How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

Stem Cells have shown immense promise to cure or heal many diseases, and can be used to treat every kind of ailment, ranging from a damaged nerve in the tooth, forgoing root canal, to musculoskeletal diseases like arthritis, to nerve related illnesses, such as muscular dystrophy, all without surgery. All of this promise comes at a price, which at this time, is not covered by insurance.

So how much does Stem Cell Therapy Cost? For purposes of this article, we decided to do a side-by-side comparison of a surgery and stem cell therapy so that you could evaluate for yourself if stem cell therapy is an affordable and reasonable alternative to surgery.

 Knee Replacement SurgeryStem Cell Therapy
Physician ConsultRequiredRequired
Pre-Surgical Lab WorkRequiredN/A
Hospital visitRequiredIn Office
Time in Surgery Holding2 HoursN/A
Time in Procedure1-2 hours5-10 minutes
Procedure SpecificsRemoval/replacement of knee jointInjection into knee joint
Pain Level After ProcedureRequires IV Pain Medication, At home: Pain Medication for weeksMild to Moderate
Hospital StayUnless outpatient, at least 1 nightN/A
Rehabilitation/PTRequired for 8 weeks, Home - 3 weeks, Outpatient - 3 weeksN/A
Activity ModificationsWalk with walker, progress to cane, No driving for 6 weeksLight activity 2 weeks, Drive immediately
Out of Work4-8 weeks, depends on jobN/A
Expected Time for Recovery3 monthssee results in 8 weeks
Out-of-pocket costDepends on insurance coverage, Up to $5000-$10,000$3000 to $6000

When viewing this comparison, it is easy to see the many advantages to Stem Cell Therapy, when it comes to necessary recovery time, pain level following the procedure, time off work required and activity modifications.  The cost may be more or less, depending on your insurance coverage and if you have met your out-of-pocket maximum for the year.

At OSC, we strive to make Stem Cell Therapy affordable, if not inexpensive.   One cc of stem cell material delivers approximately 20,000,000 stem cells to the area being treated.  We provide injections that range in price from $3000 – $6000 depending on the size and location(s) of the body being treated. The same stem cells that we provide to patients cost anywhere from 3-5 times more in other locations around the country, such as Colorado or New York.

We offer payment plans for those patients who want to spread out the cost of treatments over a year and we also offer a discount for those patients who wish to pay cash up front.  If you want to have Stem Cell Therapy, we will work with you to ensure you get the treatment you want in a timely manner.