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Anxiety Treatment

Dr. Martin counseling a patientWorries are a normal part of everyday life. We may temporarily fret over someone driving slowly In front of us, an unexpected bill, or how our hair looks before a big date, but typically, those thoughts pass quickly. Sometimes, even bigger issues, like our health, relationships or finances can cause extended periods of concern, but even then, the concerns may not overwhelm us. When troublesome thoughts consume us, interfere with our daily lives and activities, and cause us physical symptoms, we clinically classify this response as an anxiety disorder. Symptoms can range from moodiness, irritability, sleeplessness, to full-blown panic attacks, fainting and isolation from others. Effective treatment and therapies are available and OSC’s Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Andrew Martin, PsyD, works with patients to give them the coping tools for the symptoms of anxiety while addressing the root causes of the problem. 

There are several types of anxiety disorders, which are:

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