Medacta MySpine ®

The Spine Surgeons at Orthopaedic & Spine Center are pleased to announce the addition of the Medacta MySpine®  Patient-specific Lumbar Spinal Fusion to the surgical procedures available to their patients. The Medacta MySpine®  System is truly a surgical instrument customized to the patient’s own anatomy and vertebrae.  A plastic, 3D model of the vertebrae to be treated will be created using a CT scan of the patient’s spine. Along with the 3D spinal model, innovative surgical planning software and customized screw placement guides allow the spine surgeon to accurately plan and complete the patient’s surgery.

Drs. Jeffrey Carlson and Mark McFarland, both Fellowship-trained Spine Specialists at OSC, were impressed with the Medacta MySpine® System and decided to implement it for their patients at OSC. Dr. McFarland was the first surgeon on the Peninsula to use the system in a lumbar fusion surgery on April 22, 2021. Both doctors like the surgical planning software, as well as the pedicle screw guides that are specific to each patient’s anatomy, which help ensure a better outcome for the patient each time.

The benefits to patients are real as well:

  • The Medacta MySpine® technique is muscle and tissue sparing – meaning less recovery and rehabilitation time
    Image of Dr. Mark McFarland

    Mark W. McFarland, D.O.

    Dr. Carlson

    Jeffrey R. Carlson, M.D.

  • Decreased post-operative pain due to a less invasive surgery
  • Outpatient surgery in most cases
  • Small incision
  • Less Blood Loss
  • Safe Pedicle Screw Positioning – reduces the need for a revision surgery
  • A quicker return to activity

  If you are considering lumbar fusion surgery, ask if the Medacta MySpine®  Patient-specific Spinal Fusion System is right for you.