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Preparing Your Home for Your Recovery

Whether you are a patient that loves the attention of your family or someone who simply wants to be left alone during recovery, preparing your home for your recovery is important. Spending a bit of time thinking about what will make you comfortable while recovering can make this period easier on you and on the people who will be taking care of you.

Planning Ahead for Your At-Home Recovery Following Spine Surgery

The first few days after surgery are usually the toughest. The body needs rest and optimally, a peaceful environment in which to recover. If your home more closely resembles a three-ring circus than a resort spa, you may want to consider putting the dogs in a kennel or having the kids stay with grandma for a few days while you regain your strength and stamina. Family, friends and neighbors are usually eager to help when they know you are facing surgery. If they offer to mow the lawn, take the kids to the beach for the day or cook a meal for you, let them!

Here are some items for consideration to ensure a better surgical recovery experience at home:

  • Sleeping arrangements – A quiet, peaceful bedroom
  • Entertainment – TV, music or nothing at all
  • Magazines, Books, Kindle or IPad
  • Comfort items
  • Easy-to-prepare foods
  • Comfortable lounging clothes to wear during recovery

If you are having a complex spine surgery, your OSC Spine Specialist may order specialized equipment to use in your home while you recover, such as a hospital bed, a bedside commode, a walker, etc. You will need to plan accordingly to have the necessary items delivered to your home.

Setting Up Your Home For a Successful Spine Surgery Recovery is KEY

In summary, there are many things you can do to prepare for your surgery and to make your life and the lives of those who will care for you after surgery much easier. Being informed and knowing what to expect helps you to have a better surgical experience and helps you to be more in control of your environment.

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