Testimonials: Jiffy Hip (Anterior Approach) Replacement

Virginia “Ginger” Reaves – Jiffy Hip Replacement

Dr. Boyd Haynes performed my left hip replacement back in 2004, without complications or problems. I had the posterior method of replacement and recovered beautifully. I was back to work part time, within 2-3 weeks, working up to a full week gradually. From the first appointment I found Dr. Haynes to be friendly, knowledgeable and very professional.

My intention was to get the right hip done within a year, but I felt so good after the left hip replacement, I put it off for awhile and other illnesses stopped me from getting the right hip replaced for several years.

Last year in 2016, I was ready. I was tired of limping, tired of constant arthritic pain and planning my life on how far I had to walk. I made an appointment with Dr. Haynes and he assured me he would try to correct my limp and it was definitely time to replace it. I had my right hip done in September 2016, via anterior procedure.

Although I was older this time (66), I recovered well without any issues at all. I am so grateful for this second replacement. I feel fantastic! I do not limp anymore, I wear shoes with heels, I walk without pain and have a new outlook on life. On top of that, I can go anywhere, no matter how far I have to walk. What a blessing!!! Thanks Dr. Haynes!!!!!!

I would highly recommend him if you are suffering with hip pain, he and his staff are the best. Also, an acknowledgement to Mary Immaculate Hospital, that was the first time I had ever been there, will not go elsewhere.

Virginia “Ginger” Reaves


Ann Templin – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement Surgery

I had a right hip replacement in early May 2017. I had previously had my left hip replaced. This prior surgery was approximately 10 years ago by another surgeon. Unfortunately, the first surgery was posterior approach and did not use the “jiffy” hip method used by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My first hip surgery resulted in 10 weeks missed work. Since my job was somewhat physical, even after the 10 week convalescence, there were some limitations. I had been lead to believe that I would never squat down again and even retrieving dropped objects was no easy feat.

What a difference with surgery number two. It did not resemble surgery number one in any way. The hospital stay was one night. I was allowed to drive within two weeks after surgery, compared to 6-8 weeks previously. We began to refer to Dr. Haynes as “Dr. Yes” around my house. Every question I asked, his answer was yes. Can I kayak? Boogie board? Drive to Oklahoma? Yes, yes and yes.

Everyone involved, from OSC staff to hospital staff, was wonderful. I could not have hoped for better results.

Ann Templin


Kelvin Anderson – Jiffy (Direct Anterior Approach) Hip Replacements

I’ve been active since my early teen years. My father kept me active in scouting, and being outdoors, active. I became a pretty accomplished martial artist, a, 2:45:01 marathoner, and later fell in love with cycling, and riding with several groups on weekends, active.

I developed a weakness in my left hip after long runs, and the heel of my right riding shoe begin to gently touch the side of my bike frame while on bike rides. All of this occurred while having a very successful career as a Firefighter/EMT still able to go into fires and perform at a high level. I was also still able to run about 60 miles a week, until bilateral discomfort was the beginning of everyday. My activity level crashed and burned over a two year period, and on some days, each and every step could be painful.

I decided to see my primary physician for recommendations other than medication, and he recommended the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, and Dr. Boyd Haynes. Prior to my first visit with Dr. Haynes, I had the privilege of reading through several testimonials from people whose lives had been changed from different surgical procedures performed by Dr. Haynes. I think I psychologically begin to heal then, with the hope that I would be a candidate for something to rid me of this hip pain.

I left my first visit with Dr. Haynes with an entirely different outlook on life, thoughts of walking around at outdoor jazz festivals, visiting museums with cousins, walking and sleeping pain free.

Dr. Haynes performed two hip replacement surgeries on me. I had my left hip done early January of this year, and my right hip in late April. I was in the hospital for both surgeries 5:30 am and home by 1:00 pm that day. Dr. Haynes thoroughly explained from start to finish every aspect of the procedure, even up to the point to where I could possibly get back on my bike again.

Today, I am absolutely pain free. I have very slowly started to increase my activity level, life is good. I can honestly say that Dr. Haynes, and the staff involved in both of my surgeries, were some of the most nice and professional people that anyone can come in contact with. Thank You, Dr. Haynes, for giving me the opportunity to pursue more dreams.

Kelvin Anderson

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Karen Levy – Direct Anterior (Jiffy) Hip Replacement

My name is Karen Levy and I am 66 years old.

I had pain in my left hip for about 2 years.  Based on the description of my symptoms, my Primary Care Physician sent me to an Orthopaedic Specialist.  He treated me for bursitis, gave me a cortisone injection in my hip bursa and sent me to Physical Therapy.  None of that treatment worked and the pain persisted.

I had seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC before and loved him.  I made an appointment with him to get an opinion on my pain and what might be wrong.  He ordered an MRI.  During my follow-up visit, he said my back was fine and that I needed to see someone for my hip, as I did not have any cartilage left in my hip joint.  Dr. Carlson walked me down the hall to see his partner, Dr. John Burrow.

Dr. Burrow suggested getting a cortisone injection directly into my hip joint to see if that would help the pain and confirm my diagnosis. Now, my hip pain was not the typical ache that people who usually need a hip replacement describe.  My pain was more like hip bursitis pain, and was higher up and to the side, not groin pain that is so typical for most people.  I had an injection in the procedure room and it helped relieve the pain for a while.  But, it came back, worse than before.

Dr. Burrow recommended anterior hip replacement surgery for me.   I had the surgery and after the surgery, I did great.   I had PT at home for two weeks and then continued PT at an outpatient clinic for another few weeks.  The difference in my pain was like Night and Day, the relief was so great.  A 26 year-old would have had a hard time keeping up with me!

Dr. Burrow is tops in my book.  He is kind and he listens to what I say.  Professional, yet very caring at the same time.

Karen Levy

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Bonnie Hashberger – (Jiffy) Hip Replacement Surgeries

My name is Bonnie Hashberger and I reside in Gloucester County, Virginia. In 2005 at the age of 54, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and degenerative cartilage in both hips. I knew something was terribly wrong since I was having lower back pain and it seemed like my hip joints would cramp up severely. Like I imagine a lot of people do, I put off surgery way too long. I distinctly remember Dr. Boyd Haynes telling me in 2007 that I WOULD know when it was time to get my hip replaced. That statement was so true.

By January, 2013, my left hip was causing me so much pain all the time, day and night, sitting and/or standing, that it literally altered my whole lifestyle. I called Dr. Haynes’ office and asked them for the earliest surgical appointment possible. I knew it was time. The Jiffy Hip surgery went very well and the recuperation time was about 8 weeks. At that time I felt like a completely different person for the better with no pain.

But I still had to contend with my right hip, knowing full well that the time would be coming soon when I would need to have a total hip replacement again. Sure enough, in 2015, the right hip was giving me a lot of difficulty, but for quite awhile, I found it hard to believe that it was my hip because it didn’t have the same symptoms as my left hip before the replacement. Dr. Haynes told me that even though we have two hips, no hip is alike. The symptoms, pain, etc. can be different. We tried several things, such as steroids and a cortisone shot. The cortisone shot worked for two weeks – during that time I felt great and no pain. But unfortunately all the problems returned. Dr. Haynes told me that this indicated to him the problem was my hip. We scheduled the surgery for January, 2016. The surgery again went very well. Come to find out my right hip joint was bone on bone. Not good! Downtime was approximately eight weeks again. I am happy to say that I have fully recovered, back at work, and I have not felt this good since 2001. I can say with complete confidence that even though I was afraid of surgery at first, if I had known that I would feel this great, I would have had both surgeries a lot sooner. THANK YOU DR. HAYNES for giving me my life back!!!!!

Bonnie Hashberger

Paul Fuller – Hip Replacement


March 2016, at 54 years of age, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my left hip. Within two months, I went from walking normally to limping and using a cane. I was in continual pain and discomfort. In May 2016, I underwent total hip replacement surgery via the anterior approach with Dr. Burrow.

The surgery went as planned with no issues. The same day, I was walking and able to climb stairs without difficulty. After several weeks of healing and physical therapy, I started resuming my previous activities. After three months, I was able to do most activities and now six months after the surgery, I honestly forget I had it done.

My wife and I are able to walk the Nolan Trail without stopping. We have hiked several times in the mountains of Virginia. Recently, I have started bicycling again and ride on average 100 miles each week. I have ridden 1400 miles to date and have no issues with the new hip. When the other hip needs to replaced, I will have no worries using OSC and Dr.  John Burrow.

Paul Fuller

LeRoy L. Slate, Jr. – “Jiffy” Hip Replacement



I was suffering with left hip pain that was not relieved by oral or injected medications. At this time, after consultation with Dr. Haynes, I elected to have the hip replaced with a “jiffy- Hip“. It is now two weeks since surgery and I am completely satisfied and walking with the aide of a cane for safety. I expect to walk without the cane wit in a few days. I recommend this procedure to anyone with similar problems.

LeRoy L. Slate, Jr.

Margaret Prybyla – Hip Replacement Surgeries


I’ve had the need for not one, but 2 hip replacement surgical procedures, 2 years apart. In each case prior to surgery, I had difficulty walking for any length of time, washing my feet, and putting on socks.

Post surgery, I was released from home physical therapy in 2 weeks, to the amazement of the therapist. She said she had never seen anyone recover so quickly. I required no pain medication since leaving the hospital. By the end of 2 weeks I no longer required a cane or walker.

Dr. Haynes insisted that I continue physical therapy at the clinic for continued strengthening. During those sessions, the therapists declared that I should become a poster child for hip replacement surgery, having never seen such quick recovery. I am grateful for the expertise of Dr. Haynes and his assistants in providing a successful outcome and a truly speedy recovery.

Margaret Prybyla

Barbara Naquin – Hip Replacements


Dr. Haynes,

“You’ll know when it’s time for hip replacement surgery,” related members of the OSC Team. Severe pain in both hips prevented me from enjoying athletic activities with family and friends, household chores, routine excursions here in Gloucester and all of Hampton Roads.

Fortunately, a dear friend who recently had a successful hip replacement, recommended Dr. Haynes. “When it’s over, the answers to all questions about what
you can do WILL BE YES!” he said. AND HOW RIGHT HE WAS! After the left hip was replaced, the relief was amazing. At the end of three weeks, I could drive, walk to the end of our pier, watch the grandchildren play, dive and swim off the boats.All household and community activities were resumed as well. Folks said, “What! You just had hip surgery?”

Everyone within earshot has heard about the attention to detail and patient care that I experienced in Dr. Haynes’ office. His staff was organized and questions answered almost before I had formulated them. His bedside manner was comforting and informative to my situation.

The right hip was replaced several months later. I am recovering with the same result.

Thank you, Dr. Haynes and Staff, for the benefit of your knowledge and shipshape operation!
Barbara Naquin

Jeannie Mann-Astleford – Hip Replacement

I first went to Dr. Haynes with a hurting hip. He examined me and found that the hip was deteriorating from arthritis. We decided to hold off on the operation.

While on vacation, I tripped and fell. Upon my return, I went to a hip replacement seminar given by Dr. Haynes to learn more about hip replacement. The seminar was very enlightening. Dr. Haynes was very through in his lecture. I made an appointment with him and he explained the procedure in a very understandable way. Dr. Haynes is a very through, understanding, compassionate doctor.

The operation and replacement went as planned and all is okay with my hip. Thank you, Dr. Haynes. I would recommend Dr. Haynes to anyone I know that would need a hip replacement.

Jeannie Mann-Astleford