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How Should I Prepare for my MRI?

What clothing to wear : You will change into a gown before entering the MRI room. We recommend that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that is easy to change out of.

What NOT to wear:
– Patches such as nicotine, birth control, pain patch, etc.
– Clothing with metal buckles and zippers
– Underwire bras
– Jewelry
– Hair clips or pins – many of them have metal that can distort the images
– It is preferred that you do not wear make-up, as some brands contain metallic components

Eating and Drinking:
For most MRI studies, you can eat and drink as normal before your appointment, unless we tell you otherwise. For abdominal scans (such as kidney), we ask that you do not eat for 4 hours before your appointment. When you schedule your MRI, you will be advised of any special instructions that apply to you.

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