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Items to Purchase for Post-Surgical Comfort

Products to Soothe a Sore Throat After Spine Surgery:

Spine surgery requires that patients be given general anesthesia, during which they are rendered unconscious and need mechanical breathing assistance. This process is called intubation, which will often cause the patient to have a sore and scratchy throat upon awakening from their surgical procedure. Cervical Spine Surgery patients will also have their trachea and esophagus moved to one side during surgery, which may further exacerbate an already sore throat. It is especially helpful to have the following comfort items on hand after spine surgery:

  • Throat lozenges, cough drops or sugar-free hard candy
  • Chloraseptic throat spray
  • Cool liquids, smoothies or milkshakes
  • Ice cream or popsicles
  • Other soft foods

Items to Ease General Discomfort Following Spine Surgery:

Anesthesia commonly causes body aches and soreness for a few days after surgery. You will be prescribed pain medication after your surgery which may alleviate these symptoms. Also helpful at easing any lingering discomfort are:

  • A heating pad (use as directed and never while asleep)
  • Microwaveable hot/cold packs
  • Odor-free muscle rubs
  • Tylenol (if cleared by your physician)

Assistance with Constipation & Hygiene Following Spine Surgery:

Because of the nature of anesthesia and pain medications, many patients find that they experience constipation after surgery. Another consideration is that spine surgery patients must wear a collar or brace for days after surgery and tend to experience soreness and fatigue, especially the first few days of recovery. Freedom of movement will be somewhat restricted, making attending to personal hygiene more difficult. Purchase of the following comfort and hygiene items may be helpful during your recovery:

  • Laxatives or fiber supplements
  • Stool softeners
  • Personal Hygiene Cloths
  • Baby Wipes

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