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Wrist Care

A marvel of engineering, our wrists are true workhorses, performing thousands of movements for us and bearing weight for us daily, without complaint. We use our wrists for so many activities. Think of all of the movements that require your wrists, like opening a door, brushing your hair, doing a push-up, signing a check or typing on a keyboard. Imagine how difficult it would be to get through your average day without being able to use your wrists. Because we use our wrists for almost every activity, we easily overlook how much we depend upon their reliability. But when they become inflamed and painful, even the simplest tasks can become nearly impossible.

Our wrists are a marvel of mechanics, comprised of 8 bones held together by a tangle of ligaments, operated by a variety of tendons and muscles to perform very complex movements. Our wrists work, in coordination with the hands and the arms, to provide us with the exquisite tactile mobility to perform the most delicate surgery, to make pottery or to swing a baseball bat.

Let the Orthopaedic experts at OSC help you with your wrist pain. We can successfully diagnose the cause of your symptoms and treat you, most often, with conservative methods.

Below are some of the most common conditions that cause problems in the wrist.

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