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Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is one of the great orthopaedic surgical advancements. Surgeries of this type often involve conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, degenerative arthritis or joint damage. The orthopaedic surgeon observes and manages the disorder to determine the most beneficial time and type of surgical intervention. Just as no two patients are alike, no two joint replacements are exactly the same. That’s why our care is precisely focused on the unique medical and lifestyle needs of each patient.

In total joint replacement surgery, an orthopaedic surgeon replaces an arthritic or damaged joint with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. While the hip and knee are by far the most common joint replacements, our physicians also have in-depth experience with shoulder replacement surgery  as well as elbow, hand, ankle, and other joints.

The joint replacement surgeons at Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC) are specially trained, experienced and skilled in total joint replacement. On average, joint replacement surgery patients are hospitalized for three to four days. A highly qualified team of nurses, physical therapists work with you, your surgeon, and the total joint team to keep you comfortable and progressing forward.

The results of our comprehensive approach to joint care are overwhelmingly positive.

To schedule an appointment with our joint doctors, give us a call at (757) 596-1900. Visit our Contact Us page for information on our location and office hours.

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To schedule an appointment with our joint doctors, give us a call at (757) 596-1900. Visit our Contact Us page for information on our location and office hours.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I had a total hip replacement on June 17th. Today is July 2nd, and I am walking with a cane in hand, but not actually in use (most of the time). I am climbing stairs using both legs carefully, which I had to do one at a time previously. My pain level is nearly non-existent and my recovery is phenomenal. Dr. Boyd Haynes and the entire staff have been great to work with, even as I was forced to endure two cancellations of my surgery due to Covid-19 restrictions. I appreciate the fact that Dr…. Read More

Philip (Scott) Zimmerman – Total Hip Replacement Surgery

  • I would like to thank Dr. Boyd Haynes for what he did for me. I suffered for over two years with a hip problem. I saw another doctor for quite a while, but no surgery. Later on, another doctor told me to see Dr. Boyd. He has the best manner with me. He operated on me, to do total hip replacement and the surgery was a success. He is an excellent surgeon and a beautiful person. I recommend him to all I know. I thank God for him. EDITH… Read More

Edith Cheseman – Total Hip Replacement

  • When I was 30, I slipped on some ice and twisted my knee about 180 degrees. It hurt, and it swelled up, but I was very stoic about pain and I pretty much ignored it. The pain and swelling came and went, increasing over time, until I finally said something to my family doctor. By that time, my knee had no cartilage left at all. It was bone grinding on bone. He asked me why I didn’t have it replaced. Well, I was about 54 then and I was under the impression that full knee replacements had to wait… Read More

Ginger Zarske – Total Knee Replacement

  • Maybe only once or twice in your lifetime will someone help you so much that you want to scream THANK YOU on the top of your lungs! Last year, I was unable to even go up and down the stairs. We were on a family vacation at the beach and I had to stay in the condo watching my family play on the beach while I sat on a chair in pain from my Arthritic Hips. As a 65 year old retired Clinical Counselor and mother of two teens (14 and !6) with a husband of 30 years, I thought “I am too young for… Read More

Tanya Vaughan – Bilateral “Jiffy” (Direct Anterior) Hip Replacements

  • It is two and a half months since Dr. Boyd Haynes III, from Orthopedic Spine Center in Newport News, performed my total knee replacement. There are four things to consider when having a knee replacement. The first is, having a list of questions ready for your surgeon. Secondly, find an excellent surgeon, Dr. Boyd Haynes III for example, who listens to your concerns and considers everything before replying. Third, make sure you do your physical therapy exercises as instructed, remember to… Read More

Kathleen Howe – Total Knee Replacement

  • I had Total Knee Replacement (TKR) on February 5, 2020. I was so afraid going into this surgery but I can honestly say it was so much better than I expected. Dr. Boyd Haynes did a great job, my knee is so strong now and I can do all of my daily activities…finally! He has such a great bedside manner and answered all my concerns and is so reassuring.           I did Physical Therapy at OSC with Dr. Paige Tretter and Fred Wintermantel. Again, a great… Read More

Beverly Creekmore – Total Knee Replacement Surgery & Post-op Physical Therapy

  • In March 2017,  I had a total knee replacement. Dr. Boyd Haynes was my surgeon and he did an excellent job. By the time I had surgery, my left knee was deformed (turning inward), very painful and I was walking with a cane. After much physical therapy and exercise, that knee is back to normal. I was up and walking the day of the surgery, but it took months of pain and exercise for me to regain my full range of motion and for the pain to subside. Dr. Haynes was correct when he told me it could… Read More

Sherry Neff – Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • My name is Laura and I have been living with left knee pain for over two and half years. I cannot take any type of NSAIDs because of a surgery I had over ten years ago. I had visited an orthopaedic specialist at Portsmouth Naval when my pain began. They tried the steroid injections, but refused to do surgery. I had asked them “will I eventually need the surgery?”  and both physicians said “yes”, because of my condition being bone-on-bone. My only option was to do Physical Therapy, which I did… Read More

Laura Moncure- Total Knee Replacement

  • Dr. Andy Murphie, Sr. performing veterinary surgery at Anderson’s Corner Animal Hospital in Toano, Virginia. I have been dealing with a very painful knee for many years.  The first injury occurred in 1962 and there were multiple injuries since that time, during which I underwent knee arthroscopy 5 times.  The discomfort had reached the level, where on several occasions while traveling with my wife and groups, our plans had to be changed, as I was unable to leave the ship or hotel… Read More

Andy Murphie Sr., DVM – Total Knee Replacement

  • 2023 was the year of two new knees for me! After many years of knee injections working to decrease my pain, they stopped working. It was time for knee replacements to fix the terrible bone-on-bone pain. Dr. Boyd Haynes replaced my right knee in May and then my left knee in September. The process is like a well oiled machine and all the staff are so helpful and kind. I love my two new knees! I can walk without pain! After so long in pain, it has taken some getting used to! I am very happy and… Read More

Deborah Orband – Total Knee Replacements

  • I would highly recommend OSC’s Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, my Surgeon, who successfully performed two TKR operations (within the past 2 years) and who guided me on my journey to total recovery through therapy. I further recommend the therapy program offered at the OSC establishment. My 20 plus therapy appointments with the OSC Newport News Therapy office, found the staff extremely professional and friendly, starting with the appointment staff at PT’s front office. My therapy evaluators/trainers… Read More

Charles Bellinger – Total Knee Replacements & Physical Therapy

  • I am getting my second complete knee replacement in two months. The first replacement has left me without that scared feeling of “will it work or will it fail”. The first knee replacement has made me stronger in everything I do. For the first year, I could tell the difference in strength on a regular basis. Sometimes I wonder if I could wear my new knee out from using it so much, so I’m getting the other knee replaced to match. I never thought I would squat down to pick up something again… Read More

Charlotte Barlow – Total Knee Replacement

  • I went for my one year follow-up appointment today with Dr. Boyd Haynes for my total knee replacement surgery. All of my X-rays looked great and he said I had done great. This year has been so good, I was back in the gym in two weeks and I can now do any of the classes I want. The most important thing is I am totally pain free. Thank you Dr. Haynes, you have been so good and you have such a great bed side manner. I would highly recommend him to all for knee replacement surgery. He’s the… Read More

Beverly Creekmore – Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Hello! My name is Debbie Adams. I had been living with osteoarthritis in my knees for over 14 years. I was terrified of a knee replacement and tried many options to avoid having that dreaded surgery. The constant pain and inability to bend or squat made my job as a special needs educator increasingly difficult. When my original orthopedist decided to leave the area, I called for a consultation at OSC. Upon meeting Dr. Haynes for the first time, he was warm and friendly and seemed genuinely… Read More

Debora Adams – Total Knee Replacement

  • Had a total knee replacement done recently by Dr. Boyd Haynes at OSC. Well, that was a trip. It was a experience that I was a bit scared of, but I was treated very nice and with total respect. I felt relaxed and had no real heavy duty pain. All nurses were sweet, and I admire Dr. Haynes. Known this Doc for years, and he will always be my OSC Doctor. Carole A Benton-Lewis… Read More

Carole A Benton-Lewis – Total Knee Replacement

  • My second knee replacement was completed in December 2019 and performed by my most trusted OSC Physician, Dr Boyd Haynes. Although this knee replacement was physically challenging (due to intense pain and swelling) in the beginning, I had no fears because I knew I was in the best hands of the most professional Physical Therapy Center on the Peninsula, OSC Therapy Center.   Dr. Tom Toothaker, Clinic Director of OSC Physical Therapy and Josh Hancock, Physical Therapist Assistant,… Read More

Charlotte Mitchell – Total Knee Replacement & Physical Therapy

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