What Types of MRI Does OSC Offer?

OSC’s MRI offers technology that enables us to complete MRI studies on many areas of the body for a wide range of issues, including orthopaedic, renal, abdominal, neurological, cardiovascular, and face/neck/dental issues.

– Orthopaedic – The MRI at OSC has the ability to distinguish between muscle, cartilage and bone marrow, making it perfect for diagnosing orthopaedic issues.
– Renal/Abdominal – Our MRI is able to visualize the adrenals, liver, evaluate therapy for reproductive disease, the prostate gland, fibroid cysts, and tissue abnormalities. It is also able to aid in the diagnosis of abdominal and pelvic disease.
– Neurological – Our MRI has the ability to view, with great detail, nerve roots, vertebral and soft tissue structures.
– Cardiovascular – Our MRI has the unique capability to visualize and quantify blood flow.
– Face/neck/dental – Our MRI has high performance coils to offer excellent evaluation of the neck and facial anatomy.

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