Testimonials: - Dr. Raj N. Sureja

Cynthia Payne – Spine Surgeries, Hip and Knee Replacements

I was born with many handicaps and I once had a doctor in Norfolk, but my back never was right. I had car accident and I was told Dr. Jeffrey Carlson was the best. He has done three back surgeries for me and I have to tell you, I won’t let anyone touch me but Dr. Carlson ! He is the best!

I have had two knee replacements and one hip replacement and the other doctors at OSC did them. People ask me, “Cindy, how do you even move with all the rods and equipment ?”  I tell them “go see these doctors and if you have back problems, go to Dr. Carlson. He has the hands of a angel and GOD gave him a gift!”

Whenever something happens, they get you right in for an appointment. All the staff are so kind. Take my advice and go to this office, you will not be sorry. I mean what I say, I tell everyone to go there.

I also want to give credit to the pain doctors also, because they are so nice. Dr. Raj Sureja.

You can’t do better than OSC. Thank you for letting me speak.

Cynthia Payne

May Horrocks – Pain Management

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson referred me to the OSC Pain Management Clinic and, having been there on a few occasions, I have filtered through most of the staff. Each and every time I have been there, it’s been a positive experience for me. All of the staff, from the reception area to the treatment areas, are professional, friendly and kind. The place is run like a well-oiled wheel.

May Horrocks

Mary Payne – Epidural Steroid Injections for Pain

I had arthritis in my spine so bad, it actually interfered with my daily activities. The pain was unbearable.

Dr. Boyd Haynes referred me to Dr. Raj Sureja, a Pain Management Physician at OSC. He gave me a shot of cortisone in my spine (epidural steroid injection) that has worked miracles. I am pain free.

Dr. Sureja is a dedicated physician and takes time to listen and talk about recommended medical procedures to relieve pain that are best for his patients. His bedside manner is professional and caring and allows ample time to answer all questions.

Thank you, Dr. Sureja, you are the best.

Mary Payne

Lorraine Saunders – Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pain Management


I have had chronic back and hip pain since the ‘80s. I have tried everything for relief. I have been to chiropractors and all kinds of doctors. Even 5 back surgeries (with rods, screws and even a spine fusion) didn’t fix me and narcotic pain pills did nothing to relieve my pain. Although my physicians meant well and really tried to help me, it seemed like nothing was working. I hurt all the time.

I was referred to Dr. Raj Sureja by my PCP. After seeing Dr. Sureja a few times, he suggested a Spinal Cord Stimulator be implanted to relieve my pain. I was in no way ready to have another surgery. I asked a physician that I trusted, for his opinion. He told me that wouldn’t recommend the Spinal Cord Stimulator. So decided against having it implanted and continued taking my pain medicine, hoping for relief.

To make matters worse, in 2011, I was driving one day and a drunk driver hit my car head-on. My pain level went from bad to absolutely terrible. My pain just kept getting worse and worse. I was desperate for any pain relief.

I again saw Dr. Sureja and he brought up the Spinal Cord Stimulator. I was very reluctant, but I hurt so bad that I thought it couldn’t make things any worse. Dr. Sureja told me that I could even try the Spinal Cord Stimulator for a week, without having it permanently implanted, so see if it helped me. I tried it and it did help with my pain. I decided to have it permanently implanted in 2013.

All of my pain did not immediately go away. I still took pain medication after getting the SCS and the vibration sometimes bothered me. But, I decided to stick with it. One day, I called the Pharmacy to refill my pain medication. After hanging up the phone and thinking about it, I decided that I was done with the pain medicine. It really made me groggy and sleepy. I felt like I was missing out on the important things in life. So, I called the pharmacy and cancelled my order. I stopped my medication cold turkey and I haven’t taken any since. All I take now is Tylenol.

Thankfully, I was able to talk to the person who adjusts the Spinal Cord Stimulator about the vibration I felt and how it bothered me. He was able to adjust it so that I barely feel the vibration anymore, if at all. I am happy to report that the only time I hurt is when the unit battery is low and needs to be recharged. I just tape the battery charger to my back when I go to sleep and then it is recharged when I wake up. What a relief!

I once said that I just wanted to be able to go to the mall with my grandkids, and walk around without pain. I didn’t want much, just that. I can now do that and much more. I am so grateful to Dr. Sureja for recommending this technology. Life is now great!

Lorraine Saunders

Ruth Hawkins – Pain Management/Epidural Steroid Injections

After years of dealing with chronic back and hip pain, I decided to see an orthopedic doctor. I chose OSC because they were highly recommended by doctors and friends. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson referred me to the OSC Pain Center when he saw that it would take continued pain management to deal with my spine and hip issues.
I saw Dr. Raj Sureja and he explained that with vertebra problems, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, epidural injections may benefit me greatly. At that point I would’ve tried almost anything. Even breathing was difficult because of the pain. I was unable to work; walking upstairs, vacuuming and carrying much weight at all had become very difficult. I had not been able to exercise for some time and had been on prescription pain medicine for at least 15 years and I was taking narcotics daily just to function.
Dr. Sureja decided epidurals in all 3 regions of my spine would be most effective. I went to the appointments and within a couple days, the pain lessened. Within a couple weeks, I was beginning to do the things I had been doing. When returned for the first follow-up, I still had pain in my neck and was given a second epidural in between my cervical and thoracic regions. After that, I was off and running, I went back to the gym and was shooting hoops (my favorite activity of all). It was an amazing transformation, I felt 20 years younger.
Dr Sureja also referred me to a rheumatologist that examined me and performed numerous tests and was totally amazed at the level of osteoporosis and all that I was able to do (after the epidurals).
I think the most amazing part of this has been the ease at which I could move without pain. Hopping up on chairs to put things in the cabinet (but don’t tell Dr Sureja), cleaning multiple rooms before sitting, going about my day doing errands, working or anything I needed to do, I could do with more comfort. The contrast was amazing. With the pain medication, I could move but it was still stiff and somewhat rigid movements. And I had that groggy feeling all the time or was in pain and sometimes both. It was so much better after the epidurals. The pain relief for me lasted 9 months before it even began to return, which is great news medically and financially. I have spent the last year much happier, with far, far, far less pain and discomfort. My quality of life has increased hugely in my estimation.
Dr. Sureja is one the most professional, caring and expert listener and diagnostician I’ve ever met. His staff is wonderful; always friendly and willing to answer multiple questions multiple times if I forget.

My name is Ruth Hawkins, I am 60 years old and I highly recommend OSC; particularly Dr. Sureja to anyone dealing with pain.

Rudolph Pazdernik – Vertebroplasty for Vertebral Fracture


Dr. Raj Sureja didn’t just manage my pain; He eliminated it!

A few years ago, as I was suffering from some sort of a vertebral fracture in my back, I was referred to Dr. Raj Sureja at OSC. The first thing I did was to check him out on the internet and learned that he was a “Pain Management” specialist.

Well, that didn’t sound too good to me, as I could just imagine having to take pain pills and physical therapy for the rest of my life. However, his credentials sounded very impressive, so I went up to see what he had to offer. After he checked my X-rays, he smiled and said, “Oh, we can take care of that with just a little bone cement.”

Well, I’m delighted to report that he did just that! After making a small incision in my back, he placed a little of his “bone cement” on the fracture and within an hour, the pain was not only “managed,” it was GONE! And I am happy to report that it has never come back!

Dr. Sureja deserves a 5-Star rating in my book, and I would be happy to recommend him to my family and friends!

Rudolph Pazdernik 



Muriel Andrews – Pain Management


I have had two back surgeries, the last was fourteen months ago. Three mouths prior to that, I had a knee replacement. I have been having trouble with the knee as it wasn’t straightening out right, so had another procedure done. I was still using a cane because my knee was giving way on me once in a while.

I finally went to Dr. Sureja and he suggested a nerve block for my knee. I had it done and  I won’t say that it didn’t hurt, it did. It has worked wonders!  No cane!  He has given me back part of my life I thought I has lost. I can now bowl again. He has helped me before with my back problems and he is a very understanding Doctor. Thank you, Dr Sureja.

Muriel Andrews

William Kranz, Jr. – Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pain

Drs. Mcfarland and Sureja

I was referred to Dr. Sureja for chronic foot pain due to Neuropathy. After finding a combination of non-narcotic pain medicines, I began to get relief in my feet.

I have always had back pain. After several epidural injections, Dr. Sureja referred me to Dr. McFarland to discuss the possibility of receiving a Spinal Stimulator implant. At that time, I was unable to stand up straight. I went with the implant and knew as soon the temporary implant procedure was done that the permanent implant would be successful.

That was several years ago and the stimulator has changed my life. The follow up care with Boston Scientific is awesome. You call and within a day they can adjust the settings. Thanks to Dr. Sureja and Dr. McFarland, I now have a better quality of life and can enjoy retirement.

Carolyn Taylor – Pain Management

I am a 69 year old Female. In April of 2014, I weighed 126 lbs. and developed problems with my stomach. I continuously felt sick to my stomach and had severe dry heaves. The only thing that would make my symptoms somewhat subside was to stay in a horizontal position.

In May, after many tests, I had an endoscopy which showed I had gastritis and an ulcer. My weight reduced to 120 lbs. Because I currently have nine (9) fused vertebrae from T10 to S1 with two rods and 18 pinnacle screws as a result of two spine surgeries in 2007 and 09; I was taking 50 mg of Voltaren twice a day as an anti-inflammatory. The Gastroenterologist stopped my use of Voltaren, an anti-inflammatory, immediately, because he felt this was the cause of my stomach issues, even though I explained there was plenty of stress in my life.

From June thru August, I continued to be sick and had numerous Blood Tests, Chest X-Rays, Ultrasounds as well as another Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy. My weight was at an all-time low of 102 lbs. and I now had an additional problem to contend with. Severe, cruel, spasm/shock-like hits would occur in my mid-back whenever I sat too long or tried to get in or out of bed. These were so bad that if they hit me when I was standing, I would lose control of my bladder. In September, I made an appointment with my Spine Specialist, thinking perhaps, some of the hardware in my back was causing the pain and spasms. After testing, he could find no such indication. He put me back on Voltaren and Misopostol (for the stomach) to try and get my inflammation and spasms under control. His only suggestion was perhaps a Pet test for Cancer. In October I had more blood tests.

As my spasm and stomach problems continued, I was prompted by Charney Chiropractic, who treated me for my back pain, to see Dr. Sureja. Prior to my appointment in January 2015, Dr. Sureja took the time to retrieve ALL of my medical records from my Spine Surgeon, as well as all other Medical Doctors who had treated or tested me. He reviewed my entire case, attentively listened to me as I explained my situation and made his assessment based on me as a PERSON, not on the basis of just one finding. Dr. Sureja recommended I take Zorvelex, which is 18 mg of Voltaren, three times a day, to reduce the pain in my back and reduce the amount that would be in my stomach so as not to irritate my ulcer. He also sent me to Physical Therapy for Dry Needling and Tens therapy for my back.

On my next visit in April 2015, I was 80% better with the spasms, and my weight was on the upswing.

As of this writing in October of 2015, I have only been sick three (3) times, my ulcer is gone, the inflammation in my back is not as bad with the reduced dosage of Voltaren, my weight is at 115 lbs. and my spasms are still severe, but not as numerous. I can live with this.

I am so grateful to Dr. Sureja for looking at me as a TOTAL PERSON, knowing that with my painful back, I cannot completely stop anti-inflammatories and yet recognizing that I must maintain a balance with a delicate stomach. Seeing Dr. Sureja has made a significant change in my well-being.

Carolyn P. Taylor