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What is the treatment for ITBS?

Controlling pain and inflammation is the primary goal when treating ITBS. Your Orthopaedic physician will prescribe rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications (either orally, in a gel or cream to be rubbed on or in a patch) and Physical Therapy to improve the flexibility of the knee and hip. If the condition fails to improve, a cortisone injection may be tried. Surgery can be performed to relieve severe pain, but is not commonplace.

For athletes, the rest part of this equation may be the most difficult. Most athletes do not want to stop training for any length of time and tend to be non-compliant. This leads to a cycle of pain and frustration for the athlete. In consultation with your Orthopaedist and Physical Therapist, cross-training may be allowed, as long as the IT band is not subjected to further irritation. A regimen of stretching should be implemented to continue the healing of the ITB and to prevent further injury. By starting a gentle stretching program and continuing it, this problem usually will resolve. If you suspect you may have ITBS, please make an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist so we can help you feel better!

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