Testimonials: Knee - Total Knee Replacement

Marina Cox – Knee Replacement

Meet the biggest chicken in the world, me! I can’t tell you how scared I was and how much I dreaded a complete knee replacement. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with many hospital stays and I’m afraid of needles. If I had it my way, I’d never step foot in a hospital again. However, if I ever do need my other knee replaced, I’m going straight to Dr. Boyd Haynes for the procedure with no reservation and no fear.

I can attest to the excellent care I received and truly, I don’t feel the new knee AT ALL, anytime. Rumor has it, I may have the other knee replaced eventually and I’m not dreading the possibility. Granted, you HAVE TO LISTEN to him and DO WHAT HE SAYS. He said to me, “I’ll do my job, but you have to do yours too”. By that he meant that rehab is a crucial part of a successful recovery. Thanks to my daughter, she helped me with my rehab and I worked hard. For that, after about 4 weeks, I was able to come to my follow up visit without the help of a cane!

Record recovery everyone said. Dr. Haynes was wonderful and you can be sure you’re in good hands. My recommendation is unconditional! Thanks again, Dr. Haynes!

Marina Cox

Tracy Langlois – Knee Replacements


Dr. Boyd Haynes did my first total knee replacement in October 2009 and my second one in March 2010. Before my knee replacements, I was in severe pain every day. My daily life had changed from being active to barely being able to go to the grocery store or sleep through the night. While the recovery was painful and required a dedication to the Physical Therapy, I can truly say it was totally worth it.

I have been 100% pain free for many years now and I can’t thank Dr. Haynes enough his professionalism, kindness and care. Thanks so much, Dr. Haynes!

Tracy Langlois

Anthony Sam – Knee Replacements

My name is Anthony Sam and I’m a 58 year old from Denver, CO, who spent 20 years in the US Navy and another 11 years as a Mechanic for NAVSEA Systems.

My Doctor is Jeffrey Carlson and I was seen by him for Severe Chronic Osteoarthritis of my right and left knee. My knee pain can be traced back to my time in the Navy and then was dramatically increased due to my physically intensive duties working as a Ship Yard Mechanic.

I have, in the past, had multiple knee surgeries on both of my knees, as well as countless injections to replace my Synovial Fluid. My knee pain had steadily gotten worse since my 1st knee surgery in 2004, to the point I had to take a disability retirement in 2015, during which I began to seek out treatment for my knee pain.

I first met Dr. Carlson in May of 2015.  I have to say I very impressed from the moment I walked into his office at OSC. Dr. Carlson was to the point and suggested to me that I really should have my knees replaced.  I was more than happy to have him do the procedure.

Dr. Carlson replaced my right knee in July of 2016 and that went so well that I had Dr. Carlson replace my left knee in February of 2017. As of today,I pain free and I have been given a new lease on my life going forward. I was always a very active person, but my knee pain had really taken a toll on my life style. but as of now I can actually go through my entire day without any real issues.

I would highly recommend Dr. Carlson and the entire OSC Staff, from Check-in to the Physical Therapy Department. I truly feel lucky to have met a 1st Class Ortho Surgeon in Dr. Carlson. Again, I am truly grateful on how things are going for me. Thank You.

Anthony Sam

Willie J. Senegal – Knee Replacement, Neck, Hip & Back Care

I would like to thank OSC (especially Dr. Mark McFarland, Shelly and the rest of his team).

I have received nothing but the best care from the moment I began seeing them for my neck, back , hips and knees.

My “KNEES”, oh my Lord – the incredible, bone grinding pain is gone!! Dr McFarland is an extraordinary doctor. He was patient with me during my “decision-making” process. He allowed me to become comfortable with the idea of knee replacement surgery and when I was ready – so was he.

It is so wonderful to no longer have excruciating pain with every step I’d take; to be able to stand up without assistance (a cane); to be able to take a walk with my granddaughter – it is an amazing feeling; one I had not felt for a very long time! All I can say again is THANK YOU (Thank You All)!!!

Willie Senegal

James Akridge – Total Knee Replacement

As an attorney defending medical malpractice claims, I choose my surgeons carefully. I was 63 when Dr. Boyd Haynes did a total knee replacement, in Feb 2016. Several of my friends have had single or bilateral knee replacements by other providers. So I have context when it comes to assessing the relative outcome of my total knee replacement.

One of my attorney associates is married to an ortho scrub tech at Mary Immaculate Hospital who works with many orthopedic surgeons. She could give no higher recommendation than Dr. Haynes. With her insights, and having seen several other orthopedic surgeons myself and inquired about many others, I felt confident in choosing Dr. Haynes.

He warned me that my result would depend largely on my post-op physical therapy efforts. There is no denying how important that is, but my range of motion during surgery was reported as outstanding. I had asked Dr. Haynes the brand of prosthetic appliance he would install. He explained that he chose the one offering the widest fitting options, maximizing his ability to tailor the fit to my anatomy. The result is simply beautiful.

I found the benefits of yoga several years ago. I am the last person to be considered an athlete, but I manage to hit a 3-wood far enough to generate envy among my retiree golfers. One of my golfing buddies is a retired college athletic coach. Coach hit with my club, and that was not my secret. I suggested it was my flexibility due to yoga. He attended a class with me, but his bilateral knee replacements (not done by Dr. Haynes) made it too difficult for him to be getting up and down from all fours, etc. I could almost straighten my leg immediately after surgery, something that makes Dr. Boyd smile and that my knee replacement buddies say is remarkable. I followed the guidance of PT and kept up my HEP. As a yogi, I can now do Child’s pose (deep kneeling) easily! About the only thing I cannot do as before is sitting cross-legged.

Before the surgery, another orthopedic surgeon had warned me that my knee, ruined in an auto accident, with surgery 40 years prior, would be a special challenge. The chief concern of Dr. Haynes was a staple securing that old muscle transfer. He was able to work around it, and the results are fantastic! I no longer chronically take a prescription NSAID (for the pain in my overloaded “good” leg), and even quit my high blood pressure meds immediately after the surgery. I just got the best rate offered for some life insurance I am adding, which tells you that the underwriters saw no issues. I agree with that referring scrub tech that no one could have done better than Dr. Haynes. Clearly, he is the Best!! Thank you for giving my life new legs!

James Akridge

Charles Bellinger – Total Knee Replacements & Physical Therapy

I would highly recommend OSC’s Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, my Surgeon, who successfully performed two TKR operations (within the past 2 years)and who guided me on my journey to total recovery through therapy.

I further recommend the therapy program offered at the OSC establishment. My 20 plus therapy appointments with the OSC Newport News Therapy office, found the staff extremely professional and friendly, starting with the appointment staff at PT’s front office.

My therapy evaluators/trainers Drs. Swale and Osowski, supported by their PTA/PT staff including Fred, Bill, Heather, Maria, and Jameil, went the distance to ensure I received the appropriate therapy to get back on my feet.

Thanks to all at OSC, for helping me achieve an improved quality of life.

Charles Bellinger 


Betty Staples – Knee Replacement

Dr. Haynes is a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon. It has been a year since Dr. Haynes completed a right knee replacement for me and I could not be happier with him, his staff, and their impressive medical facility.

A year ago, I was experiencing extreme right knee pain and knew a knee replacement was my only hope of walking again without a walker. I learned of Dr. Haynes when a lady, working at Macy’s, offered a chair for me to rest when she noticed I was having problems walking. After she finished checking out her customer, she asked me if I was experiencing knee problems and continued to tell me she had both knees replaced and that her doctor was Dr. Boyd Haynes. She praised him highly and went on to tell me how happy she was with her replacements. After arriving home, I conducted an internet search on Dr. Haynes and checked out “Best Doctors” in the region. I was impressed with my findings.

The next day, I called Dr. Haynes’ office, explained my problem and level of pain, and his staff went out of their way to give me an appointment two days later. I was most pleased with Dr. Haynes upon our meeting. He took the time to explain what was causing my knee pain, told me surgery was my only option at that point, and encouraged me to attend the pre-surgery class on knee and hip replacements presented by Mary Immaculate Hospital. I did–it was an excellent class and instructed me in everything I needed to knew about the procedure and its aftermath. The surgery went great and the hospital could not have been better.

Dr. Haynes encouraged me constantly to go home the day after surgery. Instead, I chose to go to the nursing home for rehab. This was a big mistake on my part and a terrible experience. I cannot recommend enough that you listen to the doctor and go home for rehab. After getting home, however, and beginning physical therapy at Kingston Physical Therapy in Hampton, I improved rapidly. It is wonderful walking without problems, going to the gym, and getting my life back.

I readily recommend Dr. Haynes for all orthopedic procedures he performs. I have the utmost confidence in him, Chris (his PA), and the rest of his staff. You are, without a doubt, in the best of hands with Dr. Haynes and the Orthopedic & Spine Center staff!

Betty Staples

Marge Hutt – Total Knee Replacement


After over a year of pain and dysfunction, I asked Dr. Jeffrey Carlson to proceed with a total knee replacement. From my very first appointment, Dr. Carlson was always attentive, warm, friendly and extremely professional; providing me all the answer to my questions and concerns. His entire office staff at The Orthopaedic & Spine Center [Newport News, VA] is wonderful.

The surgery went very well and was followed by a course of physical therapy. My progress was rapid and my recovery completely successful. I had wonderful results and enjoy pain free, full function of my knee. I only wish I had done this two years earlier.

I feel that Dr Carlson is simply the best orthopedic surgeon anywhere. He is a true professional with the highest surgical skills. My advice; if you are considering TKR, don’t wait; do it now. I am totally satisfied with my knee replacement and will always be grateful to Dr Jeffrey Carlson for restoring my quality of life.

Marge Hutt

Kathleen Howe – Physical Therapy for Total Knee Replacement

Jamie Swale


On 8/17/16, I had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes III. In the past, I used another physical therapy center, but after visiting OSC’s physical therapy center, I was extremely impressed! My Physical Therapist, Dr. Jamie Swale, and her Physical Therapist Technician, Maria Shanks, have done a phenomenal job during my PT!

My last day is scheduled for 11/3/16 . In the beginning, I went to physical therapy three times a week for the first two months and am now down to two days a week, since I wanted even more flexibility. It is important to do your physical therapy at home so you can achieve the most flexibility possible and continue to strengthen your body. Both Dr. Swale and Ms. Shanks challenge their patients and push them to their potential, not their frustration level. Dr. Swale and Ms. Maria Shanks did such a great job that I will be requesting them again in 2017, when I have my other knee replaced. Thank you for ensuring your patients do their exercises correctly and push them to their potential!

Kathleen Howe

Kathleen Howe – Total Knee Replacement



It is two and a half months since Dr. Boyd Haynes III, from Orthopedic Spine Center in Newport News, performed my total knee replacement.

There are four things to consider when having a knee replacement. The first is, having a list of questions ready for your surgeon. Secondly, find an excellent surgeon, Dr. Boyd Haynes III for example, who listens to your concerns and considers everything before replying. Third, make sure you do your physical therapy exercises as instructed, remember to ice, and elevate the area. Failure to do physical therapy will result in a long recuperation period. Melissa Wickline from Bayada Home Health Care gave me two weeks physical therapy at home prior to attending Orthopedic Spine Center Physical Therapy Center 3 times a week. Lastly, if you need additional physical therapy, do whatever it takes to get your range of motion back. Speak to both your surgeon and physical therapist before considering low impact water aerobics at the Y, using the elliptical and the recumbent bike on the days you do not have physical therapy.

I chose Orthopedic Spine Center for my physical therapy, since they work one on one with their patients and care about your pain level and progress. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Jamie Swale and Ms. Maria Shanks! Kudos to all that helped make my surgery a success!

 Kathleen Howe