Later Follow-Up Appointments

For patients who have had multiple level Cervical or Lumbar Fusions or other complex spine surgeries, more follow-up appointments will be scheduled with your OSC Spine Surgeon to ensure that you are progressing through your recovery as you should.

Driving – Cervical Surgery patients must wear their neck collars for at least 10-14 days after surgery or until released their physician. During this time, a patient should not drive. If a patient has a vehicular accident while wearing a neck collar, they are automatically considered to be at fault. At your follow-up appointment, your OSC Spine Specialist will determine if you can start driving again and will release you to do so if appropriate.

Lumbar Surgery patients may be released to drive at their first follow-up appointment at 10-14 days after surgery. However, if you still require narcotic pain medication during the day, your release to return to driving will be delayed.

Sexual Activity – You can return to sexual activity as soon as tolerated.

Return to Work – Your OSC Spine Specialist will closely monitor your progress to determine when it is appropriate for you to return to work. For those who have sedentary or easier jobs, return to work may be in as few as 10 days. For those who have work which requires lifting or physical labor, return to work may be delayed for several weeks or longer until you are released by your OSC physician.


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