After Spine Surgery at Home

At Orthopaedic & Spine Center, we know spine surgery. From microdiscectomies, to laminectomies, to spinal fusions, our skilled, caring surgeons and supportive staff will do everything possible to ensure sure your surgical experience is outstanding. With surgical privileges at Coastal Virginia Surgery Center and Bon Secours/Mercy Mary Immaculate Hospital, both in Newport News, VA, our surgeons currently utilize these two hospitals to handle both our inpatient and outpatient surgical cases.  We are very excited have our own ambulatory surgical center, across the parking lot in the building adjacent to our main office!

Although it is disconcerting to some people when they are sent home immediately or just a few days after surgery, it is actually quite preferable to a hospital stay for many reasons, including not being exposed to the nasty germs floating around at the hospital, sleeping in one’s own bed, eating one’s own food, not having to share a room and not having to be constantly be subjected to the noise and rest interruptions which occur on a modern hospital floor.

There are no hard and fast rules about recovering from surgery, as everyone’s experience is different. Some people bounce back quickly and have very little post-surgical pain or side-effects from the anesthesia. Other people may have lingering grogginess from the anesthesia or may experience more post-surgical pain. It is important to know that your OSC Spine Specialist, Physician Assistant and Surgery Scheduler are only a phone call away, should you experience any problems or have any questions related to your surgery or recovery.

Listed below, you’ll find links to pages that will help you understand the process of deciding to have surgery, surgery preparation, what to expect the day of your surgery and recovery information. Rest assured, your OSC surgical care team will be with you from start to finish!

Side Effects (Anesthesia-Induced and Surgical)

When to Immediately Call OSC

Care at Home During the First Few Days

Wound Care

As Recovery Continues

At Your 10-14 Day Follow-Up Appointment at OSC

Later Follow-Up Appointments

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