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Lauren Copley | Physician Assistant

Lauren’s Personal Note:

I have always wanted a career in medicine, even as a little girl. I knew I wanted to specialize in orthopaedics since the first time I visited a family member who happened to work here at OSC. I was in awe of the knowledge, support, and compassion that was shown to each patient regarding their musculoskeletal health. Well here I am, many years later, and I have made that dream a reality! I am so excited to meet you & provide you with the same experience!

It is important to me to spend time with my patients to get to know them by listening and collaborating a plan of care together. My goal is to foster an environment where you can feel comfortable, while together we take an active role in improving your lifestyle. Please let me know how I can help you create a memorable experience with OSC.

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  • Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, December 2014
    Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, May 2011
    Minor in Psychology
    Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I love Dr. Burrow!  The OSC office is extremely efficient and I wouldn’t change anything.  My problems are now solved! Kathryn Dabbs

Kathryn Dabbs – 5 Star Review of John Burrow, D.O.

  • I am an opera singer and a PhD researcher.  I have traveled around the world.  I have always been very active and physically fit, jogging, doing ballet, yoga and Pilates. My husband is also a scientist, is on the faculty at William and Mary and also works at Jefferson Labs. I have seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson personally and he has treated my family for years.  He replaced joints in both of my parents and done spine surgery on my mother to treat her after falls.  He did arthroscopic knee… Read More

Linda Kelley – Hip Replacement

  • I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the phenomenal services of my Physical Therapist, Dr. Jaime Swale. She is the absolute best. I am a 70-year-old female that was suffering from a frozen left shoulder. My upper arm was immobile. She was extremely competent and professional and had me immediately performing exercises that I felt were far beyond my abilities. She was personable, readily listened and responded to my concerns, and adapted her plan to my needs. She and… Read More

Ivy Lee – Orthopaedic Care and Physical Therapy for Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

  • Since my last testimonial, I’ve had my right knee and right hip replaced by the best doctor in Virginia, Dr. John D. Burrow. The quality of my life has changed. I’m able to do things I haven’t done in years. I’m sleeping through the night without pain. I’m able to stand and sit and I can even put on my own shoes and socks. I’m so grateful for Dr. Burrow. I tell all my friends (and even a few strangers) that are suffering with their knees or hip to contact OSC, ASAP, and ask for Dr. John D…. Read More

Debra L. Harris – Knee & Hip Replacement

  • Thank you, Dr. John Burrow (hip replacement surgery), Dr. Paige Tretter and Fred Wintermantel, PTA (Physical Therapy)! My hip replacement surgery and Physical Therapy experience have been one-of-a-kind! Although it was physically challenging (and a little frightening) in the beginning, I really am enjoying my progress. Thanks to you all, I am now more mobile, walking without my cane for the first time in almost two years. I look forward to working with OSC in the future. I certainly will… Read More

Andrea Chavers – Hip Replacement Surgery and Physical Therapy

  • Dr. John Burrow is one of the good guys! The best Ortho Doctor…. The four years I have been going to him, he has saved me from much pain! Now that I’m moving to Rhode Island….I wish I could take him with me! I’m telling anyone, if you want some help in feeling better, knees, hands, ankles…he is the Dr. to go see! Also, Dr. Burrow sent me to Dr. Boyd Haynes…he too was outstanding! Nothing about OSC I did not like…Thank you! Sandy… Read More

Sandy Friend – Orthopaedic Care for Knees, Hands and Ankles

  • I’m very pleased with my care from Dr. John Burrow. He is upfront with the problem you have and explained what needed to be done to correct my problem. Ernestine Yancey 

Ernestine Yancey – Patient Review

  • Dr. Andy Murphie, Sr. performing veterinary surgery at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital in Toano, Virginia. I have been dealing with a very painful knee for many years.  The first injury occurred in 1962 and there were multiple injuries since that time, during which I underwent knee arthroscopy 5 times.  The discomfort had reached the level, where on several occasions while traveling with my wife and groups, our plans had to be changed, as I was unable to leave the ship or hotel… Read More

Andy Murphie Sr., DVM – Total Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and Dr. John Burrow are the most genuine, professional, patient-friendly doctors. They are not the type to give you a couple of tablets and call them in the morning. They listen to all of your ailments and concerns and treat them, with compassion and understanding. William… Read More

William Hutchinson – Orthopaedic Treatment

  • My name is Karen Levy and I am 66 years old. I had pain in my left hip for about 2 years.  Based on the description of my symptoms, my Primary Care Physician sent me to an Orthopaedic Specialist.  He treated me for bursitis, gave me a cortisone injection in my hip bursa and sent me to Physical Therapy.  None of that treatment worked and the pain persisted. I had seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC before and loved him.  I made an appointment with him to get an opinion on my pain and what… Read More

Karen Levy – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • Dr. John Burrow provides excellent medical care.  In addition, I really enjoy the courtesy of the medical staff  at OSC.  Knowing that I am receiving the best of care contributes the most to my satisfaction as a patient. Charles W. Higgins, Jr.

Charles W. Higgins, Jr. – 5 Star Rating/Review

  • As a nurse practitioner and a case manager, my priorities for a knee replacement were to minimize risk for infection, have effective pain management, coordinated care and optimal recovery of functional movement. Dr.   John Burrow and his team prepared me with what to expect, how to prepare for the surgery with pre-op exercises and and with clear infection prevention instructions for the 3 day skin prep prior to surgery. The exercises pre-op made for optimal recovery of movement and strength… Read More

Cyndi Fisher – Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • I want to say how thankful I am to have Dr. Burrow as my surgeon. I had suffered with arthritis in both knees for several years. Unfortunately, at the time I decided to have my right knee replaced, I went to another surgeon at a different Orthopedic Group. What an awful mistake. That physician botched my total knee replacement in a 45 minute surgery. After doing some checking around, I was referred to Dr. Burrow. After getting x-rays and being examined by Dr. Burrow, he informed me that he… Read More

Frances Ward – Knee Revision and Replacement

  • I’m a 60 year old woman, who for the past 15 years, has been in agony from knee pain. After numerous hours in the emergency room, not one doctor would tell me what was going on. I would leave the doctor’s office in tears and with a script for pain medication. I was constantly making excuses why I was walking funny or why I couldn’t join in the family activities. No one would hire me, I was just a hot mess. I felt all alone, no one could hear my bones grinding with every step. In July… Read More

Debra L. Harris – Knee Replacement

  • The operation on my hip, with Dr. John Burrow at OSC, went very smoothly and the staff at Mercy Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital, were very helpful. I had little pain after the operation and over a period of about 6 weeks, was able to walk as normal. Mr. Jonathan Lorusso PTA, and staff at the OSC Physical Therapy Clinic were very helpful and helped me stretch my muscles back into shape. The check-in on my phone at PT and Orthopedic made it very easy to been seen in a timely manor. I am… Read More

Les Curtis – Hip Replacement and Physical Therapy

  • Maybe only once or twice in your lifetime will someone help you so much that you want to scream THANK YOU on the top of your lungs! Last year, I was unable to even go up and down the stairs. We were on a family vacation at the beach and I had to stay in the condo watching my family play on the beach while I sat on a chair in pain from my Arthritic Hips. As a 65 year old retired Clinical Counselor and mother of two teens (14 and !6) with a husband of 30 years, I thought “I am too young for… Read More

Tanya Vaughan – Bilateral “Jiffy” (Direct Anterior) Hip Replacements

  • I had a total right hip replacement on 29 July by Dr. Burrow. He visited me several times in the hospital, and with the follow-up visits, I have gained complete confidence in him. After having hip pain and being limited these last 5+ years, I recently walked down 200 steps and back up to visit a waterfall in West Virginia! Dr. Burrow also did some knee repair on my husband earlier this summer. Go Dr…. Read More

Ramona White – Hip Replacement

  • I would like to share my very positive experience with the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, located at 298 Nat Turner Blvd. Newport News, VA 23606. Thanks to Dr. John Burrow and Rachel Tyler, MPT, Clinic director, and staff for their dedication to my health and care. On August 19, 2014 I received a new hip. Surgery was performed by Dr. John Burrow. I had been in constant pain for months, to the point of losing my independence. Thanks to Dr. John Burrow and Rachel Tyler and her Physical… Read More

Catherine E. Reid – Hip Replacement & Physical Therapy

  • My name is Susan Simmons and I am 59 years old. I would like to thank Dr. Carlson for recommending Dr. Burrow for my anterior hip replacement. Dr. Burrow is “AMAZING”. I had an overnight stay at Mary Immaculate Hospital. I came home the following morning PAIN FREE. My 2nd day home, my home care nurse came and asked “what’s my pain level?” She was shocked when I said it was a “0”….I only had some minor discomfort. All my unbearable pain was in the past, 2 years earlier….I used my… Read More

Susan Simmons – Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • My name is Karen Levy and I am 64 years young. My hip started giving me trouble about 3 years ago, but really started hurting badly in the last year and a half. I finally made my way to the office of Dr. Burrow and it was determined that I needed a hip replacement. I did not have the normal ache of the groin area as is typical of this. Dr. Burrow did the anterior replacement and I have done wonderfully. It has been 4 weeks now and my hip feels really great. I can highly recommend Dr…. Read More

Karen Levy – Hip Replacement

  • I am a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo, and the executive director and instructor of my own boxing and martial arts gym here in Newport News, The Peninsula Boxing Academy, Inc. After fighting professional Karate matches for approximately three years, I turned to the professional boxing ring as a Junior Welterweight, where I later became a sparring partner for the former World Welterweight Champion, Sugar Ray Leonard. Over the years, my body had begun to wear down from decades of dedicated… Read More

Otis Hooper – Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Nine days after a total hip replacement, performed by Dr. John Burrow, I am pain free, walking normally without my previous limp, and sleeping, pain-free, all night. After seven months of progressively worsening pain, I found I was unable to walk even short distances, without the assistance of a walker. A full night’s sleep was a thing of the past. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worse, my pain level was 8 to 10 every day. I was depressed that I could no longer walk to the mailbox or… Read More

Joyce Britt – Hip Replacement

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