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Surgical Treatment for Meniscus Tear

If your symptoms persist after trying non-surgical treatment, your doctor may suggest surgery. We often recommend surgery for larger tears at the outer edge of the meniscus because they may not respond as well to the PRICE regimen and Physical Therapy. The outer edge of the meniscus is further from its blood supply and nutrients, therefore, it does not heal as well.

Meniscal tears are repaired using knee arthroscopy, which is a very common surgical procedure. Arthroscopy of the knee is the most common procedure performed by orthopedic surgeons and the most frequent reason for arthroscopic knee surgery is to investigate and repair meniscal tears. A miniature camera is inserted into the knee through a small incision. The camera allows a very clear view of the inside of the knee. The surgeon then makes additional small incisions and inserts miniature surgical instruments to repair or remove the tear.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure is done through two small incisions in the front of the patient’s knee, allowing access to the entire inside/outside part of the knee for treatment. The surgeon inserts a miniature camera into the knee so that the structures of the knee can be clearly visualized. Once the meniscal tear is visualized, the surgeon will insert very small surgical instruments into the knee and will trim or repair the menisci as necessary. The patient is able to go home the day of the surgery.

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