Testimonials: Epidural Steroid Injections

Christopher Davis – Lumbar & Cervical Spine Surgeries, Spine Care & General Orthopaedics

Mark McFarland, MDI’ve had the sincere pleasure of knowing Dr. Mark McFarland for the past 15 years. In that time, he performed a lumbar microdiscectomy of my L1-L2, a cervical discectomy and disk replacement of my C6-C7, and repaired a torn meniscus in my right knee. In addition, he’s performed several epidural steroid injections and been my general ‘go to’ for all things orthopedic.

I’ve experienced nothing but excellent outcomes, and Dr. McFarland has always exceeded my expectations. Back & neck surgery is scary, we’ve all heard unfortunate stories, but Dr. McFarland approached my case conservatively, strategically, and professionally. During our visits, I’ve never felt rushed – his bedside manner is excellent, and I’ve always felt he listened to me and had my best interest at heart. He even advocated on my behalf with the insurance company to obtain approval for the procedure he deemed best for my unique situation, in my case a cervical disc replacement (vs a fusion). His team is also great – Shelly Bond has been at OSC for the entirety of my relationship with Dr. McFarland, and I always look forward to seeing her too.

I’ve even taken my elderly parents to see Dr. McFarland for issues they’ve experienced over the years, so clearly there is an elevated level of trust (my 91 year-old mother thinks he’s “wonderful!”)

I feel truly fortunate to have met Dr. McFarland as both an amazing spine surgeon and trusted advisor.

Christopher Davis

Ben Poter – Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections

After my knee surgery, I started having lower back pain ,which I have experienced in the past. So, again I went to see Dr. Snyder, still in 2013 , and after x-rays and an MRI, it was determined I had Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosis and Sciatica. I have had pinched nerve pain, but it was many years before this diagnosis. I didn’t want to go thru back surgery unless I had to, so my next step was to see Dr. Jenny Andrus to receive Epidurals on each side of my spine in the L-3 and L-4 area.

I went thru these Epidurals two or three times a year, until 2021, when the Epidurals no longer provided the pain relief I needed . Dr. Andrus is a very caring and excellent doctor. I would definitely recommend OSC and any of the doctors I saw during my eight year journey. I now consider OSC my one stop shop for joint pain.      Ben Poter


Michael Grignano – Physical Therapy for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Cody Leeworthy, DPT

Cody Leeworthy, DPT

After seeing Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and getting an epidural shot to relive pain in my neck and shoulders, he set me up for 6 weeks of Physical Therapy with Cody Leeworthy, DPT and Josh Hancock, PTA along with some fantastic assistants. The more I did the exercises, the more relief I get. Everyone set me up for success and I want to thank all of you for the complete professionalism and courtesy I saw on each trip there. The care I have received, from seeing Dr. Carlson, to Dr. Raj Sureja, then over to PT, has been remarkable!!

Michael Grignano

Cecil S. – Spine Surgery & Physical Therapy

Jeffrey Carlson, M.D.

I was referred to the Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC) for my lower back pain. After approximately 10 years of off and on back issues I recently experienced heightened and continuous pain. It was my first experience with OSC and Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Dr. Carlson reviewed my MRI and x-rays with me and explained the cause and effects of my pain. He explained the options for addressing my issues.

After trying the epidural as my first option, it became obvious surgery would be my best option. Dr. Carlson set the process in motion for my surgery. I’ve been extremely impressed with the thorough planning, coordination, scheduling and execution processes of OSC. I’m very happy with surgery by Dr. Carlson and the healing results.

I recently started Physical Therapy at OSC’s therapy facility. I’m equally impressed and satisfied with that facility and its personnel. Everyone I’ve come into contact with at OSC have made for a welcoming experience. I will definitely and highly recommend OSC to family and friends.

Cecil S.

Andrea Luke – Spinal Cord Stimulation for Pain

Photo of Andrea Luke and Dr. SurejaMy name is Andrea Luke.  I am a mother of two and a registered nurse.  I injured my back at the age of 32 when lifting a patient at work.  I spent many years in pain.

My injury resulted in five spine surgeries, many tests and countless procedures.  My last surgery was a four level fusion that stopped any further deterioration, but left me with chronic pain.  I became unable to work as a nurse.  Everyday tasks were difficult and I missed out on many activities with my children.  In addition to nursing, I loved to ski, mountain bike, hike and scuba dive, all of which I could no longer do.  Medications helped my pain but did not take it away completely. Plus, I never felt like myself when taking the meds.

I found Dr. Raj Sureja and he worked with me to combat my chronic pain.  We tried injections and epidurals, but I did not get sufficient relief.  He suggested a spinal cord stimulator and after a while, I finally agreed.  My neurostimulator was a complete success. I now take no medication whatsoever.  I work full-time as a high-risk Labor and Delivery Nurse in Norfolk and I live a full, active and PAIN FREE life.  Neurostimulation was a complete game changer for me.  Thank you, Dr. Sureja!

Andrea Luke


Mary Payne – Epidural Steroid Injections for Pain

I had arthritis in my spine so bad, it actually interfered with my daily activities. The pain was unbearable.

Dr. Boyd Haynes referred me to Dr. Raj Sureja, a Pain Management Physician at OSC. He gave me a shot of cortisone in my spine (epidural steroid injection) that has worked miracles. I am pain free.

Dr. Sureja is a dedicated physician and takes time to listen and talk about recommended medical procedures to relieve pain that are best for his patients. His bedside manner is professional and caring and allows ample time to answer all questions.

Thank you, Dr. Sureja, you are the best.

Mary Payne

Barbara Summers – Epidural Steroid Injections, Cervical Discectomy Surgery & PT

I injured my neck 30 years ago and lived with pain and numbness in my left arm, hand and neck every day. I went to multiple doctors, to include two other orthopaedic offices, and no one offered any help or relief until I visited Orthopaedic and Spine Center.

My first visit with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson offered me hope, he immediately explained why I had the pain and numbness and explained what my options were. I had cervical spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and an herniated nucleus pulposus.

I opted for cervical epidural injections with Dr. Jenny Andrus initially, as I feared having surgery. Dr. Andrus was wonderful and the injections helped for a while, just as Dr. Carlson explained.

After having the injections over a period of three years, I finally decided to talk with Dr. Carlson about surgery. He explained that, for relief of my diagnosis, I would require a cervical discectomy of my C 4-5 and C 5-6. He took the time to explain everything that I would experience and he eased my fears of having the surgery.

I had the surgery on December 6th, 2016, and immediately upon waking up from the surgery, the numbness in my left arm, hand, and neck was gone. I cannot remember the last time I had total feeling in my arm, hand and neck.

The pain that I experienced prior to the surgery was gone, Dr. Carlson was an angel. Dr. Carlson performing this surgery was the best decision I could have ever made, I feel like a new person. Prior to this surgery, I lived with pain every day of my life. I no longer have that pain. Thank you, Dr. Carlson!!! You are truly an awesome doctor and surgeon!!

After surgery, Dr. Carlson sent me to OSC Physical Therapy. I attended Physical Therapy for six weeks, under the care of Dr. Andrew Osowski and Fred Wintermantel. The Physical Therapy staff was awesome and I can now turn my neck and use my left arm fully again. Dr. Carlson and the OSC staff are wonderful.  I have recommended Dr. Carlson and OSC to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you again to Dr. Carlson and his staff, Dr. Andrus and her staff, and OSC Physical Therapy staff.

Barbara Summers

Ruth Hawkins – Pain Management/Epidural Steroid Injections

After years of dealing with chronic back and hip pain, I decided to see an orthopedic doctor. I chose OSC because they were highly recommended by doctors and friends. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson referred me to the OSC Pain Center when he saw that it would take continued pain management to deal with my spine and hip issues.
I saw Dr. Raj Sureja and he explained that with vertebra problems, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, epidural injections may benefit me greatly. At that point I would’ve tried almost anything. Even breathing was difficult because of the pain. I was unable to work; walking upstairs, vacuuming and carrying much weight at all had become very difficult. I had not been able to exercise for some time and had been on prescription pain medicine for at least 15 years and I was taking narcotics daily just to function.
Dr. Sureja decided epidurals in all 3 regions of my spine would be most effective. I went to the appointments and within a couple days, the pain lessened. Within a couple weeks, I was beginning to do the things I had been doing. When returned for the first follow-up, I still had pain in my neck and was given a second epidural in between my cervical and thoracic regions. After that, I was off and running, I went back to the gym and was shooting hoops (my favorite activity of all). It was an amazing transformation, I felt 20 years younger.
Dr Sureja also referred me to a rheumatologist that examined me and performed numerous tests and was totally amazed at the level of osteoporosis and all that I was able to do (after the epidurals).
I think the most amazing part of this has been the ease at which I could move without pain. Hopping up on chairs to put things in the cabinet (but don’t tell Dr Sureja), cleaning multiple rooms before sitting, going about my day doing errands, working or anything I needed to do, I could do with more comfort. The contrast was amazing. With the pain medication, I could move but it was still stiff and somewhat rigid movements. And I had that groggy feeling all the time or was in pain and sometimes both. It was so much better after the epidurals. The pain relief for me lasted 9 months before it even began to return, which is great news medically and financially. I have spent the last year much happier, with far, far, far less pain and discomfort. My quality of life has increased hugely in my estimation.
Dr. Sureja is one the most professional, caring and expert listener and diagnostician I’ve ever met. His staff is wonderful; always friendly and willing to answer multiple questions multiple times if I forget.

My name is Ruth Hawkins, I am 60 years old and I highly recommend OSC; particularly Dr. Sureja to anyone dealing with pain.

Janet Eaton – Epidural Steroid Injection

Testimonial By Janet Eaton
Written On Facebook

Dr. Andrus did a great job with my first S1 (Sacroiliac Level One) epidural. Only a pinch and that’s what I got. Next week, 2 injections in L4 and L5. Actually looking forward to the relief !!!

Betty Meeks – Epidural

Dr Raj Sureja Interventional Pain Management Expertent
Dear Dr. Sureja,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and kindness to me yesterday when I came in for an epidural. I was told last November I should have this done, but for some reason I was very frightened to follow through with that suggestion. I heard comments that ran the gamut from “there’s nothing to the procedure” to “it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.” Quite naturally, I let my emotions follow the latter illustration.

I mentioned to you that my fear was heightened by comments I overheard from a lady who had just exited this procedure. I apologize if I led you or the technicians to assume she had directed those comments to me. She had not. She was talking with her husband who was sitting next to me and I overheard what she was saying. When I told her she was scaring me, she apologized and said she had had several of these treatments and this was the only one which had given her problems.

You, and the two precious girls who were assisting you, were so thoughtful and kind to me and I appreciate each of your efforts to ease my fears and make the procedure as painless and uneventful as possible. When making the appointment, I told the scheduler I needed a doctor who was patient and would talk me through this procedure. She assured me you would be the best and she was right.

If it becomes necessary for me to have this done again, I cannot assure you I will not once again be fearful of the “what ifs”, however, I can assure you that at the core of my fears will also be the realization that the right person will be attending to my needs. Please share (with the two technicians) my letter of appreciation and let them know how much their concern meant to me.