Testimonials: - Dr. Mark W. McFarland

Cynthia Payne – Spine Surgeries, Hip and Knee Replacements

I was born with many handicaps and I once had a doctor in Norfolk, but my back never was right. I had car accident and I was told Dr. Jeffrey Carlson was the best. He has done three back surgeries for me and I have to tell you, I won’t let anyone touch me but Dr. Carlson ! He is the best!

I have had two knee replacements and one hip replacement and the other doctors at OSC did them. People ask me, “Cindy, how do you even move with all the rods and equipment ?”  I tell them “go see these doctors and if you have back problems, go to Dr. Carlson. He has the hands of a angel and GOD gave him a gift!”

Whenever something happens, they get you right in for an appointment. All the staff are so kind. Take my advice and go to this office, you will not be sorry. I mean what I say, I tell everyone to go there.

I also want to give credit to the pain doctors also, because they are so nice. Dr. Raj Sureja.

You can’t do better than OSC. Thank you for letting me speak.

Cynthia Payne

Harry Szczutkowski – Cervical Spine Fusion

I am a 69 year old male and my name is Harry Szczutkowski. I had to have neck surgery done in which my disc had to be replaced. I have been blessed in a way, that when I needed them, I have found the best doctors in their fields.

Dr. Mark McFarland is right up there among the top of the list.  His skills as a surgeon are first class and he has compassion, and is positive and caring.  He is on top of the playing field.

I would like to take this time to thank you, Dr. McFarland, and may God bless.

Yours Truly,

Harry Szczutkowski

Suzanne Sulllivan – 5 Star Review/Rating for Dr. Mark McFarland

Dr. Mark McFarland is a great doctor. He takes the time to listen to you and addresses the issues at hand. Talks to you in plain English, so medical terms are not for me to go home and google. Very impressed!

What did I enjoy the most about my experience at OSC?  The nurses were great! Dr. McFarland was awesome! Just knowing what is wrong with me and having the ability to try and fix it…awesome!

Suzanne Sullivan

Raymond Adams – 5 Star Rating/Review of Dr. Mark McFarland

I was very impressed with results of my procedure with Dr. Mark McFarland. Everything he told me concerning my recovery was spot on! I could notice weekly, sometimes daily improvement during recovery.

I would totally recommend Dr. McFarland and OSC to anyone seeking relief from spinal injury or degeneration. What I enjoyed most about my treatment with him were the positive results!           Raymond Adams

Robert Lockhart – 5 Star Rating/Review for Dr. Mark McFarland

Dr. Mark McFarland was awesome. He understood my problem and has ordered an MRI to find out why I am experiencing severe back pain. Thank goodness I found the right doctor that wants to help me right away.

For many reasons…this practice is by far more professional than other offices I have been to. Everyone there is on the same page as far as courtesy, speed, and professionalism. This was my first visit to see Dr. McFarland. First impressions ARE very important and lasting :).

Robert Lockhart

James Coates – Physical Therapy for Back Pain

I have had lower back pain for a long time. It was manageable at first, but then it started causing increasing pain making it difficult even to drive. Dr. Mark McFarland prescribed medication and a 4 week course in physical therapy.

Dr. Tom Toothaker, DPT was in charge of my therapy. He had me do a series of exercises concentrating on my particular problem. Two sessions a week for 4 weeks and my back doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I am doing daily exercises at home and hopefully soon all the pain will be eliminated. I want to add that Dr. Toothaker and his staff treated me extremely well and explained every exercise and why I was doing it. I would highly recommend OSC’s Physical Therapy Center to anyone who needs therapy.

James Coates

Willie J. Senegal – Knee Replacement, Neck, Hip & Back Care

I would like to thank OSC (especially Dr. Mark McFarland, Shelly and the rest of his team).

I have received nothing but the best care from the moment I began seeing them for my neck, back , hips and knees.

My “KNEES”, oh my Lord – the incredible, bone grinding pain is gone!! Dr McFarland is an extraordinary doctor. He was patient with me during my “decision-making” process. He allowed me to become comfortable with the idea of knee replacement surgery and when I was ready – so was he.

It is so wonderful to no longer have excruciating pain with every step I’d take; to be able to stand up without assistance (a cane); to be able to take a walk with my granddaughter – it is an amazing feeling; one I had not felt for a very long time! All I can say again is THANK YOU (Thank You All)!!!

Willie Senegal

Charles W. Meissner, Jr. – Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain



I received an amniotic stem cell injection from Dr. Mark McFarland on October 7, 2015. I realize that everyone is different, but in my case there was no pain or discomfort from the shot, which was identical to the corticosteroid knee shots I had received in the past. There was no pain or discomfort ever following the shot.

For the next 13 weeks, I wore a knee brace when walking around to hold the knee in place, and could take no aspirin or NSAIDs for pain. For the first two weeks, I did nothing but rest the knee. Thereafter, I resumed light activities including exercise at my fitness center, being careful not to exercise my knee. After six weeks, Dr. McFarland took x-rays and pronounced that I was making satisfactory progress. I continued light activities, which included driving to Texas, so I was not home bound.

At 13 weeks, x-rays showed that my cartilage had grown from 2mm to 6mm on one side of my knee, and from 4mm to 6mm on the other side. Dr. McFarland said that I was now mildly arthritic, but that there was possibility of future growth. It has been a year, and the knee feels normal. I chose the amniotic stem cells since they were reportedly the most effective source of stem cells. To date, I have not noticed any symptoms that makes me think that the amniotic stem cells have had any but the desired effect. The result was so successful that I am about to start the same procedure on my other knee.

-Charles W. Meissner, Jr.

Holly Edwards – Success Story (with Dr. Mark McFarland)


All of their staff is very lovely and that really helps when you come in, mad at the world, because you’re hurting so bad. Dr. Mark McFarland is very thorough, and explains this very well! I drive from the Virginia Beach oceanfront just to receive care from him. – Holly Edwards


Barbara Clark – Pain Management for Spinal Stenosis/Spinal Cord Stimulator

Barbara Clark 2

I suffer from Spinal Stenosis. I have had it now for about 6 years. The pain started in my back, then gradually worked its way into my buttocks, thighs and legs. It was horrible and I had trouble doing anything!

I originally saw Dr. Mark McFarland for my problem and he diagnosed Spinal Stenosis. He was wonderful to work with and he told me that I had 3 options: spine surgery, a spinal cord stimulator or to live with the pain. I chose the spinal cord stimulator. I then met with Dr. Jenny Andrus in the Pain Management Department, so that I could try out the Spinal Cord Stimulator to see if it would help me.

I had it permanently implanted in February. Once it was adjusted just right (took 2 months), the pain relief was amazing! I saw a 70% reduction in my pain and decreased my pain medication. Everyone now says “Look at you!”, when I jump out of my chair. I even scrub and wax my own floor now and go to work. I recommend this to anyone with severe pain. It will change your life! Thank you, Dr. Andrus!

Barbara Clark