Testimonials: Physical Therapy

Becky Brown – Lumbar Spine Fusion – Multiple Levels

Thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and the whole staff at OSC (Tanya, Kaye, Jim (PT), Zach (PT Tech), to name a few).

After a year of medicines, PT, injections and continued pain, I finally had my L2-4 fusion in February. Dr. Carlson followed my spine progress over time and told me, “You will let me know when it’s time.” I found his approach to treatment very refreshing, as many doctors will jump to surgery at the drop of a hat.

As a Personal Trainer and the Employee Health & Wellness Coordinator for the City of Suffolk, it was devastating for me to not even be able to walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes without crying in pain. So, it was time… When I awoke in the recovery room, I felt immediate relief from sciatica, groin and leg pain. I thought to myself, “He fixed me again!”

See… Dr. Carlson also fused my C5-7 about 5 years ago with great success. He also successfully fused my husband’s L4-S1 in 2015. Both he and I can now do any activity we want. I even walked a 5K two months after this surgery!

In my profession, I see a lot of spinal disease & injury. I educate others by sharing my story of how bad things can get and how having the right doctor makes all the difference. I refer everyone I know to Dr. Carlson. He is a true miracle worker. Thank you again, Dr. C!

Becky Brown

Ollie Tucker – Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Because of severe osteoarthritis, I was due to have shoulder replacement in 2015; however, I had to have another operation. I kept delaying having my shoulder done as long as I could.

Dr. Martin Coleman performed total shoulder replacement on April 14, 2017. It is now almost 8 weeks later and I really wish I had it done earlier. Dr. Coleman and his staff did a fantastic job.

With 4 weeks of Physical Therapy, I can now raise my arm up, extend to the side, comb my hair, etc. (almost full mobility). Thank you, Dr. Coleman. I now have two functioning arms, instead of one and a half (smile).

Ollie Tucker 

Deborah Pack – Physical Therapy for Reverse Shoulder Replacement

I just finished my four months of therapy on my reverse shoulder replacement at the OSC PT office (beside the main office). I was sad to leave because the whole staff there works as a team, from the office staff Stachia and Cliff, to the doctors and physical therapists, and to the PT assistant Nneka.

I was welcomed each day and the tech greeted me with genuine concern as to how I was doing. I worked mostly with Fred Wintermantle and Dr. Tom Toothaker. Both knew exactly which exercises would strengthen my shoulder and get the muscles in my shoulder and back to work together. These guys are great. Dr. Toothaker pointed out the different advances I made and he and Fred Wintermantle developed my therapy program. Their encouragement made me want to work harder to achieve more strength.

I’ve had lots of PT over the past 15 years, including 4 knee replacements, a broken wrist, and two shoulder replacements. The OSC PT experience was the best I’ve had. If I need PT again, I’ll get these men and women to build my strength and range of motion. First class!

Deborah Pack

Gary Reph – Physical Therapy

Tom Toothaker DPT, is a very dedicated Physical Therapist. He has worked with me for sometime. And because of his diligence, I’m feeling better. He is very personable to his patients.

Gary Reph


James Coates – Physical Therapy for Back Pain

I have had lower back pain for a long time. It was manageable at first, but then it started causing increasing pain making it difficult even to drive. Dr. Mark McFarland prescribed medication and a 4 week course in physical therapy.

Dr. Tom Toothaker, DPT was in charge of my therapy. He had me do a series of exercises concentrating on my particular problem. Two sessions a week for 4 weeks and my back doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I am doing daily exercises at home and hopefully soon all the pain will be eliminated. I want to add that Dr. Toothaker and his staff treated me extremely well and explained every exercise and why I was doing it. I would highly recommend OSC’s Physical Therapy Center to anyone who needs therapy.

James Coates

Jessica D’Aurora – Physical Therapy after Knee Surgery








In November 2016, I had a tibia tubercle transfer and lateral retinacular release surgery performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. Shortly after the surgery, I had to start Physical Therapy. It was my second time at OSC Physical Therapy, but my first time with Dr. Tom Toothaker.

Dr. Toothaker is an incredible Physical Therapist. He provided me with honest feedback and kept me focused on my exercises at home.

We worked on not just getting me back to being able to manage day-to-day, but getting me back to being physically active in my cross fit and competitive horseback riding.

I also spent a lot of time under the care of Fred Wintermantel, Physical Therapy Assistant, to Dr. Toothaker. Fred really helped me with my exercises and provided a lot of moral support when I had setbacks or expressed frustrations. Dr. Toothaker, Fred, and technicians Nneka and Hunter really made sure I was doing each exercise correctly and provided me with a lot of guidance. They knew when to push me for more progress safely and also when to correct me for trying to do too much too soon.



I spent so much time (four months this time, almost 6 total) at OSC Physical Therapy, I felt like I was leaving behind part of my friends/family when I left for the last time. They never made me feel like just a patient or a number, but I always felt like my progress mattered to each of them.

Dr. Toothaker, Fred, Hunter, and Nneka are truly amazing at their jobs and are such caring and compassionate individuals. I owe each of them so much gratitude for all of their help and support these last few months.

Jessica D’Aurora – Tibial Tubercle Transfer and Lateral Retinacular Release – Knee Surgery

In July 2016, I was in a bad horseback riding accident that caused me to separate my AC joint, that’s how I first came to OSC.  I was under the care of Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at the time. After rehab on my shoulder, I started riding and competing again, only to dislocate my knee for the fourth time.

After I had an MRI done and results showed that I needed surgery on my knee, Dr. Carlson referred me to Dr. Boyd Haynes. I was very hesitant at first concerning the surgery, since I’ve had one knee surgery previously and I didn’t want to be out of riding commission for long. Dr. Haynes and staff assured me and addressed my concerns and worked with me on my time frame for recovery.

I ended up having a tibia tubercle transfer and lateral retinacular release surgery in November 2016. Dr. Haynes was one of the best surgeons I could have asked for to perform my surgery. He had such great bedside manner and even followed up with my family at 9 pm the evening of the surgery to check up on me, despite going into the Thanksgiving week. I was very impressed by his caring and professionalism.

I’m currently still recovering and was just released from physical therapy.  I’ve been able to get back to working out and doing cross fit and horseback riding. I still have some recovery to make, but my progress has been great and my knee is much more stable and comfortable than before. I have Dr. Haynes and the great staff at OSC to thank for all of that!

Jessica D’Aurora

Buddy DeRyder – Non-surgical Treatment for a Torn Biceps Muscle & Rotator Cuff

Dr. Boyd Haynes’ mantra is “that orthopedic surgery to repair an injury is not always the first and necessary solution”.  And that was the case for me.

As an active 81 year-old sailor, I tore my right biceps muscle hauling in a sail. I have been an OSC patient for about 40 years, so I looked on the OSC website and saw Dr. Haynes treated biceps muscles. His first diagnosis was not pleasing, as an in office MRI also showed a tear in the right shoulder rotator cuff. I had rotator cuff surgery on that shoulder 20 years ago and, no doubt, Dr. Haynes saw the immediate fear in my eyes at the unwelcome news!

Being familiar with this type of injury, in a very relaxed manner, Dr Haynes explained options, other than surgery, that could be considered. He prescribed an initial physical therapy session to develop range of motion and slowly exercise the muscles involved with the bicep and shoulder. After promise was shown with the initial learned exercise set, a second exercise set was undertaken for two months to build up muscle strength.

At the office examination after that second session, I was able to pass his strength tests and he proclaimed the welcome news that it looked like surgery was not necessary. YEAH! Dr Haynes suggested to continue those exercise which I perform at a local YMCA to maintain and perhaps slowly build muscle strength….. with a healthy diet of course. That’s also his mantra!

I am extremely appreciative of the attention and assurance of both Dr. Haynes and his physician assistant, Chris Schwizer, over the course of my slowly improving rehabilitation process.

James Akridge – Total Knee Replacement

As an attorney defending medical malpractice claims, I choose my surgeons carefully. I was 63 when Dr. Boyd Haynes did a total knee replacement, in Feb 2016. Several of my friends have had single or bilateral knee replacements by other providers. So I have context when it comes to assessing the relative outcome of my total knee replacement.

One of my attorney associates is married to an ortho scrub tech at Mary Immaculate Hospital who works with many orthopedic surgeons. She could give no higher recommendation than Dr. Haynes. With her insights, and having seen several other orthopedic surgeons myself and inquired about many others, I felt confident in choosing Dr. Haynes.

He warned me that my result would depend largely on my post-op physical therapy efforts. There is no denying how important that is, but my range of motion during surgery was reported as outstanding. I had asked Dr. Haynes the brand of prosthetic appliance he would install. He explained that he chose the one offering the widest fitting options, maximizing his ability to tailor the fit to my anatomy. The result is simply beautiful.

I found the benefits of yoga several years ago. I am the last person to be considered an athlete, but I manage to hit a 3-wood far enough to generate envy among my retiree golfers. One of my golfing buddies is a retired college athletic coach. Coach hit with my club, and that was not my secret. I suggested it was my flexibility due to yoga. He attended a class with me, but his bilateral knee replacements (not done by Dr. Haynes) made it too difficult for him to be getting up and down from all fours, etc. I could almost straighten my leg immediately after surgery, something that makes Dr. Boyd smile and that my knee replacement buddies say is remarkable. I followed the guidance of PT and kept up my HEP. As a yogi, I can now do Child’s pose (deep kneeling) easily! About the only thing I cannot do as before is sitting cross-legged.

Before the surgery, another orthopedic surgeon had warned me that my knee, ruined in an auto accident, with surgery 40 years prior, would be a special challenge. The chief concern of Dr. Haynes was a staple securing that old muscle transfer. He was able to work around it, and the results are fantastic! I no longer chronically take a prescription NSAID (for the pain in my overloaded “good” leg), and even quit my high blood pressure meds immediately after the surgery. I just got the best rate offered for some life insurance I am adding, which tells you that the underwriters saw no issues. I agree with that referring scrub tech that no one could have done better than Dr. Haynes. Clearly, he is the Best!! Thank you for giving my life new legs!

James Akridge

Judy Bryan – Physical Therapy after Rotator Cuff Surgery

I completed four weeks of Physical Therapy today with Dr. Tom Toothaker for a torn rotator cuff surgery. I found him to be an exceptional Physical Therapist. Not only did I quickly get my range of motion and strength back, I learned how to continue the PT at home on my own. Dr. Toothaker was kind, compassionate, a good listener, as well as presenting himself with confidence and professionalism.

The entire staff at OSC Physical Therapy was a pleasure to work with. They all did an outstanding job of making my experience pleasant and as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. I recommend them highly.

Judy Bryan