Testimonials: - Dr. Cal Robinson

Jarrod Burke – Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management Program

Image of Jarrod Burke and Dr. Cal RobinsonWhile in my twenties, I had a work injury at the Newport News Shipyard and hurt my lower back.  I’ve tried pretty much every treatment for my back, including two spine surgeries.  I’ve gotten steroid epidural injections at OSC and while they helped, the pain never goes away.  My wife heard about the Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management Program at OSC, with Dr. Cal Robinson, on the radio and she basically made me attend.

I learned about meditation and breathing in the class and I stuck with it.  Dr. Robinson helped me to understand how Mindfulness works.  About halfway through the class, I realized that by using the techniques he taught, I could bring my pain down from a Level Seven to about a Level Three in just a minute, thirty seconds.  It is incredible that I can do this by focusing my attention on my breath and by breathing deeply.

I was so impressed by the positive effects of Mindfulness on my pain, I continued to study after the class was over.   I wanted to take all of what I had learned and to pay it forward to others.  I now teach Mindfulness, have become a Reiki Master, and teach qi gong, pronounced “Chi kong”, which is a form of walking meditation, and Tai Chi.  I created my own meditation CD, set to music, so that others can purchase or download the meditations from Spotify.  I have started my own business called It’s Your Journey, to help others learn how to positively change their lives for the better through Mindfulness, Meditation and other principles.

This journey of mine started because I learned a better way of dealing with my pain.  I am grateful to Dr. Robinson for giving me the tools I needed to live a better life.

Jarrod Burke





Barbara Thuma – Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Program

One of the best things I’ve done for myself is attend Dr. Cal Robinson’s Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management course.  Learning to be mindful, coupled with daily meditation, leads to a relaxed state and greatly reduced arthritis pain.

Prior to the class, pain caused tension and unhappiness at the way I felt. Being relaxed and having the ability to move into that state at will, is life changing. Dr. Cal is the perfect facilitator for this course, and I’m grateful for how he led us through the entire program with such warmth.

I highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless of the source or level of their pain.

Barbara Thuma

Lukeyseya L. Olatunja – Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

I was in a car accident 35 years ago. I died several times on scene and several times at the hospital. All of my bones from my waist down were broken and they said I would never walk or talk, if I lived. Thankfully, that was not the case. I am also an 18 year survivor of Stage 4 Inflammatory Cancer.

I struggle, but God and this Mindfulness class has helped my mind see the real point of life. I have learned how to help others, as well as myself, with this pain. Knowing this is something that I will always have to help me with the injuries I have had.

Lukeyseya L. Olatunja

Nancy J. McPhail – Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management Program



From June – Sept. 6, 2016, I was a member of the charter class, “Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management”, led by Dr. Cal Robinson, and based on the work of Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix. I’ve had chronic, lower back pain for 15 years, as a result of arthritic and deteriorating 3 spinal discs. My Dr. would not prescribe opioids, so I depended on big doses of NSAIDS. I exercised, but found it hard to find something that didn’t exacerbate the pain.

In this class, we learned how meditation, and exploring our feelings and roots of pain, could help us control and even reduce pain. The fact meditation reduced fear meant, that stress hormones, a contributor to chronic pain, were also reduced.

I was a bit skeptical that this class could help, but I was willing to try, and I am very glad I did. I started feeling better gradually and found that, not only did the meditation reduce pain, it reduced my anxiety and it increased patience, something I needed!  I was able to reduce the use of NSAIDS by 80%. Since the class, I have less pain, less fear of the future and greater control of my emotions. If I miss a daily meditation, I feel out of sorts; practicing a meditation puts me at a better place, almost immediately.

I am very grateful to Dr. Robinson for bringing this program to our community, and I highly recommend it! I wished I had learned this years ago.

Nancy J. McPhail