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Upper Arm Care

The upper arm is the part of the body between the shoulder and the elbow. Anatomically, the humerus (the long bone of the upper arm) connects the scapula of the shoulder joint to the elbow joint. There are 3 major muscles in the upper arm, the deltoid, the biceps and the triceps, which move the arm and help with lifting, grasping, pulling and pushing. There are also numerous tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels that make up the upper arm.

Even though the humerus is a very strong bone and is hard to fracture, the upper arm takes a great deal of punishment on a daily basis. Upper arm injuries do occur at work, at home, and when playing sports. Fortunately, the physicians at OSC have a great deal of experience in caring for patients with upper arm pain AND have the most advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment options available. From conservative treatments, like steroid injections and Physical Therapy, to complex surgeries, we’ve got you covered.

We treat these conditions which affect the upper arm:

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