Testimonials: Physical Therapy

Walter Satchell – Broken Shoulder Treatment and Physical Therapy

I want to share my experience with the Orthopaedic And Spine Center. I was ice skating late November when I fell and broke my left shoulder Humerus bone and received a large contusion of my right leg, each requiring me to go to physical therapy for a number of weeks.

I can honestly say that I have never had such an experience where you felt the staff was sincerely concerned with your injuries and wanted to do all they could do to get you back into a regular routine. They understood your pain levels but at the same time made you realize that in order to get back to normal, there would be some pain associated with the therapy.

Dr. Coleman made me feel very comfortable with the diagnoses and was always willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I felt like he was willing to spend as much times as necessary to be sure my arm was healing as needed and always left the door open if I ever needed to call him with any concerns.










My physical therapist was Jim Koske and I felt that he was an expert in his field and knew exactly what I needed to do to get better. He spent time with me and answered any questions and was always overlooking my treatment with the physical therapist assistants and tech staff. The entire staff was always helpful with my questions, explaining the different exercises I needed to go through.

Also, when you first come into the building you are met by Stacia and Cliff at the front desk who receive you with a smile and get to know you by name. It is nice walking into the office, being greeted by someone who knows you by name and has already signed you in.

I would like to express my sincere thank you to the entire staff at Orthopaedic And Spine Center but especially the following staff:
Dr. M. R. Coleman (Medical Doctor), Jim Koske (Physical Therapist), Bill Richards and Victoria Bartnikowski (Physical Therapist Assistants), Hunter, Catina, Jamail, Tom and Mika (Tech staff), and Stacia and Cliff (front desk staff).

If I ever have to have orthopedic medical needs again, you can be sure I will be going back to the medical staff at Orthopaedic And Spine Center.

Walter Satchell

Roddy Bryan – Physical Therapy for Lower Back

Physical Therapist in Newport News

Dr. Tom Toothaker is an amazing Physical Therapist. I saw him for muscle tightness in my lower back. He very quickly alleviated the tightness in my back and always explained what he was doing and why. He is the best Physical Therapist I have ever seen and I recommend him highly.

Roddy Bryan

Barbara Harvey – Physical Therapy

I thoroughly enjoyed the PT time I spent with Dr. Osowski and Maria, his assistant. They both listened and responded to my needs, challenged me to progress and encouraged me on days that my pain level was up. I asked Dr. Osowski many questions regarding “why” something felt a certain way, how long it would take build strength, range of motion, etc. and he always explained the process. Maria always ensured I completed my exercise routine, even when I wanted to skip something. In fact, the entire office was friendly.

Tanya Taskey – Lumbar Spine Fusion

I had lower lumbar spinal fusion for a degenerative disk issue. My surgery went well and I was happy to go home the same day, even walking out by myself with a walker. I was skeptical at first to go home, because of what I kept reading online about recovery. I was home and comfortable with my family. I prepared myself for a comfortable way to sleep and sit before the surgery and had everything ready at home. I kept up with my pain medicine as they said for the first couple of days and it didn’t bother me much. I even went to two Thanksgiving dinners one week after surgery.

I appreciated the home care I got (Personal Touch Home Health) and it was nice to talk to them about things. They were very supportive and helpful with everything.

It took me 8 weeks to get back to work. I work with one year-olds at a day care center and of course, that involves lifting, bending, sitting, squatting and a lot of back work. I worked closely with the physical therapy staff and they helped me get stronger with the type of work I do. I had to take it slow at work in the beginning, but after about 4-6 weeks of physical therapy, I am more comfortable with my movements at my job. I had to have patience and understand it can take a moment to feel like yourself again.

The staff from the doctor’s office and the Physical Therapy was great. The staff are personable at Physical Therapy, including the front desk and strong people skills at the office.

I must say it was a slow process, but not what I expected, it was better. I was doing house work just weeks after the surgery and was taking walks with my back brace 3 weeks after surgery, with precaution and only up to my abilities.

Thank you to Dr. Carlson, and Dr. Andrew Osowski with Fred Wintermantel at Physical Therapy for all their help and guidance through all of this. Today, I can say I am just about 90% better at my 3 month mark.

Tanya Taskey

William R. Gorman – Multi-level Lumbar Spine Fusion

I’ve been a patient of Orthopaedic & Spine Center (and the old OSSMS) since the mid 1990’s, starting with Dr. Helmuth Trieshmann (right knee, arthroscopic surgery for torn cartilage), Dr. Robert Snyder (left knee, total replacement), Dr. Raj Sureja (pain management) and most recently, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson ( lower back, lumbar spinal fusions).

I had been dealing with sporadic issues with my back since 1975. This year, the frequency, intensity, and duration became intolerable. Surgery was a last resort. I made an appointment with Dr. Carlson and had a second opinion with a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon’s prognosis was very limited activity, long recovery, certainly, not snow skiing.

Dr. Carlson operated (4 spinal fusions, lumbar to sacrum) on Tuesday afternoon,June 7, 2016 at Mary Immaculate Hospital, and I was home Wednesday evening! His staff, the hospital staff and the home health care professionals were all extremely courteous, pleasant, and proficient.

After six weeks, I was back to doing lifting chores, walking, swimming and so on. The old OSSMS also had a physical therapy staff that was thorough and pleasant to work with. Dr. Carlson’s individual specialized teams merged into a highly efficient recovery task force to make my healing as fast and pleasant as possible.

It’s now September 13, 2016 (three months later). I am off pain medication and can stand up straight. I am mostly pain-free. I’m driving my car, mowing the lawn, running my chain saw, and am looking forward to down-hill skiing on the mountains this winter! I have my active life back! Total recovery is supposed to take a year, but I am now better than I have been in fifteen years. I am getting stronger and more pain-free every day!

PS – I sent the above testimonial in September. This picture and few words are an update 6 months after surgery. Dr. Carlson performed multiple lumbar spinal fusions that took 38 staples to close the incision on 6/6/16. On 1/31/17, I was skiing at Wintergreen!! Thank you, Dr. Carlson!

William R. Gorman

Diane Lawton – Physical Therapy

I have in the past gone through Physical Therapy, but this time I feel it really worked.  Dr. Andy Osowski and Fred Wintermantel took their time to explain why they were doing each exercise and which ones to continue at home.

Diane Lawton

Linda Rogers – Physical Therapy

I was sent to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson by my cancer doctor.  Dr. Carlson was great at listening to what I had to say about the pain I was having, so he sent me to OSC Physical Therapy on Nat Turner Blvd.  Dr. Osowski was my main person to set me up with a plan.  Heather Cole was my person in charge of my planned workout.  Maria and Cory were the ones who helped me work the plan.

I am older so it is important that a older person feels comfortable with DR. J Carlson and the rest of the therapy team. I did. I never had a uneasy moment. THANKS to all of the above who helped me get back to being as MUCH me as I could get to. EXCELLENT employees who work together and make DR. Cs patients better. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL.

Linda Rogers

Charles Bellinger – Total Knee Replacements & Physical Therapy

I would highly recommend OSC’s Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, my Surgeon, who successfully performed two TKR operations (within the past 2 years)and who guided me on my journey to total recovery through therapy.

I further recommend the therapy program offered at the OSC establishment. My 20 plus therapy appointments with the OSC Newport News Therapy office, found the staff extremely professional and friendly, starting with the appointment staff at PT’s front office.

My therapy evaluators/trainers Drs. Swale and Osowski, supported by their PTA/PT staff including Fred, Bill, Heather, Maria, and Jameil, went the distance to ensure I received the appropriate therapy to get back on my feet.

Thanks to all at OSC, for helping me achieve an improved quality of life.

Charles Bellinger 


John Schiavone – Physical Therapy after Shoulder Surgery

I would highly recommend the physical therapy program offered at the Orthopaedic and Spine Center. The staff there is extremely professional and friendly. My Doctors, Swale and Osowski, PTA Bill and PT techs Maria and Jamie, were outstanding in helping me achieve a better quality of life when using my left shoulder.

Their advice, knowledge of the injury and what exercises to prescribe, to strengthen and heal the shoulder, allowed me to reach my goal in a minimum amount of time. I would strongly recommend each of them to anyone wishing to recover from shoulder surgery.

I want to wish all of the staff a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

John Schiavone

Julie Stuffel – OSC Physical Therapy

I have been in Physical Therapy since (I think) April. From the front desk, to all the Therapists and Therapists Assistants, it has been a great experience. They are all very kind and helpful. Thank you all.

Julie Stuffel