Anterior Hip Replacement

Hana Table used for Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) is pleased to offer Hip Replacement using the Direct Anterior Approach, also known as the “Jiffy Hip.” If you are considering hip replacement, you may wish to consult with an OSC Hip Replacement Specialist about this procedure.

Anterior Hip Replacement surgery has been in use since the 1960′s, but recent advancements in implant and operating room technology have generated renewed interest in this joint replacement method. Hip Replacement, also known as Hip Arthroplasty, is used to treat advanced arthritis of the hip, accompanied by hip pain, stiffness and limited motion of the hip joint.

An Anterior Hip Replacement requires that the patient be placed on a special table in the operating room, which allows the surgeon to move the patient’s legs and to flex their hips, for better access to the joint during surgery. Computers are often used to assist the surgeon when placing the hip implant precisely. Computers can also assist the surgeon in adjusting the leg length of the patient, so that they have a balanced gait after hip implantation.

While each of the Anterior (Front), Posterior (Back) and Lateral (Side) Hip Replacement approaches offer virtually the same outcome at 6 weeks after surgery, there are some benefits to using Anterior Hip Replacement with regard to recovery. Those benefits include:

  • Total Hip Joint Replacement and Hip Joint Reconstruction
  • The Anterior Hip Replacement Approach allows the surgeon to operate through a smaller surgical incision, which means less blood loss, scarring and tissue damage
  • Muscles surrounding the hip joint are separated at intervals which naturally occur within the tissue. Muscles are NOT cut, nor are they detached from the femur or pelvis during the surgery. As a result, patients do not have to heal from surgical trauma to the muscles
  • Some patients report less pain during recovery from Anterior Hip Replacement when compared to other hip replacement approaches
  • Patients tend to walk without as much limping during recovery
  • Patients are usually not restricted in their activities (within reason) after surgery and can get back to normal activities as soon as tolerated

If you are interested in an Anterior Hip Replacement surgery consultation, contact the OSC Appointment Desk at 757-596-1900. Your OSC Orthopaedic Specialist can help you decide if Anterior Hip Replacement is right for you.