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Meniscal Allograft Transplantation

The meniscus serves a vital role in protecting the knee from injury while allowing the knee to function in a normal manner. Typically, tears seen in older patients are not candidates for repair. Instead, they are resected back to normal healthy meniscal tissue to eliminate the symptoms. This allows the patient to be active.

Occasionally, a younger patient who still has viable articular cartilage in the knee sustains a meniscal injury that cannot be repaired arthroscopically or is initially repaired arthroscopically and later fails. These patients are left with a knee that has good cartilage but is missing almost the entire meniscus. In order to allow these patient who are typically younger to be able to resume normal lifestyles and return to competitive athletic sports, there is a procedure called a meniscal allograft transplantation. In this knee surgery, a cadaver meniscus is transplanted into the area of the knee where the meniscus is missing. This surgery is now done nationwide, and physicians at Orthopaedic and Spine Center have performed this surgery successfully for a number of years.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I underwent surgery for a torn left medial meniscus (left knee) on February 5, 2015. This problem was first diagnosed in the Fall, but due to a family emergency, I had to reschedule twice. I found the staff friendly and understanding of my situation. My wait times were minimal for both my appointments and the day of surgery. My diagnostic and pre-operative tests were in convenient locations. This is especially the case with the open MRI capability, located within the same building, as well as… Read More

William (Bill) John Hammett – Meniscal Repair Surgery

  • About two years ago, my left knee was hurting and I was giving into it by limping and putting most of my weight on my right knee. I was referred to Dr. Boyd Haynes by a friend. He ordered an MRI and found that I had a torn meniscus and loose body in my knee causing the pain. Dr. Haynes reputation is not to be so quick for surgery without trying all other alternatives. I was told that if cortisone shots corrected the problem and lasted three to six months, then that would the best treatment. I… Read More

Janet Chartier – Meniscal Repair Surgery

  • Six years ago, Dr. Haynes scoped my right knee for a meniscus tear and today, I have no pain in that knee. When I realized I had the same type of tear in my left knee a few months ago, I knew Dr. Haynes would be the doctor to take care of me again. I live in Virginia Beach and it would have been more convenient to find a surgeon closer to my home. However, my experience with Dr. Haynes was so pleasant and successful both times, I would come back to him again if I ever need any other type of… Read More

Donald Crigger – Meniscus Repair Surgery

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