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How is Prepatellar Bursitis diagnosed?

Prepatellar Bursitis’ signature characteristic is a distinct swelling of the knee that can cause it to look like half of a softball has been stuffed under the skin of one’s knee. Sometimes it can be tender when pressure is applied directly to the swelling. The swelling may also be red or warm to the touch. A patient’s range of motion is usually not compromised when suffering from this condition; however, they may have some discomfort when straightening their leg to its fullest extension.

A physician will do a thorough examination of the knee, review x-rays, ask questions about the patient’s occupation and risk factors, and try to rule out other causes of knee swelling, such as arthritis or injury. Risk factors that are known to exacerbate swelling of the bursa in the knee include diabetes, Gout, alcohol abuse, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and other issues.

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