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What can I expect at my MRI appointment?

When you arrive at OSC for your MRI, you will be asked to complete any necessary paperwork, which will include a release for OSC to perform the MR scan. You will meet with the MR technician and be asked to answer a series of questions to assure you are prepared for the test. You are welcome to ask any questions about your test at this time.

You will put on a patient gown and store clothing and personal possessions such as your purse, wallet, keys, etc., in the locker provided for you. These items cannot go into the MR scanning room with you, as they can affect the images and may also be affected by the MRI magnet; for example, credit cards will be erased if they are on your person during the exam.

You will be given earplugs to prevent damage to your ears from the loud noises that occur during scanning.

You will enter the MRI room and a technician will position you on the retractable table for the study. You will be given support pillows and a blanket to keep you comfortable and warm.

The MR technicians will communicate with you many times throughout the scan to let you know what is happening next. They will be in an adjacent room with a glass window, so they can see you while the scan takes place. You will hear very loud clunking and thumping as they adjust the frequency of the magnet to take the images.

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