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Electric Cell Signaling

Bill Suis- Electric Cell Signaling

Meet Bill! Bill was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy back in 1990. Over the years, although Bill has been able to manage his diabetes, his neuropathic pain continued to worsen. “It started in my legs and got to the point I

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Karen Watson- Electric Cell Signaling

Meet Karen Watson! For as long as she can remember, Karen has had burning, numbness and swelling in her feet caused by neuropathy. When surgery became her last resort for relief, Dr. Jenny Andrus recommended Karen to give our electric

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Brenda Gardner- Electric Cell Signaling

Meet Brenda Gardner! In 2010, Brenda was diagnosed with neuropathy, and over the last decade, her pain has gotten significantly worse. "I was at OSC for an appointment with Dr. Carlson when I saw a poster for electric cell signaling

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Fred Ambrose – Electric Cell Signaling

After a recommendation from OSC's Dr. Jenny Andrus, Fred decided to try our neoGEN Electric Cell Signaling treatment for his idiopathic neuropathy. Fred is currently on his 6th treatment, and has already been able to tell a difference! "At night,

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