Testimonials: Foot & Ankle

Tony Cerri – Bunion Repair Surgery

Image of Dr. Robert SnyderDr. Bob Snyder fixed my bunion on January 19th, 2019. I waited 8 months to evaluate my results because that is about normal for total healing. It came out perfectly – exactly in accordance with what Dr. Snyder told me was going to happen. Pain is gone. I’m wearing shoes I thought would never fit again. My foot looks normal.

His patient engagement and care are just right. One reason I went to him for surgery was his interaction with me as a person versus just another foot surgery. In retrospect, I am also very impressed with the way he predicted conditions of recovery and the various stages. He absolutely nailed it. I highly recommend Dr. Snyder.

Tony Cerri 

Sandy Friend – Orthopaedic Care for Knees, Hands and Ankles

Image of Dr. John BurrowDr. John Burrow is one of the good guys! The best Ortho Doctor….

The four years I have been going to him, he has saved me from much pain! Now that I’m moving to Rhode Island….I wish I could take him with me! I’m telling anyone, if you want some help in feeling better, knees, hands, ankles…he is the Dr. to go see!

Also, Dr. Burrow sent me to Dr. Boyd Haynes…he too was outstanding! Nothing about OSC I did not like…Thank you!

Sandy Friend

Steven Kast – Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery



During the summer of 2012, I ruptured my right Achilles Tendon. Physical Activity is a big part of my life, so I sought the best solution and Orthopedic Surgeon in the community. I was referred to Dr. Boyd Haynes.

After my visit with Dr. Haynes we set a date for surgery. Dr. Haynes informed me that he was having great success in placing the patient in a boot only and not the traditional casting and immobilization. I was excited to hear this optimism and the news that I could be up and moving much quicker.
The surgery went well and, as promised, I was placed in the boot and given crutches with great after-care instructions. After a few days, I started to get myself moving using the crutches with light pressure. Then, I started walking moderately with the boot. In a few weeks, I was walking in the boot without crutches. A few weeks later I removed the boot and was walking with great care but moving nicely. I continued with my own therapy because I was motivated to get active again.

Approximately, three months from my surgery, I was running again and within six months I had forgotten I had the surgery. In fact, I was more active because my chronic Achilles pain was finally gone. Kudos to Dr. Haynes and his staff for the great surgery and most of all, the new recovery protocol. If you choose Dr. Boyd Haynes you are in good hands!

Steven Kast

Angela Rowe – Non-Surgical Procedures

IMG_9998I see Dr. Andrus for 2 issues. One is my foot that causes tremendous pain and the other is the sacroiliac problems in my back. I have had injections by Dr. Andrus and each time she is so gentle when giving the shots. I’m usually surprised when she says she is finished. Dr. Andrus also has an excellent staff that works with her. They are professional, helpful, and always cordial during office visits. My favorite part about Dr. Andrus is that she has not given up in helping find treatments for my back. I have seen other Doctors and they told me they didn’t know what else to do. With Dr. Andrus, if one thing doesn’t work, we move on to something else. Our next step is Prolotherapy and we are hoping that this does the trick. She is always so knowledgeable and also kind and compassionate every time I see her for an appointment. Thank you Dr. Andrus and staff for being the BEST!

Laura Hawkins – Foot Pain

I have had pain on and off in my left foot for some time now. My sister had visited OSC a month ago and was telling me what a help the Dr. and staff were to her. This morning I had finally had enough of being uncomfortable and took my sister’s advice and called the office for an appointment. Tiffany answered the phone and actually offered me a same day appointment, I was elated that I could get in so quickly.

I showed up for my appointment and was checked in by Tynesha, who was friendly and helpful. When I brought my paperwork back up, Kim collected it and was also outgoing. My wait time was only a few moments and then it was off to x-ray where the staff was also nice and personable.

I met with Dr. Burrow who explained to me what my diagnosis was and discussed treatment options with me. He answered all of my questions and concerns and made me feel at ease with my treatment decisions. His assistant in the room even provided me with information on where to get my orthotic. Check-out was just as easy and the nice lady that processed my co-pay was helpful and even gave me a compliment.

I was extremely nervous about my visit today, but from the moment I walked in the door my fears were put to rest. Dr. Burrow and staff were warm and welcoming and that truly means a lot, especially when you are in pain and scared. I am happy to report that my foot is already showing signs of improvement and I look forward to getting back to my normal routine, all thanks to Dr. Burrow and the staff at OSC.

Laura Hawkins

Renee’ Callis – Ankle

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for Jamie’s dedication to the patients of OSC. (Jamie McNeeley is Dr. Haynes’ Physician Assistant) I have watched Jamie as she has grown in her profession. I remember the first day Dr. Haynes asked if she could give me an injection in my ankle, I don’t know who was more afraid. I knew if he asked, it was OK, and it was. She did a wonderful job.

Seeing her eyes over a surgical mask has comforted me many times. Knowing she is there with her quick wit and understandable explanations help to makes things “all better”.

Jamie gave me my last shot yesterday in my hip and I must say it was one of the easiest I have ever gotten. Thanks Jamie, for your hard work at OSC. Your future is so bright and you will be an asset to your patients always.

Editor’s note: Jamie will be leaving OSC soon to move to Nashville, TN, as her husband has accepted a new job there. As they start their next adventure, we wish Jamie, her husband and their children all the best. Jamie will be greatly missed by her patients and her OSC family!

Margaret E. Bailey – Ankle Fracture/Spine Surgery/Knee Surgery

Physician Name: Drs. Coleman, McFarland, and Snyder

My story: A few years ago after breaking my ankle and not knowing any orthopedic doctors, my friend recommended Orthopaedic & Spine Center. Dr. Coleman saw me immediately and gave me advice to reduce the chance of putting pins in. I followed his advice and with his great care I have not had any aches, pains, or problems with my ankle. When I developed back problems other government physicians gave me treatment options that would only be temporary, if they found the problem. I again called OSC where I met Dr. McFarland. He removed 4 bone spurs off my spine. He was honest and told me I would always have some pain, but it would be manageable (and it is). Then I had to have knee surgery which Dr. Snyder performed. I am 74 and active. Thank you all. If you have a problem, don’t hesitate to call – they are caring and they listen. I hope I won’t need their services again, but they will be the first call I make.