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Inpatient Procedures

After your surgery is complete, your surgeon will brief your family or companion about your surgery and to answer any questions they may have.

After being in the recovery room for several hours, you will be transferred to your room on the Orthopaedic floor of the hospital.  Your floor nurse will assume responsibility for your care and will chart your progress throughout your hospital stay. You will continue to be given medication and fluids by IV and will continue to be connected to several monitors to track your vital signs. Any post-surgical pain will be carefully monitored and treated.

Once you have sufficiently awakened, your family member(s) or companions may join you in the room.   You will be given something to drink and something to eat as soon as tolerated.  Most patients will be gotten out of bed to walk and to sit in a chair for short periods of time.  Your OSC Spine Surgeon may order Physical Therapy for you and you may be visited by a Physical Therapist who will assist you in performing rehabilitative exercises.

You may be kept in the hospital overnight or for several days.  During this time, your OSC Spine Physician or Physician’s Assistant will visit you daily in the hospital to monitor your progress. During your stay in the hospital, your IV line may be removed whenever your physician feels it is no longer needed to administer medications.  When your Doctor feels that you have made the appropriate progress in your recovery, you will be discharged to go home.

All Spine surgery patients are given a follow-up appointment to see their OSC Spine Specialist for approximately 10-14 days after surgery.

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