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Direct Anterior Hip Replacement or “Jiffy” Hip

Hana Table used for Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Orthopaedic and Spine Center (OSC) offers Hip Replacement using the Direct Anterior Approach, also known as the “Jiffy Hip”. This surgical approach allows the surgeon to access the hip joint through a smaller incision in the front of the body, resulting in less trauma to the soft tissues surrounding the hip joint.  Less trauma typically means a less painful, more active recovery after surgery, with no post-surgical restrictions.  Depending on the patient’s overall condition and insurance coverage, many will go home on the same day to recover from surgery.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement surgery has been in use since the 1960′s, but advancements in implant and operating room technology have made this joint replacement approach commonplace. Hip Replacement, also known as Hip Arthroplasty, is used to treat advanced arthritis of the hip, accompanied by hip pain, stiffness and limited motion of the hip joint.  Almost all hip replacements done by OSC orthopaedic surgeons are performed using the Jiffy Hip or Direct Anterior Approach.

The Jiffy Hip or Direct Anterior Hip Replacement requires that the patient be placed on a special table in the operating room, which allows the surgeon to move the patient’s legs and to flex their hips, for better access to the joint during surgery. Computers are often used to assist the surgeon when placing the hip implant precisely. Computers can also assist the surgeon in adjusting the leg length of the patient, so that they have a balanced gait after hip implantation.

Some patients are not good candidates for this type for the Jiffy Hip Replacement.  They are those who:

  1.   Are severely obese
  2.   Are extremely muscular, with tight muscles
  3.   Need complex hip joint revision surgery,
  4.   Have had previous hip surgeries or
  5.   Have had a traumatic injury to their hip

While each of the Anterior (Front), Posterior (Back) and Lateral (Side) Hip Replacement approaches offer virtually the same outcome at 6 weeks after surgery, there are many benefits to using Anterior Hip Replacement with regard to recovery. Those benefits include:

There are two types of Carpal Tunnel Release procedures, Open and Endoscopic.

  • In the Open Release, a 1-inch incision is made
    in the middle of the bottom of the palm to allow the surgeon to visualize the Carpal Tunnel and the structures within. The surgeon uses regular surgical instrumentation for the procedure.
  • For the Endoscopic Release, a 1/4-inch incision is made in the wrist and a cannula is inserted into the incision.
    An Endoscope, a very small fiber-optic camera, is then inserted into the cannula. This allows the surgeon to visualize the Carpal Tunnel. The surgeon uses smaller, specialized surgical instruments through the cannula to perform Carpal Tunnel surgery.
  • Both surgeries allow for the surgeon to release the Carpal ligament, which in turn relieves the pressure on the Median Nerve.

As with all surgeries, there is a risk for post-surgical complications, which are:

  • Outpatient Procedure – You are home the same day
  • Smaller Incision
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Less Scarring
  • Reduction in post-operative pain
  • Quicker recovery time (2-3x quicker)
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Immediate symptom relief
  • Return to work with no restrictions, as soon as you are comfortable
  • Recurrence is rarely reported after Carpal Tunnel surgery

Make an appointment for a Jiffy Hip or Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Consultant

Contact the OSC Appointment Desk at 757-596-1900 or make an appointment online.  Boyd W. Haynes III, MDRobert J. Snyder, MD and John D. Burrow, DO are the OSC Orthopaedic Specialists who perform the Jiffy Hip or Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Approach. Our office is located in Newport News, VA. We are 40 minutes from Virginia Beach and an hour from Richmond, VA.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • In 2014, Dr. Boyd Haynes performed an anterior hip replacement surgery on me.  It was to relieve the painful effects of arthritis and an injury I received while serving in the Army, that was robbing me of an active lifestyle. As time has passed, my hip and leg have healed and I have gained the strength back in my legs. Within six months of my surgery, I was looking for an exercise with less impact (than my former running) and I turned to bicycle riding. It was a slow start, but through… Read More

Michael Noehl – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement Surgery and Physical Therapy

  • I was a professional braider for over 10 years which required me to stand for long periods of time. When the pain started in my hip, I began to receive cortisone shots but felt little relief. It wasn’t until I began working for Newport News Public Schools when the pain became unbearable, and I was unable to work. I unfortunately fell behind on my water bill because of this, and Newport News Waterworks called me to collect their payment. While I was speaking with the representative, I told her… Read More

Chanel Paschal – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • I was suffering with left hip pain that was not relieved by oral or injected medications. At this time, after consultation with Dr. Haynes, I elected to have the hip replaced with a “jiffy- Hip”. It is now two weeks since surgery and I am completely satisfied and walking with the aide of a cane for safety. I expect to walk without the cane wit in a few days. I recommend this procedure to anyone with similar problems. LeRoy L. Slate,… Read More

LeRoy L. Slate, Jr. – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement

  • My name is Dana Farmer and I had an Anterior Hip Replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. I had seen a gradual function decline for approximately two years. I was having difficulty getting in and out of chairs, putting on socks and shoes, lifting my left leg to get in and out of vehicles, and walking. Due to the pain, my walk had become a “waddle” and I needed to use a shopping cart as a walker whenever I went into a store. I blamed the decline on getting older but came to realize my… Read More

Dana Farmer – Anterior Hip Replacement

  • I had a right hip replacement in early May 2017. I had previously had my left hip replaced. This prior surgery was approximately 10 years ago by another surgeon. Unfortunately, the first surgery was posterior approach and did not use the “jiffy” hip method used by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My first hip surgery resulted in 10 weeks missed work. Since my job was somewhat physical, even after the 10 week convalescence, there were some limitations. I had been lead to believe that I would never squat down… Read More

Ann Templin – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement Surgery

  • After more than thirty years of conservative treatments, including Physical Therapy, epidurals, anti-inflammatory medications, and surgical interventions (total left knee replacement in 2005, total right knee replacement in 2009), it was concluded that I needed both hips replaced in order to experience sustained pain relief. The pain was located in both groin areas, lower back and radiated down my left leg. Prior to surgery, the pain intensified even when sitting and changing position in… Read More

Barbara McRae – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • My name is Bonnie Hashberger and I reside in Gloucester County, Virginia. In 2005 at the age of 54, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and degenerative cartilage in both hips. I knew something was terribly wrong since I was having lower back pain and it seemed like my hip joints would cramp up severely. Like I imagine a lot of people do, I put off surgery way too long. I distinctly remember Dr. Boyd Haynes telling me in 2007 that I WOULD know when it was time to get my hip replaced. That… Read More

Bonnie Hashberger – (Jiffy) Hip Replacement Surgeries

  • I came to OSC in September of 2012. My appointment was with Dr. Boyd Haynes. Because I had multiple issues, he took x-rays and we discussed what was going on for me. I had torn meniscus in my left knee, pain in my right hip and in my right shoulder. The hip pain was the most pressing and we discussed having the joint replaced. I already had my left hip replaced and, unfortunately, it had been a very difficult surgery…it left me anxious and a little skeptical of Dr. Haynes’ assurances that… Read More

Debbie Vaughan – Hip Replacement (Jiffy or Direct Anterior Approach)

  • I’ve been active since my early teen years. My father kept me active in scouting, and being outdoors, active. I became a pretty accomplished martial artist, a, 2:45:01 marathoner, and later fell in love with cycling, and riding with several groups on weekends, active. I developed a weakness in my left hip after long runs, and the heel of my right riding shoe begin to gently touch the side of my bike frame while on bike rides. All of this occurred while having a very successful career as a… Read More

Kelvin Anderson – Jiffy (Direct Anterior Approach) Hip Replacements

  • Maybe only once or twice in your lifetime will someone help you so much that you want to scream THANK YOU on the top of your lungs! Last year, I was unable to even go up and down the stairs. We were on a family vacation at the beach and I had to stay in the condo watching my family play on the beach while I sat on a chair in pain from my Arthritic Hips. As a 65 year old retired Clinical Counselor and mother of two teens (14 and !6) with a husband of 30 years, I thought “I am too young for… Read More

Tanya Vaughan – Bilateral “Jiffy” (Direct Anterior) Hip Replacements

  • My name is Susan Simmons and I am 59 years old. I would like to thank Dr. Carlson for recommending Dr. Burrow for my anterior hip replacement. Dr. Burrow is “AMAZING”. I had an overnight stay at Mary Immaculate Hospital. I came home the following morning PAIN FREE. My 2nd day home, my home care nurse came and asked “what’s my pain level?” She was shocked when I said it was a “0”….I only had some minor discomfort. All my unbearable pain was in the past, 2 years earlier….I used my… Read More

Susan Simmons – Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

  • My name is Sean Bunyon. This testimonial will sound very hyperbolic, but it’s the honest truth and I wasn’t paid for my endorsement, LOL. Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my first hip replacement a few months ago and I’m beyond satisfied with the results. I had a congenital defect of the femoral head that caused severe arthritis, discomfort, pain, changed my gait, and made it almost impossible to run for most of the past decade. I procrastinated having the surgery, in large part, due to the… Read More

Sean Bunyon – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement

  • My name is Gary Benoit and I am 70 years of age. Dr. Boyd Haynes, Joint Surgeon, completed my anterior right hip joint replacement on 8 May 19. It was much needed, since my limping and pain continued to get worse. The problem was due to all of my years of attempting to stay healthy, and over time, it finally caught up to me. My right hip was “bone on bone” and needed to be attended to. Pain did increase daily. After a consult with Dr. Haynes, it was determined my next course of action… Read More

Gary Benoit – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement

  • I found out last Fall that my left hip would need to be replaced, due to the effects of arthritis. It was bone on bone. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to do the surgery. I read testimonials on the OSC website, as well as the Health grades website. Based on what I read, I decided to go with Dr. Haynes. I set up an appointment with him and the minute he walked into the exam room, I knew he was the doctor for me. My surgery went very well. He even lengthened my leg 1/4″ to make it even with my… Read More

Charlene Gale – Anterior Hip Replacement

  • I had my left hip replaced the summer of 2013, and had a very good recovery. I came home the same day, had minimal discomfort and I was able to drive within 3 days. Dr. Haynes felt I would have a couple of years before my right hip would affect the quality of my life. July, 2015, I had the right hip replaced. I knew what to expect this time. Same great outcome. I am now 3 months post-op, and very happy with my recovery. I am a nurse and was familiar with the posterior approach for hip… Read More

Vanessa Wood – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my left hip replacement back in 2004, without complications or problems. I had the posterior method of replacement and recovered beautifully. I was back to work part time, within 2-3 weeks, working up to a full week gradually. From the first appointment I found Dr. Haynes to be friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. My intention was to get the right hip done within a year, but I felt so good after the left hip replacement, I put it off for awhile and other… Read More

Virginia “Ginger” Reaves – Jiffy Hip Replacement

  • Before Dr. Boyd Haynes did my “jiffy hip” surgery, I was convinced I was going to have to move from the third floor apartment that I love. My arthritic hip was making the 38 steps to my apartment increasingly hard to climb. And with no elevator, it looked as if moving was my only choice. Dr. Haynes told me that if my hip was the only reason I thought I should move, that wouldn’t be an issue. He was right. Just two weeks post op, I am going up and down the stairs with no pain and little… Read More

Karen Muldoon – Jiffy Hip Replacement

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