Testimonials: Electric Cell Signaling

Bill Suis- Electric Cell Signaling

Meet Bill!

Bill was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy back in 1990. Over the years, although Bill has been able to manage his diabetes, his neuropathic pain continued to worsen.

“It started in my legs and got to the point I could hardly walk. I have been on several medications to treat the neuropathy, but I was always told there was nothing else I could do to help relieve the pain.”

That’s when Bill was recommended to try EcST by Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Now on his fourth treatment, Bill is finally experiencing the relief he has been longing for for over 30 years.”It’s taken the swelling down in my feet, I am able to sleep and walk better and I can actually feel the nerves regenerating in my legs.”


Bill Suis

Brenda Gardner- Electric Cell Signaling

Meet Brenda Gardner! In 2010, Brenda was diagnosed with neuropathy, and over the last decade, her pain has gotten significantly worse.

“I was at OSC for an appointment with Dr. Carlson when I saw a poster for electric cell signaling to treat neuropathy in his exam room. I asked him about it and he explained the process to me and that the treatment was only $30 a session. I immediately said ‘sign me up.'”

Brenda takes a prescribed dosage of gabapentin to supplement her electric cell signaling treatment.

“When I first started neoGEN, I was on 500mg of gabapentin. Today, I am on my sixth treatment, and I am now down to only having to take 300mg. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to anyone has as severe of neuropathy as I do.”

Check out Brenda’s booklet she is keeping on her treatment with electric cell signaling. When she started, her numbers for pain, numbness, tightness, burning and tingling indicated she was at the highest level. Since starting, you can see her numbers have continued to go down week after week after each session — she is finally finding relief.



Brenda Gardner

Alethia Willis- Electric Cell Signaling

A longtime OSC patient, Alethia had an appointment with Dr. Carlson and noticed a poster in his exam room that mentioned our neoGEN Electric Cell Signaling treatment for neuropathy.

“I have always had neuropathy, but have been avoiding treatment because I thought the only remedy was medication.”

Now, Alethia has finished her 7th treatment of Electric Cell Signaling, and can already tell a difference! “Prior to neoGEN, I had a loss of feeling in my toes. But now, I am already seeing a difference and regaining feeling. Every time I walk out of OSC, I walk a little bit easier.”

Alethia Willis

Fred Ambrose- Electric Cell Signaling

After a recommendation from OSC’s Dr. Jenny Andrus, Fred decided to try our neoGEN Electric Cell Signaling treatment for his idiopathic neuropathy.Fred is currently on his 6th treatment, and has already been able to tell a difference!

“At night, my feet were constantly burning, and I would have to get up and walk around to find relief. Now, I am already sleeping better and not having to get up as much.”

Fred has already recommended neoGEN to others he knows who also suffer from neuropathy.

“The treatment is totally painless and it’s really just a chance to sit and relax for 20 minutes.”

Fred Ambrose