Testimonials: Kyphoplasty

Susan Long – Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fracture

Image of Dr. Mark McFarlandI had a Kyphoplasty procedure on 4-18-18 at OSC. My physician was Dr. Mark McFarland. He was very informative and spent time explaining the procedure to me.

I was very satisfied with him and his staff, especially Stacy, Mary and Zach. I will review the results in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much!

Susan T. Long

Margaret Blackburn – Kyphoplasty


My name is Margaret Blackburn and I am a patient of Dr. Sureja’s. I recently injured my back when I lifted something that was too heavy. I heard a loud snap in my back and I was instantly in pain. I could barely get in and out of bed, much less walk or move much more than that. The pain was excruciating. I made an appointment to see Dr. Carlson at OSC. At my appointment, I had an Xray to assess what I had done. Dr. Carlson could see two fractures on two different vertebrae. Dr. Carlson suggested an MRI to see if anything else was happening in my spine. After the MRI, it was clear that I was dealing with just the fractures, so he recommended I see one of the OSC doctors who do kyphoplasties. Dr. Sureja had done a vertebroplasty on me last year, and I was very pleased with those results, so I was happy to see Dr. Sureja again.

On the day of my office appointment, Dr. Sureja assessed me and recommended a kyphoplasty to fix the fractures. This is when they inject a cement-like substance into the back, like an internal cast. He actually suggested I do it as soon as possible, since I was in so much pain. He had an opening that very day and was able to fit me in for the procedure. The procedure was done in their office, which is very convenient! I had two levels completed, meaning the fractures were in 2 different vertebrae. The procedure itself was very quick and over before I knew it. The pain relief was instant. As I am writing this, I had the surgery 2 days ago. It hurts where the tiny needle was inserted into my back, but the pain caused by the fracture is completely gone.

I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Sureja and his team for helping me. Dr. Sureja is not only a very smart and talented physician, but he is a very kind person. His demeanor and personality are so warm and caring, and his level of knowledge and capability is almost unbelievable. I felt as though he genuinely cared about me and truly wanted me to feel better. I also appreciate that he tells you what he’s doing as he goes. He takes the time to explain things in a manner that I can understand, but he’s not “dumbing” things down. I’m so grateful for my experience with OSC and Dr. Sureja. I definitely recommend him and this practice to anyone who needs this kind of care. Thank you, Dr. Sureja!