Testimonials: Hip Replacement

Linda Kelley – Hip Replacement

Image of Dr. John Burrow and Linda KelleyI am an opera singer and a PhD researcher.  I have traveled around the world.  I have always been very active and physically fit, jogging, doing ballet, yoga and Pilates. My husband is also a scientist, is on the faculty at William and Mary and also works at Jefferson Labs.

I have seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson personally and he has treated my family for years.  He replaced joints in both of my parents and done spine surgery on my mother to treat her after falls.  He did arthroscopic knee surgery on me in 2013.

I came to see Dr. Carlson in 2017 because I had horrible hip bursitis which was causing me a great deal of pain.  We had gone to the WWII Commemoration ceremony in Pennsylvania and my hip was tormenting me after that trip. I told him that I had a pulled muscle in a BodyFlow class at Riverside Wellness. Dr. Carlson looked at me and said “Linda, you need a new hip”. After he gave me a steroid injection into my hip bursa, Dr. Carlson referred me to Dr. John Burrow, a joint replacement specialist at OSC. Dr. Burrow does intra-articular hip injections and Dr. Carlson said that might help me.

Because I am a researcher, I gave Dr. Burrow the third degree about everything he was doing. He performed the intra-articular hip injection, which placed steroids and numbing medication directly into my hip joint.  I wouldn’t say that I had a lot of pain from my deteriorating hip joint, but I did start to notice a loss of function and that it would “catch” when I was getting up from a chair.  At the end of October, I started to notice a weakness when I would go up and down steps, like I could not push off on the foot on the side where my hip was bad.  I started having to take the steps one by one, which I did not like doing.

I came back to see Dr. Burrow and he took another set of x-rays, which indicated that, while not yet bone-on- bone, my hip was rapidly getting worse.  Dr. Burrow was concerned and told me that I should probably get my hip replaced before my cartilage eroded much further.  I decided to schedule the surgery for the 2nd of January.

Over the Christmas holiday, I had out-of-town company to visit and stay.  While decorating the house and entertaining my guests, I noticed that I was getting slower and slower with my hip problem.  I knew that I had made the right decision to have the surgery.

I had the surgery as scheduled and spent one night at Mary Immaculate Hospital.  I wanted to go home the same day, but Dr. Burrow made me stay due to my low blood pressure, the lateness of the surgery and because the surgery took a while to complete.  The reason the surgery took longer is because Dr. Burrow said I had “young bones” and he had to use a much smaller implant stem in my femur.  After the surgery and recovery, I was up and walking that evening.   I used a walker and had a nurse or PT with me, when I walked around the hospital floor or to the restroom.

The next day, I went home to recover.  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worst, I would say that my pain was a 2.5.  If I felt like I needed to do so, I took a Tylenol to supplement the pain medicine.  Over nine days, I took an average of 2.4 pain pills a day.  Not bad.

The Physical Therapist came to my house the next day.  They commented on how I was “carrying” the walker instead of using it.  So, they let me switch immediately to using a cane for support during recovery.  I think because I have always been fit and worked out that I seemed to recover more quickly.  I would recommend that anyone try to work out and get in shape as much as possible before they have a hip replacement.  It will make their recovery easier.

I am right at two weeks and I am doing great.  I don’t use any assistive device to walk and I am doing well.  I look forward to being active and returning to the gym.  I am very grateful for Dr. Burrow and his expertise in doing my hip replacement.

Linda Louise Kelley

Newport News, VA

Bill Adams – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacements

Image of Bill AdamsI am Bill Adams, a 77 year old striving to remain quite physically active. In 2015, my left hip became too painful for sports or even walking for significant distances. Physical therapy, steroid injections, and stem cell treatments were ineffective. My investigation led me to choose Dr. Boyd Haynes of OSC for left anterior hip joint replacement in March of 2017.

I was so delighted with the outcome, that I asked Dr. Haynes to replace my right hip joint that was also constraining my activities to a significant degree. This was done in early August of 2017, with the same rapid recovery to normal activity.

I am planning to ski out west this winter and to return to singles tennis on clay courts next spring. I highly recommend Dr. Boyd Haynes as an excellent choice for a skilled, careful and caring orthopedic surgeon.

Bill Adams

Jean Phillips – Hip Replacement

Image of Dr. Boyd HaynesKnowing a total hip replacement was in my future, I attended Dr. Boyd Haynes presentation on the subject. He explained what the procedure involved and answered all questions. He and his staff prepared me as well as humanly possible.

Honestly, I underestimated the pain of recovery in the first week. However, the home health nurse and physical therapist, automatically scheduled for me, were excellent. In just a few days, I was able to manage the pain with only Tylenol. I could feel my hip and leg getting stronger every day.

You will definitely need a walker, but only for the first week or so. Two weeks after the surgery, I am exclusively using a cane.

I am confident in a full recovery and can’t wait to get out and play with my granddaughter, walk the dogs and all the things I have missed this past year.

Thank you, OSC!

Jean Phillips

Linda Pruitt – Hip Replacement

After a year of chronic hip pain and sciatic type pain, I obtained an appointment with Dr. Boyd Haynes. Eventually, it was determined I needed a hip replacement and I scheduled the surgery. I was always very active and the pain was interfering with my daily activities and had reached the point that even sitting for long periods was difficult. I found the office staff most professional and was seen at the scheduled appointment time, sometimes earlier!!

The surgery was scheduled at Mary Immaculate in Newport News. What a great hospital with knowledgeable, caring staff! I was discharged home the next day and back in my office with a cane in 2 weeks. Post-op pain was controlled easily and within three weeks, I did not have to use a cane.

Today I am one year post-op and completely pain free. I just walked five miles, I bike regularly and the range of motion in my hip is better than I had even years ago. The entire staff at OSC were great! As an RN I know what quality care is and the care I received from the initial appointment to my 1 year follow-up was excellent! Thank you Dr. Haynes and staff!

Linda Pruitt


Virginia “Ginger” Reaves – Jiffy Hip Replacement

Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my left hip replacement back in 2004, without complications or problems. I had the posterior method of replacement and recovered beautifully. I was back to work part time, within 2-3 weeks, working up to a full week gradually. From the first appointment I found Dr. Haynes to be friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.

My intention was to get the right hip done within a year, but I felt so good after the left hip replacement, I put it off for awhile and other illnesses stopped me from getting the right hip replaced for several years.

Last year in 2016, I was ready. I was tired of limping, tired of constant arthritic pain and planning my life on how far I had to walk. I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and he assured me he would try to correct my limp and it was definitely time to replace it. I had my right hip done in September 2016, via anterior procedure.

Although I was older this time (66), I recovered well without any issues at all. I am so grateful for this second replacement. I feel fantastic! I do not limp anymore, I wear shoes with heels, I walk without pain and have a new outlook on life. On top of that, I can go anywhere, no matter how far I have to walk. What a blessing!!! Thanks Dr. Haynes!!!!!!

I would highly recommend him if you are suffering with hip pain, he and his staff are the best. Also, an acknowledgement to Mary Immaculate Hospital, that was the first time I had ever been there, will not go elsewhere.

Virginia “Ginger” Reaves


Denise Riley – Hip Replacement

Hello, my name is Denise Riley, A Celebrity Chef from the heart of the “BRONX” and this is my story!

My story is no secret .. those who know me, know my mom died about seven years ago. She was diagnosed with Cancer, and later died from a Hip-Operation in New-York City. I was not sure how she died, whether from the Cancer, or the Hip-Operation, once they opened her up.
So NOW .. about a Year ago .. I’m in need of a Hip-Operation!!! .. I was Terrified and Petrified!  For over a Year, I’ve been in fear, walking around this Earth.. IN-PAIN! .. ( believing that I was going to Die like my mom)

Until I read a Quote about Fear .. and it says..
FEAR has 2 Meanings ..
“F”orget “E”verything “A”nd “R”un
“F”ace “E”verything “A”nd “R”ise!

So after several counseling sessions from Dr. Boyd Haynes, who convinced me, time, after time, after time again,  I decided to get my surgery done.

IMMEDIATELY, after my surgery, … I felt RELIEF in my hip!  The pressure was GONE, and NO MORE EXCRUCIATING PAIN AT ALL!  I kept asking the Doctor’s and the hospital staff at “Mary-Immaculate” if they were finished, sooo many times, … They wanted to put me back to sleep to Shut-Me-Up! (lol)
But in Reality,.. The Operation was a Quick Success. It did not take long!

So NOW, I can walk again, without the use of a Cane. Thanks with the help of the staff at “Bayada” Home Health Care Team. And just to think, .. This ALL Could have been done and over with a year ago.  I even thought that my body, would have felt a “Void” once my bone would have been removed, But I don’t even feel that way, AT-ALL! My Body feels so Superb, and my surgical leg feels waaay better than my regular leg! .. It almost feel “Bionic” .. Talk about a Super, Human, Being!

I almost wish my Mother was alive, so she can be able to see how “SUCCESSFUL” my surgery went. However, I KNOW my mother is in a better place, smiling upon me from Heaven now with the Angels, saying.. “Very-Well my daughter” .. “Good-Job” “You did the right thing”!
It’s almost like I can feel her saying that .. because we we’re just that close! So I hope this touches someone who has a Mother who’s alive now, for she is your Creator, who was Blessed by GOD, who carried you in her womb, and gave birth to you. Send your Mother LIVE flowers Today, .. Because she cannot smell them Tomorrow.

And by the way .. I chose to “F”ace “E”verything “A”nd “R”ise! .. TODAY! :’)

Denise Riley

Deborah Gaeto – Hip Replacement

I was in a car accident that left me with non-stop pain in my back, hip, leg, groin ….my active, quality life was gone.  I have too many stomach & esophagus problems that I’m not able to take pain or anti-inflammatory drugs…the pain got so bad, I was not able to sleep. I was very sad and miserable. I was not able to walk far without having to stop and rest all the time.

Dr. Boyd Haynes tried every possible treatment to help me. When he told me I was at the point of needing a total hip replacement, I thought “I’m too young for a hip replacement. That’s for real old people.  I’m 57 years young, there must be some other way to stop this pain.”  But I scheduled the surgery anyway, then I went home to research alternative methods.  But, it just was not for me. I was in way too much pain, so I set my mind on getting a new hip.

I cried off and on the week before surgery, not sure I was doing the right thing. Well, the day of surgery, I felt very confident I was going to have a very successful outcome. Dr. Haynes words stuck in my head…he told me the key to recovery is to get moving right away, starting the day of surgery…….He was right. It felt good to move. I was able to walk up and down the hall, with a walker.

I was very happy I had the surgery, it takes some time to fully recover and I’m still on that road, but with a lot less pain. But ya’ gotta keep moving, the worst was not being able to pull my leg in bed, but you have to keep trying, it gets easier each week.

If you are not enjoying a good quality of life due to pain, please take care of yourself, the total hip replacement could be your answer to getting your life back too.

I can never thank Dr. Haynes enough for his expertise and caring about getting me out of pain. I know he can do the same for you too.

Deborah Gaeto

Click for more information on total hip replacement and Dr. Haynes.

Mary Gypson – Physical Therapy after Hip Replacement

I had the best experience at OSC PT with Dr. Tom Toothaker. The exercise plan he created for me was both challenging and exhilarating.

My goals were to be able to put on my own socks, do my pedicure, and get back to my usual activities. Six months of being totally reliant on a cane for stability and a year plus of a pronounced limp had taken a toll on my muscles.

Nine sessions and my goals were met and exceeded! Now, I am more limber and stronger than I have been in years.  I am back to bike riding and power walking. This 69 year old grandma is a lot happier, more fit, and so grateful.

Thank you, Dr. Tom, I could not have done this without you. Thank you, Hunter and Corey, for working with me and keeping me “honest”.

The entire experience there was professional, positive and friendly.

Mary Gypson

Deborah Couch – Physical Therapy After Hip Replacement

I had Physical Therapy for a Right Hip Replacement, which took about 8 weeks. I can say I was ready to get working on the hip.

Heather and Cody were great therapists. They kept me focused and made sure I was doing the workout correctly, so I would get the best help for my hip and answered any questions I had.  All employees managed themselves very professionally and were friendly. I would recommend OSC to anyone in need of therapy.

Deborah Couch

Stan Morgan – Partial Knee Replacement and Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

IMG_5708Dr. Haynes and the OSC staff have been amazing in every way. My wife had hip replacement approximately 5 years ago. She was barely able to walk and was suffering from severe pain in the joint. She now is able to workout at the gym 4 days a week and has no pain whatsoever.

I have had four surgeries by Dr. Haynes. I was a avid runner for over 25 years and as a result, I tore the meniscus in both of my knees over the years. Dr. Haynes performed arthroscopic surgery on both knees and after my first one, I was able to go snow skiing after only 10 days. In February of 2016, I finally had to have a partial knee replacement. My surgery went without any complications and am now able to walk without any pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Haynes and all the OSC staff for outstanding medical care and awesome bedside manner.

Stan Morgan