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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that has been proven as effective, through extensive research and numerous patient studies, as any other form of therapy, to treat depression, anxiety, marital issues, drug abuse, eating disorders, and other mental illness. It is based on a few core principles.

Core Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  1. Unhelpful or unrealistic thinking is a factor in the development of psychological issues

Dr. MartinExample: If my friend passes me on the street without saying hello, and I think, “what did I do to make them angry with me,” I will feel anxious and frustrated. If I think instead, “I wonder if they are okay? Maybe something happened to them. I’ll ask them later,” I will feel mild concern. Same event, different thoughts, and therefore different emotions.

2. Learned patterns of unhelpful behavior are a factor in the development of psychological issues. Sometimes we develop habits that we’re not aware of, in how we react to stress, deal with others, or take care of ourselves. It can be helpful to have an objective outsider point out these habits and help develop alternatives.

3. People can learn new, more effective coping skills, which will relieve emotional symptoms. People of all ages can learn to think and behave differently.

The therapist uses different techniques to affect change in the thinking and behavior patterns of the patient. This might involve role-playing, learning to identify and challenge unconscious thoughts and beliefs, confidence building, understanding others, facing fears, relaxation, problem solving, identifying problematic emotions, etc. The focus will be helping the patient meet personal goals and to move forward in their roles at work, home, etc. The therapist will help the patient plan strategies to address individual problems they are experiencing and learn how to cope with them on their own – the idea of being one’s own therapist. Homework and reading will be involved, and the patient will be actively involved outside of the therapist’s office practicing these new behaviors and ways of thinking.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Newport News VA

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