Testimonials: - Dr. John D. Burrow

Charles W. Higgins, Jr. – 5 Star Rating/Review

Dr. John Burrow provides excellent medical care.  In addition, I really enjoy the courtesy of the medical staff  at OSC.  Knowing that I am receiving the best of care contributes the most to my satisfaction as a patient.

Charles W. Higgins, Jr.

Ernestine Yancey – Patient Review

I’m very pleased with my care from Dr. John Burrow. He is upfront with the problem you have and explained what needed to be done to correct my problem.

Ernestine Yancey 

Karen Levy – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

My name is Karen Levy and I am 66 years old.

I had pain in my left hip for about 2 years.  Based on the description of my symptoms, my Primary Care Physician sent me to an Orthopaedic Specialist.  He treated me for bursitis, gave me a cortisone injection in my hip bursa and sent me to Physical Therapy.  None of that treatment worked and the pain persisted.

I had seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC before and loved him.  I made an appointment with him to get an opinion on my pain and what might be wrong.  He ordered an MRI.  During my follow-up visit, he said my back was fine and that I needed to see someone for my hip, as I did not have any cartilage left in my hip joint.  Dr. Carlson walked me down the hall to see his partner, Dr. John Burrow.

Dr. Burrow suggested getting a cortisone injection directly into my hip joint to see if that would help the pain and confirm my diagnosis. Now, my hip pain was not the typical ache that people who usually need a hip replacement describe.  My pain was more like hip bursitis pain, and was higher up and to the side, not groin pain that is so typical for most people.  I had an injection in the procedure room and it helped relieve the pain for a while.  But, it came back, worse than before.

Dr. Burrow recommended anterior hip replacement surgery for me.   I had the surgery and after the surgery, I did great.   I had PT at home for two weeks and then continued PT at an outpatient clinic for another few weeks.  The difference in my pain was like Night and Day, the relief was so great.  A 26 year-old would have had a hard time keeping up with me!

Dr. Burrow is tops in my book.  He is kind and he listens to what I say.  Professional, yet very caring at the same time.

Karen Levy

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Paul Fuller – Hip Replacement


March 2016, at 54 years of age, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my left hip. Within two months, I went from walking normally to limping and using a cane. I was in continual pain and discomfort. In May 2016, I underwent total hip replacement surgery via the anterior approach with Dr. Burrow.

The surgery went as planned with no issues. The same day, I was walking and able to climb stairs without difficulty. After several weeks of healing and physical therapy, I started resuming my previous activities. After three months, I was able to do most activities and now six months after the surgery, I honestly forget I had it done.

My wife and I are able to walk the Nolan Trail without stopping. We have hiked several times in the mountains of Virginia. Recently, I have started bicycling again and ride on average 100 miles each week. I have ridden 1400 miles to date and have no issues with the new hip. When the other hip needs to replaced, I will have no worries using OSC and Dr.  John Burrow.

Paul Fuller

Frances Ward – Knee Revision and Replacement

I want to say how thankful I am to have Dr. Burrow as my surgeon. I had suffered with arthritis in both knees for several years. Unfortunately, at the time I decided to have my right knee replaced, I went to another surgeon at a different Orthopedic Group. What an awful mistake. That physician botched my total knee replacement in a 45 minute surgery.

After doing some checking around, I was referred to Dr. Burrow. After getting x-rays and being examined by Dr. Burrow, he informed me that he could do revision surgery and replace everything from the previous surgery. Dr. Burrow made no guarantee, but told me that if I would do my part after surgery, he would do his part to repair my knee. He made me feel very confident that he could help me.

On April 29, 2014 , Dr. Burrow performed the revision surgery. Months after the surgery, I experienced an extreme amount of scar tissue, which I am prone to. Because of the buildup of scar tissue, I was left with a limp, back and hip pain. Again with no guarantee, Dr. Burrow informed me what he could do, and the rest would be up to me. On March 21, 2016, Dr. Burrow removed the excessive scar tissue. After going through physical therapy, I can finally say that I have my life back to normal, I can extend and bend my knee, with no more limping.

Not only did Dr. Burrow repair my right knee, but on September 1, 2015, he did a total knee replacement on my left knee. I spent one night at Mary Immaculate Hospital before going home. From the time I got home and began working with the Physical Therapists, I did not have any problems with my left knee.

I am so thankful to have Dr. Burrow as my surgeon. He is not only a gifted surgeon, but he cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone I come in contact with, that is in need of an excellent and gifted surgeon.

Frances Ward

Joyce Britt – Hip Replacement

Nine days after a total hip replacement, performed by Dr. John Burrow, I am pain free, walking normally without my previous limp, and sleeping, pain-free, all night.

After seven months of progressively worsening pain, I found I was unable to walk even short distances, without the assistance of a walker. A full night’s sleep was a thing of the past. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worse, my pain level was 8 to 10 every day. I was depressed that I could no longer walk to the mailbox or walk one of my dogs. My pain severely limited my previously active lifestyle . Refusing to accept the physical limitations of arthritis, I researched my options.

I am 72 years old and far from completing the numerous items on my bucket list. As a retired registered nurse, I reviewed contemporary surgical procedures, the most highly qualified orthopedic surgeons, and the most well-equipped medical facilities with the lowest incidence of postoperative complications. My research revealed Dr. John Burrow, a brilliant young surgeon, schooled at the finest medical schools in the country, who possessed skill, expertise, and hands of an artisan.

Now, after nine days, I have resumed my active lifestyle, pain free. And by the way, on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the worse, my worse postoperative pain was a 3.

Joyce S. Britt

Susan Simmons – Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

My name is Susan Simmons and I am 59 years old. I would like to thank Dr. Carlson for recommending Dr. Burrow for my anterior hip replacement.

Dr. Burrow is “AMAZING”. I had an overnight stay at Mary Immaculate Hospital. I came home the following morning PAIN FREE. My 2nd day home, my home care nurse came and asked “what’s my pain level?” She was shocked when I said it was a “0”….I only had some minor discomfort. All my unbearable pain was in the past, 2 years earlier….I used my walker for 2 days as my safety net. I carried my cane for about a week.

After my 2 week follow-up, I was driving and back to doing my yard work.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be “PAIN-FREE”! I only wished I hadn’t waited so long to have the surgery……LIFE IS GREAT AGAIN……..THANK YOU, DR.BURROW!

Karen Levy – Hip Replacement

My name is Karen Levy and I am 64 years young. My hip started giving me trouble about 3 years ago, but really started hurting badly in the last year and a half.

I finally made my way to the office of Dr. Burrow and it was determined that I needed a hip replacement. I did not have the normal ache of the groin area as is typical of this. Dr. Burrow did the anterior replacement and I have done wonderfully. It has been 4 weeks now and my hip feels really great.

I can highly recommend Dr. Burrow. He is a very good doctor.

Debra L. Harris – Knee & Hip Replacement

Since my last testimonial, I’ve had my right knee and right hip replaced by the best doctor in Virginia, Dr. John D. Burrow. The quality of my life has changed. I’m able to do things I haven’t done in years. I’m sleeping through the night without pain. I’m able to stand and sit and I can even put on my own shoes and socks.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Burrow. I tell all my friends (and even a few strangers) that are suffering with their knees or hip to contact OSC, ASAP, and ask for Dr. John D. Burrow.

Thank you Dr. Burrow and the staff at ORTHOPAEDIC & SPINE CENTER for making me feel like a human being again. I feel a little BIONIC! ( ;

Sherry Miller – Hip Surgery

Dr. Burrow's patient

My name is Sherry L. Miller and I am a 55 year old female who had been suffering for over two years with arthritis in my hips. I started seeing Dr. Burrow two years ago due to the pain and progressive difficulty in walking. Dr. Burrow tried several non-surgical approaches over the time, but in the end we decided that it would be best to proceed with full hip replacements.

I had never had major surgery, so I had a fair amount of apprehension about going into the hospital. I talked with Dr. Burrow and with other people who had the procedure, and everyone reassured me that it would resolve my pain and disability. It is an understatement to say that Dr. Burrow gave me my life back!

Before the hip issues, I was an active endurance cyclist, some days riding up to 100 miles. Two years ago I started to notice that something was wrong. I began having a hard time putting my leg over my bike. I thought I just needed to stretch and work out more. I continued to ignore the pain and loss of motion, which never went away. I reached the point where I could barely get on my bike, and then I finally reached the point where I was in constant pain and could barely walk. During this time, I tried seeing a chiropractor but he said he could not help. I made an appointment the next day to see Dr. Burrow at OSC.

Dr. Burrow’s started treating me with muscle relaxers, but they provided very limited relief. He stated that the hip issue was not going to get better, but that I should keep moving no matter what. My mate often reminds me how I would wake up in the middle of the night in tears because the pain was so bad. There were times during the night where I would run bath water as hot as I could stand, it just so I could relieve the pain long enough to sleep a couple hours. I am a special education teacher, and when I was at school colleagues would stop and ask me what was wrong. There was one time someone said that I walked like I was 80 years old. I went back to Dr. Burrow, and the next treatment course was a prescription for Celebrex and I started receiving shots in my hip to relieve the pain. Some people are helped by the shot for many months. In my case, it helped the pain for about 2 weeks. I received a shot every 3 months until I had surgery.

My family and friends often say they had no idea how much pain I was in because I never complained. As time went on I realized that I could not go on this way. I was exhausted all the time and I started to rethink the option of surgery. When Dr. Burrow discussed the surgery with me, he explained how medicine has changed over time and people as young as their 30’s were getting hip replacements. I actually met someone who had a hip replacement and they shared their story with me. On my next visit to Dr. Burrow’s I told him I was ready for surgery, but that I was scared. He told me to go home and discuss the procedure with my mate and then we made a decision. We both knew it was time.

At my next visit with Dr. Burrow, we planned for surgery. He was very receptive to my questions, and encouraged me to talk to people. He also said I could call if I had any questions or concerns. I can tell anyone who reads this, that Dr. Burrow is a great listener and explained everything to me so that I was able to fully understand the procedure. As the time for my surgery approached, my condition got progressively worse. I could barely walk, and I was hunched over and could not stand up straight. I waddled when I walked and it was often said I walked like a penguin. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about all I went through.

Some people thought my hip condition was due to the number of miles I logged as a cyclist. Dr. Burrow reassured me that it was not due to the cycling, and that the exercise actually allowed me to stay mobile. He reiterated that the problem was not due to anything I had done, but rather the onset of the arthritis. Over the space of three months, I had both hips replaced. It turns out that I had put off the surgery for so long, that the arthritis had destroyed a large amount of bone in my hips.

Surgery wasn’t easy, but it was more than worth it. I was actually up and walking around in 1 to 2 days after surgery, and the pain was finally gone! During the surgery and recovery process, Dr. Burrow worked with me and he also kept my mate informed at all times. If there was an issue, Dr. Burrow was always available. The nurses who work with him were also awesome. I missed a total of 12 weeks of work and had 12 weeks of rehab. There is no way to tell you how much the surgery has meant to me, and Dr. Burrow is a wonderful surgeon and a great person. I was extremely motivated to get better, and I followed Dr. Burrow’s orders exactly. Even though sometimes it still hurt to stretch and do PT, I worked through it, knowing that I was already getting better.

Even though I was initially terrified at the thought of surgery, I knew I had the greatest team in the world supporting me. I have a wonderful man, many loving friends, and the best hip surgeon in the world (at least in my opinion)! My scars are healing wonderfully, and I am proud to show them off as a sign of where I have been.

It is now 10 weeks after my last hip replacement, and I just completed a 41 mile bicycle ride to Gloucester and back, including the climb over the Coleman Bridge. We are already planning for our annual 150-mile bike trip on a trail from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD over the eastern continental divide. I am pain free, and all of the wonderful aspects of my life have returned. I am looking forward to many, many more years of cycling, traveling, and living life at its fullest. Again, all I can say is “Thank you Dr. Burrow!!!”