Upper Back Care

The Upper Back is the area between the neck and the waist. Anatomically, it comprises the back of the shoulders, known as scapula or shoulder blades and the upper spine region, known as the thoracic spine. Although this area of the spine tends to be less prone to injury than the cervical or lumbar spine, because it is afforded additional protection by the rib cage, there are conditions that can cause pain and dysfunction. As we age, our bones become less dense and more fragile; hence, we tend to see an increase in vertebral fractures in the senior population.

At OSC, we have two Fellowship-trained Spine Specialists who can diagnose and treat upper back pain. We also have two Fellowship-trained Interventional Pain Management Physicians who can work with patients who have chronic upper back pain that does not respond well to conventional treatments. From conservative treatment, to epidural injections, to the most complex Spinal surgeries, the physicians at OSC are prepared to take care of any Upper Back issue you have.

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