Testimonials: Knee - Partial Knee Replacement

Ben Poter – Bilateral Knee Replacements (ConforMIS)

Dr. Bob SnyderI asked my Rheumatologist to recommend an Orthopedic Surgeon that he would personally use himself and he recommended Dr. Robert Snyder of OSC. So, I had a consultation with Dr. Snyder and did some research on my own and in July of 2013, I had Bilateral Knee Replacements on the inside portion of my knees by Dr. Snyder. Dr. Snyder uses the ConforMis System, which is a patient-specific replacement system and this really appealed to me, as it should provide a better fitting and functioning replacement.

I am more than pleased with my outcome and am able to do the things I enjoy again, without pain.  I tried knee injections in early 2013, with my Rheumatologist, but they did not help, so I’m glad he recommended Dr. Snyder. But, there is more to my journey. I would definitely recommend OSC and any of the doctors I saw during my eight year journey . I now consider OSC my one stop shop for joint pain .

Ben Poter


Richard Rinaldo – Physical Therapy for Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement

Rehabilitation at the physical therapy arm of OSC was a very positive experience. So much so that I wish it could be extended into a continuing activity, with clients doing therapy alongside self-generated activities, much like local fitness and wellness facilities. Such a facility could be truly transformational. The business plan for such a facility would combine private and public insurance modalities and individual fees and deposits. Of course, the facility would need expansion and investment by OSC, but the payoff could be great for OSC and the local community.

My reasoning is based on the talent, organization and training evident in the staff behavior encountered during my therapy. First was the courtesy, competence, personal touches and thoughtfulness of all from entrance to exercise to departure, as well as attention to COVID requirements and cleanliness. Second, was the intangible quality of empathy so evident in the concern for client comfort. Encouragement and motivation were also demonstrated.

I could name many more, but Jim, Fred, Bill, Jonathan and Cody do deserve special mention, with regrets, I cannot add so many deserving others for lack of good memory and inattention. Suffice to say that I am thankful to all for this experience, which hopefully will bring my many years of enjoyable physical activity, similar to that depicted from 2011.

Richard Rinaldo

Carole Stockberger – Partial Knee Replacement

Dr. Boyd Haynes was sympathetic and answered all my questions before, during and after surgery. The surgery was scheduled quickly and the process was efficient. All of the staff were caring.

My Physical Therapy went well and took in less time than expected.  My pain was managed very well during my recovery and healing. Having had a partial knee replacement by Dr. Haynes; I will look to him for all my Orthopedic needs and any future surgery. I have already referred friends to Dr. Haynes and will continue to do so. My friends have thanked me because their experience was as positive as mine.

Carole Stockberger

Stan Morgan – Partial Knee Replacement and Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

IMG_5708Dr. Haynes and the OSC staff have been amazing in every way. My wife had hip replacement approximately 5 years ago. She was barely able to walk and was suffering from severe pain in the joint. She now is able to workout at the gym 4 days a week and has no pain whatsoever.

I have had four surgeries by Dr. Haynes. I was a avid runner for over 25 years and as a result, I tore the meniscus in both of my knees over the years. Dr. Haynes performed arthroscopic surgery on both knees and after my first one, I was able to go snow skiing after only 10 days. In February of 2016, I finally had to have a partial knee replacement. My surgery went without any complications and am now able to walk without any pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Haynes and all the OSC staff for outstanding medical care and awesome bedside manner.

Stan Morgan

Carol B. Mann – Partial Knee Replacement


Over the last three years, I suffered with chronic knee pain and had to wear a brace. I had made plans for a trip to Las Vegas and also for a cruise. While on vacation, I could not keep up with the others. My walking was impaired even with the brace. My right knee was very swollen and painful. This was not a good feeling.

When I returned home, I mentioned my condition to a friend and he recommended Dr. Boyd Haynes. Dr. Haynes informed me that I would need a partial knee replacement. This was the best decision for me. My surgery went very well, without any complications. After surgery, I was able to get up and walk to the restroom. Now I am able to ride four miles on the bike and walk two miles a day.

The credit for my progress is due solely to Dr. Boyd Haynes. I would highly recommend Dr. Haynes to anyone, he is patient, understanding and will explain the entire surgical procedure to you. I shall forever be grateful to him.

Carol B. Mann

Garland Whitley – Partial Knee Replacement


Dr. Haynes performed a partial knee replacement for me last year. I had previously consulted with another doctor who said I had to have a full knee replacement, but I’m glad I went to Dr. Haynes for another opinion. The surgery and after care went very well and I am pleased with the results.

Before surgery, I was walking crooked and was in pain. Everything is fine now. I highly recommend him.

Garland Whitley

Janice Day – Partial Knee Replacement


A year ago, I came to Dr. Haynes about the pain in my knee. I was very confident in him giving me the best advice, since he helped years earlier with my left knee with injections. I was ready for surgery at that time. Dr. Haynes suggested we try medicine first to help with the arthritis. I tried 2 different medicines with a little relief. I came back a couple of months later,but didn’t have complete relief. Dr. Haynes suggested a cortisone shot. I felt great for about a month and I was back again in 3 months for another shot. The last time I got a shot he asked me about surgery,but could give me another shot. I got the shot, but it only lasted a few weeks. I then came back to just talk about surgery. I am a school teacher and didn’t want to miss to much time. I asked if I would get a partial knee replacement or full knee replacement. Dr. Haynes asked about my pain and looking at the x-ray decided I only needed a partial knee replacement.

I can’t believe how great the whole procedure went. I went home right after the surgery and after 2 weeks, I was able to walk with only a cane. Most of the time, I wasn’t even using the cane. I walk with no pain and I am so impressed with Dr. Haynes and his staff. Everyone was there for me and any concerns I would have. Thank you, Dr. Haynes, for helping walk without pain now.

Janice Day

Karen Bowles – Partial Knee Replacement


Dr. Haynes did a partial knee replacement for me about 2 weeks ago. I have been living with severe arthritis pain for over a year and I didn’t even think that there was any way to get rid of the pain completely, but Dr. Haynes made it happen!

Two weeks after my surgery. I am in no pain at all.  It’s unbelievable.

Karen Bowles

John L. Davis – Partial Knee Replacement

I am a retired Marine that loves hunting and fishing. Though, in 2014, I found it extremely painful to enjoy my retirement doing the things I love most. This was due to the pain I was having with my right knee. My wife suggested I see Dr. Haynes. I had been to other orthopedic doctors in the past and had cortisone injections that only helped for a very short time.

Dr. Haynes was able show me the anatomy of how my knee was hitting bone on bone. He suggested a partial knee replacement. I was very hesitant, since I had never had any type of surgery in the past. Dr. Haynes took the time to explain everything thoroughly. Though the recovery was difficult for the first couple of weeks, I now have full range of motion and I am pain free. Dr. Haynes and his staff gave me my life back. The deer and fish better watch out in 2015, cause Johnny Lee is back is full mode!

Milton Goldberg – Partial Knee Replacement

After 77 years of use, the cartilage in my left knee wore out. The knee hurt; it swelled, it was drained. Braces, ointment, orthotics, injections, and wishful thinking didn’t help.

Dr. Haynes saw me within days of my telephone call. X-rays revealed bone-on-bone and he advised surgery as the only effective,long-term option.

The partial knee replacement was done in a surgery center, after which I went home the same day. Once the anesthesia wore off the knee hurt, but pain was tempered by drugs.

Therapy began at home the next day. Recovery was slow and difficult, but I was assured that progress was being made. After about 2 weeks of therapy at home, I needed 4 or 5 weeks of therapy at an outside facility. After that, I gave up my walking cane and worked on a recumbent stationary bicycle for 2 months. By then, full range-of-motion was restored and I was able to everything I had done before the surgery.

Dr. Haynes’ work was excellent, as I am pain free, able to walk on a hike, ride a bicycle, cut the grass, dig in the yard, and climb a ladder, as I did before my knee failed. I also enjoy activities of all kinds with nine grandchildren.