Testimonials: Hand & Wrist

Shelley Vasseur – Endoscopic Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Release Surgeries

Dr. Boyd Haynes

Dr. Boyd Haynes, ready for surgery

I would like to thank Dr. Boyd Haynes and his staff for not one, but two successful endoscopic carpal tunnel and endoscopic cubital tunnel surgeries; one on my right wrist and elbow and a month later on my left wrist and elbow. I researched extensively prior cubital surgery and HIGHLY recommend Dr. Haynes for his endoscopic expertise .

Traditional cubital tunnel surgery would have left considerable scars, and weeks of down time and physical therapy.

I could not have made a better decision to travel to Virginia from out of state to have these procedures done. I was on the road and pain free about an hour after waking up from surgery each time. No physical therapy required and I have 95% of my strength back 10 days post-surgery. Thank you again, Dr. Haynes!

Shelley Vasseur

Diana “Dee” Burcher – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Dr. Boyd Haynes, IIII had Carpal Tunnel surgery on March 5th. Went back to work that Monday. Surgery was a breeze, as the team at The Surgical Pavilion at Mary Immaculate is above and beyond!

Dr. Boyd Haynes is amazing!! He told me everything I needed to do after surgery. Keep hand elevated for two days… and by Saturday, I removed the bandage and started using the hand/fingers as much as possible… and all was UP hill from then on. Moving my fingers, etc. Minimal pain. 3 weeks later and getting almost back to normal. Can’t wait to get the other one done.

Diana “Dee” Burcher

Martha Miller – Non-surgical Treatment for Wrist Tendinitis

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesI recently suffered with tendinitis in my wrist. It appeared as a small cyst at my wrist, in line with my thumb. I suffered with it for several weeks, until it began waking me up at night if I moved it the wrong way. Dr. Boyd Haynes diagnosed it as a form of tendinitis and suggested a cortisone injection. By that same evening, I noticed a lessening of the pain and the following day, there was only a slight tenderness where the injection had been. Within 2 days, there was no pain at all. It has now been 2 mos. and I am still pain free. Lesson learned….don’t hesitate to get a painful joint looked at. It doesn’t always mean surgery. Dr. Haynes has performed surgery on me for carpal tunnel and trigger finger release. Sometimes surgery is the best option; however, I appreciate the fact that Dr. Haynes always offers the least invasive approach first….and it has given me immediate relief every time!

Martha Miller 

Sandy Roberson – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesRecently, my sister had Carpal Tunnel surgery and she had a 5 week recovery.

I have needed this surgery for along time now, but am a self employed Hairstylist. Plus, I’m single and live alone. I was really excited to find a doctor that could do the surgery with a three day recovery.

Thank you, Dr. Boyd Haynes, for fixing my hand with minimal recovery. You are awesome!

Sandy Roberson 

Sandy Friend – Orthopaedic Care for Knees, Hands and Ankles

Image of Dr. John BurrowDr. John Burrow is one of the good guys! The best Ortho Doctor….

The four years I have been going to him, he has saved me from much pain! Now that I’m moving to Rhode Island….I wish I could take him with me! I’m telling anyone, if you want some help in feeling better, knees, hands, ankles…he is the Dr. to go see!

Also, Dr. Burrow sent me to Dr. Boyd Haynes…he too was outstanding! Nothing about OSC I did not like…Thank you!

Sandy Friend

Stephanie Lovell – Trigger Finger Release Surgery & Non-operative Care

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesDr. Boyd Haynes has given me back my hands! I saw him because of my trigger thumb. First, I had the cortisone shot on my left hand, then my right thumb also developed trigger finger. It could not bend at all.

I was wearing a brace for work and taping my thumb and middle finger at night so I could sleep without them locking in a bent position, because when I would straighten them, the pain was excruciating.

I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and decided surgery was my best choice for care. It was the right choice. I had the trigger thumb release surgery performed and had a cortisone shot in my middle finger. The healing process was fast and I now have full range of movement in my hand and fingers and no pain at all! I couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Haynes fixed my hands and he and his staff are especially nice and friendly. I am very happy with my care from Dr. Haynes and the Orthopedic and Spine team.

Stephanie Lovell

William G. Suis – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesI had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand February 22, 2018.

After my surgery, I did not have to take any pain pills and had very little discomfort. No stitches required. The healing process is quick and my hand feels great.

Dr. Boyd Haynes is outstanding.  I give him a very high rating and a great recommendation. He is caring, responds to your questions and conducts himself in a professional manner.

William G. Suis 

Nick DiMarino – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Photo of Dr. Boyd HaynesI had carpal tunnel pain in both arms and hands. Dr. Boyd Haynes did surgery on my right hand about a year ago. At that time, I told him I was going to wait on the left side because the wrist strap (brace) was allowing me to sleep with no pain. He said, “That’s fine, come back to see me when it tells you to.”

I went 3 months without getting a full night’s sleep because of the pain in my left hand and arm. My arm would wake me with so much pain, it was like it I was in a burning pile of coal.  It would take about an hour for the pain to go away, I would get back in bed and it would fire up in less than 20 minutes, same fiery pain again.

I told Dr. Haynes that it was time to take care of the pain and he scheduled the surgery. The first night after surgery I didn’t sleep much (not sure why), but the second night and every night since, I have slept like a baby. The amazing thing was that after the third day, I couldn’t wait to wake up to see how much better I was than the day before.

It has been less than 2 weeks now and I can do almost anything I want with my left hand with no pain. I’m not saying another doctor couldn’t have done as good, but Dr. Haynes is my hero now. I had no idea that the amount of sleep I was losing was affecting my entire life. THANK YOU, DR. HAYNES!!!

I highly recommend this procedure for anyone suffering with this problem. By the way, after I had the surgery, I have taken a total of 2 Aleve tablets, period.

Nick DiMarino

Ashley White – Bilateral Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Release Surgery

Dr. Boyd Haynes accurately diagnosed me (after a misdiagnosis at another clinic) and quickly took action to remedy my issues. He took time to explain the different options for relieving my bilateral carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes. We decided surgery was the best option to meet the demands of my work and at-home life.

Before surgery, he had wonderful bedside manner and made me feel comfortable. I felt confident I was in the right hands. After surgery, he called to ensure I was following the after-care protocol. Should I ever need his expertise again, I will not hesitate to see him.

Ashley White

Vicki Nyberg – Wrist Tendinitis

I came in on Friday, January 27th. Dr. Boyd Haynes was amazing, as usual. Then I had to get a shot of cortisone in my wrist. I am a BIG baby and started crying even BEFORE the needle came out. I forget who gave me my shot…and who helped him, but they certainly humored this old woman and I appreciate that!!!

Thanks for doing what you do so well.

Vicki Nyberg