
  • 2014 Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Doc”
Recent Posts by Jenny L. F. Andrus, M.D.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Patient – Lois M. Newman Physician – Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD I am 76, and was born in Washington, D.C., I was married to a retired doctor for 57 years, who practiced in Richmond, VA for 32 years. I have had lower back and leg pain off and on for 30 years. Once, my husband and I went to Florida with some friends to play golf when it again struck me down. I had to be taken to AMTRAC by ambulance on a stretcher, passed through a window to a lower berth and then home by ambulance, but… Read More

Lois M. Newman

  • I have been seen at OSC for many years, for mainly pain management. Dr. Jenny Andrus is treating me and has worked hard to help my pain and many other problems. She has found and treated things that other doctors did not see. She and the staff at OSC have always been very kind and helpful and I would like to thank all of them. Julia… Read More

Julie Stuffel – Pain Management

  • Meet Karen Watson! For as long as she can remember, Karen has had burning, numbness and swelling in her feet caused by neuropathy. When surgery became her last resort for relief, Dr. Jenny Andrus recommended Karen to give our electric cell signaling treatment a try first. “When you have an issue with your feet, your quality is definitely affected. I’m on my 7th treatment now and for only 20 minutes a day, I would much rather do this than endure surgery.” Karen… Read More

Karen Watson- Electric Cell Signaling

  • My story started over 5 years ago, when I fell on ice and injured my lower back. I went to my PCP, who referred me to many different specialists. After X -Rays, MRIs and many other tests, I was offered no pain management. During this time my left leg was in severe pain and eventually went numb resulting in atrophy. As time, passed I felt hopeless and believed that was how the rest of my life was going to be. One day a customer told me about OSC and Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. It ended up being the… Read More

Charlie Wood – Lumbar Microdiscectomy

  • My knees had been bone-on-bone for some time. I had tried gel and cortisone injections when I lived in Florida. Surgery worried me; the surgery itself, fear of uncontrolled pain, the rehab and the downtime. Dr. Jenny Andrus, Pain Management Specialist at OSC, provided another option: nerve blocks. These did give me temporary relief and the time I needed to come to grips with having knee replacement surgery. Dr. Boyd Haynes, also with OSC, was totally prepared for my questions about knee… Read More

Cathy Gumtow – Pain Management and Knee Replacement Surgery

  • I suffer from Spinal Stenosis. I have had it now for about 6 years. The pain started in my back, then gradually worked its way into my buttocks, thighs and legs. It was horrible and I had trouble doing anything! I originally saw Dr. Mark McFarland for my problem and he diagnosed Spinal Stenosis. He was wonderful to work with and he told me that I had 3 options: spine surgery, a spinal cord stimulator or to live with the pain. I chose the spinal cord stimulator. I then met with Dr. Jenny… Read More

Barbara Clark – Pain Management for Spinal Stenosis/Spinal Cord Stimulator

  • I see Dr. Andrus for 2 issues. One is my foot that causes tremendous pain and the other is the sacroiliac problems in my back. I have had injections by Dr. Andrus and each time she is so gentle when giving the shots. I’m usually surprised when she says she is finished. Dr. Andrus also has an excellent staff that works with her. They are professional, helpful, and always cordial during office visits. My favorite part about Dr. Andrus is that she has not given up in helping find treatments for my… Read More

Angela Rowe – Non-Surgical Procedures

  • Testimonial By Janet Eaton Written On Facebook 08/05/2015 Dr. Andrus did a great job with my first S1 (Sacroiliac Level One) epidural. Only a pinch and that’s what I got. Next week, 2 injections in L4 and L5. Actually looking forward to the relief !!!

Janet Eaton – Epidural Steroid Injection

  • I injured my neck 30 years ago and lived with pain and numbness in my left arm, hand and neck every day. I went to multiple doctors, to include two other orthopaedic offices, and no one offered any help or relief until I visited Orthopaedic and Spine Center. My first visit with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson offered me hope, he immediately explained why I had the pain and numbness and explained what my options were. I had cervical spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and an herniated nucleus… Read More

Barbara Summers – Epidural Steroid Injections, Cervical Discectomy Surgery & PT

  • I like Dr. Jenny Andrus and her approach to fixing my joint problems.  She prescribed a brace for my knee after injections did not help and is treating the arthritis in my thumb joint. The prolotherapy on my right thumb joint appears to be working. Kim MacCartney

Kim MacCartney – Prolotherapy for Thumb Arthritis

  • Caring Doctor From the first time I met Dr. Jenny Andrus, I liked her. She has always been thorough in every aspect of my treatment. She works with you to find the best treatment. I was lucky to find her when I moved here. Candace Grantham

Candace Grantham – Pain Management

  • I visited Dr. Andrus for extreme pelvic and hip pain associated with lower back problems. I initially received an injection to relieve the pain in my hip. The injection was not effective for me. Rather than receiving another injection, I elected to visit Dr. Andrus for pain management. She immediately identified the specific area in my lumbar spine causing the pain in my pelvic and hip areas. She recommended physical therapy, which included lumbar traction and various exercises for my ailing… Read More

Harriette Hoagland – Pain Management & Physical Therapy

  • I must tell anyone/everyone reading this that Dr. Andrus’ listens carefully to your problem(s), and works extremely hard to identify the problem(s). I have had problems with lower back pain for several years, that really bothers me after a trip, or often just with everyday life. Also, recently I have had pain in my right shoulder and arm, apparently coming from my neck. Dr. Andrus gently…… ever so gently gives me the shots I need, in all right places, every time, and in just a few days,… Read More


  • I have had back problems and pain for a long time. Sometimes the pain would be so bad, I could barely walk.  I saw Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC and he diagnosed me with many different spine issues. We tried treating these problems conservatively, but I wasn’t getting better. As a result, I finally had to have three different fusion surgeries, one in my neck and two in my lower back, spaced a few years apart. The surgeries helped keep me going and able to work and Dr. Carlson did a great job. … Read More

Linda Marks – Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pain Management

  • After a recommendation from OSC’s Dr. Jenny Andrus, Fred decided to try our neoGEN Electric Cell Signaling treatment for his idiopathic neuropathy. Fred is currently on his 6th treatment, and has already been able to tell a difference! “At night, my feet were constantly burning, and I would have to get up and walk around to find relief. Now, I am already sleeping better and not having to get up as much.” Fred has already recommended neoGEN to others he knows who also suffer from… Read More

Fred Ambrose – Electric Cell Signaling

  • After my knee surgery, I started having lower back pain ,which I have experienced in the past. So, again I went to see Dr. Snyder, still in 2013 , and after x-rays and an MRI, it was determined I had Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis and Sciatica. I have had pinched nerve pain, but it was many years before this diagnosis. I didn’t want to go thru back surgery unless I had to, so my next step was to see Dr. Jenny Andrus to receive Epidurals on each side of my spine in the L-3 and L-4 area. I went… Read More

Ben Poter – Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections

  • I visited the OSC center in Newport News and was offered Outstanding care, knowledge of my current condition, and relief through a guided plan of care. The staff and Dr. Jenny Andrus were very Professional and seasoned. I truly left feeling helped and informed…Thank You. Cordies Moore… Read More

Cordies Moore III – Interventional Pain Management

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