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Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon | Martin R. Coleman, M.D.

Dr. Martin Coleman is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in disorders of the shoulder who joined OSC in 2002. Dr. Coleman received his undergraduate degree at Harvard College and went to medical school at the New York University School of Medicine. Upon completion of medical school, he interned and did his first year of residency in General Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Coleman then completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the same facility. His first appointment was in orthopaedic surgery at United Hospital Center in Clarksburg, WV. Dr. Coleman opened his own practice in 1985 in Havertown, PA, which he operated until relocating to Hampton Roads, Virginia, to join OSC in 2002.

Dr. Coleman’s practice focuses on disorders of the shoulder. As the technology has advanced over the years, he has adapted arthroscopic surgical techniques to treat severe tendonitis and rotator cuff tears almost exclusively by way of minimally-invasive techniques that result in a more comfortable recovery for his patients. Dr. Coleman is also especially excited about reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, a type of replacement that can provide a solution for patients with arthritis and chronic cuff tears who could not be helped in the past. In addition to his extensive medical commitments, Dr. Coleman enjoys traveling, movies, good books and spending time with his family.

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  • Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
  • M.D., New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY
  • Internship and Residency, General Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Residency, Orthopaedic Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Certified, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Member, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Member, Newport News Medical Society
  • Member, Virginia Orthopaedic Society
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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I just completed rehab for my right shoulder reverse replacement surgery. Dr. Martin Coleman of Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) in Newport News was my surgeon. He performed a very successful surgery with very little follow-on pain. Prior to the surgery, I was in constant pain with any movement of my right arm. Sheridan (Butch) R. Barringer Newport News,… Read More

Sheridan (“Butch”) Barringer – Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • I can’t stop talking about the great job Dr. Martin Coleman did when he performed a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement (Arthroplasty) on me in August, 2009. Not only was the recuperation of my left shoulder 100 times easier than when I had my right shoulder replaced in 2000, I am now back to using my shoulder the way I did before rheumatoid arthritis ate up the joint. I can reach for things now without pain, and getting dressed is no longer an agonizing chore. I also can raise both of my arms… Read More

Beverly N. Williams – Reverse Shoulder Replacement/Physical Therapy

  • In 2021, Dr. Martin Coleman and I opted for a total reverse shoulder replacement after I shattered my humerus from a fall during my morning run. As he termed it, it’s a “one and done” type of procedure, eliminating the need for potential follow-up surgeries. If choosing this surgery, it’s important to note and follow Dr. Coleman’s instructions completely. Rehab was hard but worth it. After two months of physical therapy and continued exercise following that, I believe my mobility… Read More

Barbara Sadler – Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • I want to share my experience with the Orthopaedic And Spine Center. I was ice skating late November when I fell and broke my left shoulder Humerus bone and received a large contusion of my right leg, each requiring me to go to physical therapy for a number of weeks. I can honestly say that I have never had such an experience where you felt the staff was sincerely concerned with your injuries and wanted to do all they could do to get you back into a regular routine. They understood your pain… Read More

Walter Satchell – Broken Shoulder Treatment and Physical Therapy

  • I have nothing but good to say about OSC, I see 3 doctors there and they all are amazing! However, today I am going to tell you about my rotator cuff surgery and Dr. Martin Coleman. I went for an exam in early February. I was in a lot of pain. He took one look at me and scheduled my surgery for February 17. I went to surgery, dreading the next few months of recovery, as I had heard horror stories from a few people and I was nervous. Apparently, I had completely blown my shoulder out, which… Read More

Elizabeth Pendleton – Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • In January 2015, I had left shoulder replacement surgery performed by Dr. Coleman. My recovery was such, that in 10 days, I was back at work. After starting PT at the OSC office, my range of motion improved, and much of the pain subsided. My last visit with Dr. Coleman was June 24, and both he and I were very pleased with the progress I’ve made over the last 6 months. Dr. Coleman’s down-to-earth attitude and continuous encouragement were important factors in my recovery. Ann… Read More

Ann Mebert – Shoulder Replacement

  • I have been a competitive golfer since I was 9 years old and played golf at the University of Virginia in the 1980s. Likely, as the result of years of golf and some acute lifting injuries, I developed pain and lack of strength in my right and left shoulders at about the age of 40. It was nearly impossible to lift anything with an extended arm and golf required anti-inflammatory medication and ice. The team at OSC evaluated the situation and diagnosed the condition as a SLAP tear. As my right… Read More

Brian Killough – Shoulder Surgery

  • I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Martin Coleman. He is a trustworthy and excellent surgeon. I was very impressed with the outcome of my reverse shoulder replacement. I was on the fence for a bit, due to the pain I was experiencing. I was worrying for no reason. Now, I am pain free and the rotation of my shoulder is 100% better! I am so happy I have Dr. Coleman as my surgeon!! Nancy… Read More

Nancy Greene – Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • My name is Tyler Oaks. I’m a Junior at Eastern Mennonite University and I play on the Men’s Volleyball Team. I want to share my story about shoulder surgery with Dr. Martin Coleman to help other young people, especially athletes, who may have an injury and are facing a period of uncertainty while they recover. I was fortunate and had never been injured previously.  But in my freshman year at college, my shoulder began hurting and it was affecting my volleyball.  It hurt bad enough… Read More

Tyler Oaks – SLAP and Rotator Cuff Tear Repair Surgery & Physical Therapy

  •   Dr. Martin Coleman repaired my torn rotator cuff in June 2021. Traditionally, rotator cuff surgeries require 6-12 months of rehabilitation. Post surgery, I followed Dr. Coleman’s instructions to the letter. Happily, I was playing golf less than 6 months later. Dr. Coleman is a demanding surgeon who has been known to tell his patients “do not screw up my surgery”. I’m happy I followed his advice. Gregory Schulze            Make an… Read More

Gregory Schulze – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • I’m 73 years old and, after 28 yrs. as a firefighter/ part time contractor, my right shoulder had spurs and was bone to bone. There was constant pain and I was not able to lift my arm above my head. I made an appointment with an orthopedic physician. After a MRI, his diagnosis was a shoulder replacement. I was told I would have limited motion, wouldn’t be able to shoot a shot-gun or rifle, may or may not be able to play golf, but I would not have any pain. Not being able to do the activities… Read More

William C. Trollinger, Jr. – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  • While playing golf, I noticed a recurring pain in my shoulder. It became more and more agonizing. I decided to see Dr. Martin Coleman and he ordered an MRI scan, where he found my already repaired right shoulder joint was deteriorated from arthritis . He informed me that the joint would would need a replacement.  On March 9, I had the surgery. It is now three months later and I have not had any pain since the 2nd day after surgery. I have strengthened the joint, now swing a golf club, and… Read More

Clarence Meadows – Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • This is my second shoulder that Doc Martin Coleman has repaired for me and I have been thoroughly satisfied both times. William Rowe

William Rowe – Shoulder Surgery

  • Ten years ago, I had to have my left shoulder, biceps, and rotator cuff operated on and I went to Dr. Martin Coleman. Not knowing what to expect, he explained to me everything by telling me what was going to be done and how I needed to rehab after the surgery. Everything went as he said and my shoulder has never been better. At that time I lived in Newport News, VA and it was easy for me to see him. Now, ten years later, I am living up in New Kent, VA, which is close to an hour away (from… Read More

Joseph Connors – Shoulder Surgery

  • I have an extensive background as a collegiate and professional athlete. At 64 years old, I still compete in triathlons, cycling and swimming events. All of which require utilization of the shoulders. Over 50 years of training and competing, I totally damaged my left shoulder. I was referred to Doctor Coleman as if not one of the best, “the best” shoulder doctor and surgeon in Hampton Roads. I had major concerns about the ability to continue my life-style of training and competing. After… Read More

Alonzo Crittenden – Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

  • When I came to Dr. Coleman, I was experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder. It kept me from sleeping at night and also from carrying out many of my normal daily activities. I am right-handed, but the pain in my shoulder was turning me into a “lefty!” Dr. Coleman took x-rays and found that the joint had degenerated such that I was “bone on bone.” We tried injections but, unfortunately, that only gave me relief for about 2 weeks. Dr. Coleman had spoken with me about the injections and… Read More

Debbie Vaughan – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  • Gail injured her shoulder while working out. She found relief through surgery with Dr. Martin Coleman at Orthopaedic and Spine Center. https://youtu.be/nA8VvlZvZNE

Gail Kent – Rotator Cuff Repair

  • My shoulder problems started gradually and ended up limiting me to what I could do. It was keeping me from being able to kayak, swim, and do general housekeeping around our home and grounds. I consulted with Dr. Martin Coleman, who took a very matter-of-fact attitude, suggesting a plan that started with physical therapy, but could lead to surgery, if that did not work. When we reached the point of surgery being the best option, he made it very clear that he could repair the shoulder, but for… Read More

Jeff Loustaunau – Shoulder Repair Surgery

  • Dr. Martin Coleman is an excellent surgeon. He recently replaced my shoulder with a reverse shoulder replacement. My range of motion is better than my previous replacement. The pain before the surgery was bad, but since the surgery it’s much improved. Dr. Coleman always spends time with me answering all my questions and praising my progress in physical therapy. I trust Dr. Coleman and his excellent staff. Deborah… Read More

Deborah Pack – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  •   I have been going to OSC for about four and a half years now and and have been seen by Drs. Mcfarland, Burrow, Carlson, and Sureja. It is because I have significant damage to my joints, my muscles, my shoulders, and my back. Dr. Martin Coleman by far has been, no holds barred, hands down, blunt, to the point of what I needed to have done, and expedited getting it done for me, so I can be out of this this pain that I’m in. There was no mollycoddle, there was no dragging it out. He… Read More

Jane Stone – Shoulder Surgery

  • I am currently a very healthy and still somewhat athletic seventy-two year old male. All my life, from high school until today, I have been physically active in some kind of sport or work out type exercising. In the past I have played football, wrestling, baseball, and long distance running. I have been a utility lineman which requires extreme lower and upper body strength to climb poles. I was, before spinal issues, and currently am a barbell strength lifter which basically entails… Read More

John Johnson – Shoulder Surgery

  • I was sent to Martin R. Coleman, M.D. because of severe pain in my shoulder. I was a little apprehensive because I did not want to have surgery. Dr. Coleman eased my fear when I first met him. I had to have a Rotator Cuff Repair and yes it was painful. What I admired the most about Dr. Coleman was how straightforward he was about everything. He never beat around the bush but told me exactly what was going to happen. I felt confident with him because it was very clear to me, I, the patient… Read More

Elmira Tucker – Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • I am a 54 year old man that had painful shoulder problems that lasted years. I tried to work through the pain, hoping it would get better, but over time it inevitably got the best of me. I came to the surgery center after a long time of having this pain and limited movement. I ended up having tears off the bone and was told this wasn’t ever going to heal on its own. I had the necessary repairs and re-attachments done to my shoulder through surgery by Martin Coleman M.D. and He did such a… Read More

Danny Dickerson – Shoulder Repair Surgery

  • Rotator Cuff Surgery is not a simple process. I had surgery on left shoulder in 2015 and now the right shoulder in 2022. My left shoulder was a complete success. I have zero pain and complete flexibility. Dr. Coleman performed the surgery and Dr. Carlson was my caretaker before, and after the surgery in 2015 and 2022. I am about 4 months plus out from the 2022 surgery. Dr. and Mrs. Martin Coleman getting ready for shoulder… Read More

Hoyt Davenport, Jr. – Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • I am very pleased with the results of my rotator cuff surgery – torn ligament – on February 12, 2021. I have good use of my arm and a minimum of pain. Dr. Martin Coleman’s instructions were very clear every step of the way and I appreciate the way he emphasized what needed to be done at each step. I encourage people to use Dr. Coleman. Christian… Read More

Christian Mosemann – Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • I am currently a very healthy and still somewhat athletic seventy-two year old male. All my life, from high school until today, I have been physically active in some kind of sport or work out type exercising. In the past I have played football, wrestling, baseball, and long distance running. I have been a utility lineman, which requires extreme lower and upper body strength to climb poles. I was, before spinal issues, and currently am, a barbell strength lifter, which basically entails… Read More

John Johnson – Lumbar Fusion Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

  • My name is Donna and I would highly recommend Dr. Martin Coleman and this facility. They went over and beyond to accommodate my needs. They do their own x-rays, open MRI and surgeries within steps away from their offices, which is very accommodating. When you arrive you check-in with the receptionist, which has always been very friendly. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes to be called back, very impressive. Dr. Coleman is very passionate about his profession and answered all my… Read More

Donna Gundersen – Shoulder Surgery

  • I had the best experience possible when having shoulder surgery several months ago. Dr. Martin Coleman did an exceptional job diagnosing my shoulder issue, and laid out a plan to fix the torn rotator cuff, including removing bone spurs. I had limited pain and discomfort after surgery, and healed quickly. Dr. Coleman’s release to physical therapy decision early contributed to a quick recovery. Within four months after surgery, I’m able to return to most physical activities. I’m very thankful for… Read More

Victor Riveras – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

  • Knowing that I was able to locate, schedule an appointment, and be seen by a great doctor is most important to me and Dr. Martin Coleman has extensive experience. The staff at OSC was wonderful. They put my mind at ease when another practice that I went to previously, dropped the ball on a surgery I desperately need. Everything about my visit to OSC was wonderful. Leata… Read More

Leata Ingle – 5 Star Review of Dr. Martin Coleman

  • My name is Teresa Sullivan. I went to see Dr. Coleman back in October 2017 because my right shoulder hurt just about every time I reached behind me and when I did ordinary things, like buckle my seat belt or get dressed in the morning. The pain wasn’t awful, but consistent.I really liked how Dr. Coleman provided options for treatment and didn’t just “jump to surgery”. After reviewing the X-ray he had ordered, he recommended an injection (can’t recall the medication, but maybe… Read More

Teresa Sullivan – Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • If you need to have rotator cuff surgery I highly recommend Dr. Martin Coleman. I had surgery on Nov. 2, 2020. I had done my research and discovered that Dr. Coleman was the best shoulder surgeon on the Peninsula. After discussing the surgery with several of my friends that had already had rotator cuff surgery and researching the doctor they used, I knew I needed the best because “I don’t do pain” very well. I made the right choice. I have had very little pain. The first month my… Read More

Cathy Everett – Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • Thank you, Dr. Martin Coleman, for alleviating the constant pain in my right shoulder. I had heard all the horror stories about shoulder replacement that never came to be. Must be the Reverse Shoulder procedure that made the whole experience relatively pain free. I was driving at about 8 days and back to work in 11 days. Finished physical therapy now and feeling great. Thank you. Linda… Read More

Linda Walker – Reverse Shoulder Replacement

  • The first time Beverly Williams saw Dr. Coleman, she was in a wheelchair. “I was having tremendous pain in my left ankle,” she says, but that’s not why she sought care at OSC. Only in her 40s, Beverly has suffered from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis since the late eighties, so she attributed her ankle pain to RA. “I assumed it was part of the joint breaking down,” she says. It was a natural assumption: she’d already had all but one of her joints replaced – all but her left… Read More

Beverly Williams – Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • Dr. Martin Coleman is very knowledgeable, has a lot of experience, and made me feel there was no doubt the surgery on my shoulder would be successful. It has been almost two months since my surgery and I’m already feeling better than before. Thank you, Dr. Coleman! Joseph Dotson

Joseph Dotson – Shoulder Surgery

  • I had shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Marty Coleman and had fantastic results. I highly recommend OSC to any of my friends dealing with problems. Thank you to all of the staff at OSC. David Heape

David Heape – Shoulder Surgery

  • I am Sally Price and in 2015, I had a rotator cuff tear, expertly fixed by Dr. Martin Coleman. Three months later, I unfortunately tore it again, but this time I ruptured the shoulder. Thankfully, Dr. Coleman was able to repair it again, but told me it would take me a year to get it back to moving normally. Fortunately, I went to OSC-Physical Therapy where I received excellent care. For six months, the therapists there patiently worked with me. I especially appreciate their compassion and… Read More

Sally Price – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery and Physical Therapy

  • Dr. Martin Coleman has been treating me for years for bone spurs in both shoulders. My right arm finally got bad enough that we decided on surgery. So on March 19, 2021 Dr. Coleman performed surgery on my right shoulder. He found a bad bone spur, shredded tissue in the shoulder, two tears that were almost all the way through and, on top of that, had to remove part of my clavicle bone. With the wonder surgery that Dr. Coleman performed and my dedication to recovery my shoulder is doing well…. Read More

Betty Shackelford – Complex Shoulder Repair Surgery for Bone Spurs

  • After years of pain, I found relief after Dr. Martin Coleman replaced my shoulder with a reverse shoulder replacement surgery in 2015. Thank you, Dr. Coleman, for making me pain free and providing me with total use of my shoulder. Carroll Hunt

Carroll Hunt – Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

  • Doctor Coleman is an exceptional surgeon who genuinely cares about his patients’ well-being. He not only did an excellent job with my shoulder surgery, but also provided me with precise instructions during recovery. Doctor Coleman was open to answering all my questions. It’s not always easy for patients to navigate the complexities of medical procedures, and having a surgeon who’s willing to take the time to answer questions and alleviate concerns can make all the difference. His… Read More

Dan Desmond – Shoulder Surgery

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