Testimonials: Dr. Joel D. Stewart

Sandee Darden – Total Ankle Replacement, tendon repairs and lengthening

I just returned from my one year follow-up appointment, what a difference a year makes! My case was complex, and the patient (me) high-maintenance…and Dr. Joel Stewart took it all on! Dr. Stewart thoroughly examined me and my ankle and laid my options out in a practical and precise manner…he listened to what I wanted in terms of outcome and really helped me to make some difficult decisions. He tailored the operation according to my specific needs…I felt like he was not making me fit into an assembly line replacement factory. For instance, when I was very anxious about the ankle incision opening post-op, he told me he could use stitches, which worked beautifully for both of us! He was very thorough and knowledgeable and never talked “down” to me, I was relieved by his confidence!

The end result was way more successful than I ever could have hoped. I am walking and travelling without a limp or pain, and doing yoga and water aerobics again! If you want a surgeon who is super knowledgeable and will really listen to you before, during and after your journey, Dr. Stewart is your guy. BTW, Thanks!

Sandee Darden (the patient AND the artist)

Michelle Nain – Ankle Tendon Surgery & Follow-up Care


Dr .Joel Stewart

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Joel Stewart since before him coming to OSC, and after building a rapport with him at his previous practice, I wanted to continue treatment with him. We tried conservative measures and after so long, I ended up needing surgery on my Ankle tendon, which was torn. I’ve never had a Dr. go to the length that Dr. Stewart has gone for me.

I’m not the easiest to deal with due to my other conditions; Epilepsy, CRPS and having a service dog. I was terrified going into surgery but, I had comfort knowing that Dr. Stewart was my Surgeon. One of my seizure triggers is pain, Come the day of surgery, he and the team did everything they could to make sure I was in as little pain as possible.

Fast forward 2 weeks to my getting stitches removed, I ended up seizing due to a combination of accidentally putting weight on my ankle and the unavoidable discomfort of getting my stitches out. Thankfully, I had the warning of a nearing seizure from my seizure alert service dog before my appointment, so my sister was able to give Dr. Stewart a heads up that I very likely was going to seize within the appointment time. I don’t remember much, but he dealt with my stitches/ankle and helped my sister deal with me seizing. He allowed me to rest for a bit. After I was more with it, the staff helped my sister get me to the bathroom, and check out. My sister got the car and again, some of the staff helped get me in the car.

The appointment was a blur, however, if you want a Doctor that’ll tailor your treatment to you, have compassion, is caring and knowledgeable about everything involving feet & ankles; Dr. Stewart is the one to see.

Michelle Nain














Lora Harrell – Great Toe Fusion Surgery

Dr. Joel StewartI had a great toe fusion on my left foot. One week after surgery, I was doing great. My foot looks excellent. I have never had a Dr./surgeon like Dr. Joel Stewart. He is very caring, has compassion for his patients, has an excellent bedside manner and a good personality. He also is very professional. He explains your diagnoses and what is the best treatment for you.

I am and will keep on referring people to him. I give him a ten stars. I also give his staff and nurses a 10. They are very curious, professional and will go beyond to help you in a timely matter.
Thanks again to Dr. Stewart and his staff.

Lora Harrell