Can I get an MRI if I have a metal implant (heart valve, pacemaker, knee replacement)?

Using magnets for imaging present a real danger to those who have metal implants in their bodies. People who have any of the following implants should NOT have an MRI:

– Pacemaker for heart arrhythmias
– Cochlear implants for hearing loss,
– Heart valves
– Metal implants in the brain, eyes or ears
– Ports for infusions (catheters)
– Defibrillators
– Certain neuro-stimulators (discuss with your physician)
– Aneurysm clips

The powerful magnets can cause these implants to move and can be lethal.
MRI can be used safely with other forms of implants; such as hip and knee replacements and dental implants, depending on what the implant is made of.

If you have any form of implant or have sustained an injury where it was confirmed or suspected that you may have shrapnel in your body, you must inform your healthcare provider BEFORE you have an MRI scan.

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