Testimonials: Physical Therapy

Sally Price – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery and Physical Therapy

I am Sally Price and in 2015, I had a rotator cuff tear, expertly fixed by Dr. Martin Coleman. Three months later, I unfortunately tore it again, but this time I ruptured the shoulder. Thankfully, Dr. Coleman was able to repair it again, but told me it would take me a year to get it back to moving normally.

Fortunately, I went to OSC-Physical Therapy where I received excellent care. For six months, the therapists there patiently worked with me. I especially appreciate their compassion and encouragement. They worked around my chronic back pain that limits my activity, allowing me to lie down when I needed to, and helped me through periods of discouragement over dealing with both back and shoulder pain. It was like having a support group every time I came to therapy. I also learned to have complete confidence in their skills and knowledge.

Today I am able to use my shoulder in every way, including reaching overhead. I hope to go back someday and get some help for my back.

Sally Price

Jimmy Powell – Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain


My name is Jimmy Powell and I went to see Dr. Carlson for my lower back pain. He recommended that I have physical therapy for my pain. DPT Jamie Swale found the trouble areas in my back and set up a therapy program. With her help and the help of her co-workers, they resolved the intense pain. Thank you for your wonderful care.

Gary Holsomback – Knee Replacement


I am a 63 year old that had my surgery with Dr. Haynes on 3/4/2015; the surgery was the second for my left knee. In 1983, I fell at my home, tearing the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments, as well as the meniscus in the knee. My care included surgery, follow-up and rehab; five days in the hospital, 8 weeks in a hard cast, 7 weeks in a soft cast and therapy for about 5 months. Why am I referring to this because its in the past–it’s to evidence how much improved the treatment procedures are today.

Dr. Haynes met with me in November of 2014 and we discussed my arthritic condition; I tried an injection of cortisone and revisited Dr Haynes in January,2015; at that time, I advised him of my decision to obtain a full knee replacement.

On March 4, 2015, I had the procedure and went home on 3/5. I followed all recommendations that were given to me by Dr Haynes, his nursing staff, and home healthcare….everything went so well that I told my wife that I could be the “poster child” for the way the procedure should go. I took physical therapy for seven weeks and returned to a part time job on 4/18/15.

I have returned to playing golf and have enjoyed playing WITHOUT a knee brace…last summer was the first time in 32 years that my left leg was tanned…AND NO MORE PAIN!!!!!

I am very pleased with my decision to have Dr. Haynes to do my surgery and appreciate the commitment his staff, including the OSC Physical Therapy group, had for me as a patient.


Gary Holsomback

Tom Zwerner – Spinal Fusion Surgery



It’s been almost a year since I had spinal fusion surgery. Prior to the surgery, I had been in significant pain when standing or walking for about 9 months. Today, I am pain free. Dr. Carlson and his staff were amazing, as were the folks who cared for me during physical therapy. One of my brothers had spinal fusion surgery many years ago and I remembered tears coming down his face when we drove him home. I was in little to no pain when my wife drove me home the day of surgery and walked up the steps to our house and down the hallway to my favorite chair with no assistance or walking aid. Within 3 days, I started tapering off the pain meds.

Dr. Carlson is as compassionate as he is knowledgeable and gifted; he also has a warm sense of humor. If you are having back pain, I highly recommend that you entrust Dr. Carlson with your healthcare. Both he and his staff will take wonderful care of you.

Tom Zwerner

Betty Owsley – Exercise and PT for Knee Pain


My name is Betty and in February of 2012, I was having problems with my knees.
They would pop and grind especially when I climbed stairs. One evening while my husband and I were out for dinner, I started to get up, but my knee was locked up and I couldn’t move my leg or stand. My husband, not knowing what else to do, got down on the floor and started slowly moving my ankle. From the turned heads, I believe the other diners thought he was proposing to me, but he was just desperate to help me get up. We finally got my knee unlocked and I knew it was time to see someone about this problem. I was fairly new on the Peninsula and a friend from church recommended Dr. Haynes.

Dr. Haynes did an x-ray and it showed that there was arthritis in my knees. He sent me to Physical Therapy and they worked out an exercise regimen that would strengthen the muscles in my knees and hips. I continued the exercises after physical therapy ended.

The next year my husband and I went on a rigorous bus tour. We were up early and on the bus. I went three days without doing my exercises, after all, I was on vacation, and soon realized that my knees were weak and I had pain when I walked. I realized that if I wanted to continue an active lifestyle I would have to keep my body in shape by exercising.

It has been four years since that first visit with Dr. Haynes and sometimes I get tired of exercising, but then I remember how fast one can lose muscle and strength and I am happy to spend that time to make me feel better.

Harriette Hoagland – Pain Management & Physical Therapy


I visited Dr. Andrus for extreme pelvic and hip pain associated with lower back problems. I initially received an injection to relieve the pain in my hip. The injection was not effective for me.

Rather than receiving another injection, I elected to visit Dr. Andrus for pain management. She immediately identified the specific area in my lumbar spine causing the pain in my pelvic and hip areas. She recommended physical therapy, which included lumbar traction and various exercises for my ailing areas. What a difference this has made. My pain levels on the pain scale dropped from a constant 10 to a 2-3. What a difference.

IMG_7951If you can love going to a doctor, I’ll have to say I love going to Dr. Andrus and OSC. Dr. Andrus is a dedicated physician and a personality that makes you want to go back to see her. She’s the best! Dr. Andrus listens to you when you discuss your problem(s) and finds a way to make you feel comfortable for whatever your treatment plan might be. Her entire staff and the staffs at OSC (proper) and the Physical Therapy section are absolute professionals, knowledgeable, and so warm and welcoming. I believe this is a reflection of the leadership at OSC.

Whatever my orthopaedic problems have been over the years, I have always had treatment success with OSC. This practice is a wonderful neighborhood/Hampton Roads gem.

Harriette Hoagland

Deborah Ann Cox – Lumbar Fusion Surgery & Physical Therapy


I was blessed to have Dr. Carlson perform my surgery for Lumbar Fusion. I suffered for a year and half, due to I was so afraid to have surgery. Now looking back and knowing first hand that Dr. Carlson and his staff took excellent care of me, I wish I had had the surgery much sooner.

I followed all the instruction given to me by Dr. Carlson, Kaye and Mary Immaculate Hospital and did just fine. If I got scared and had questions, all I had to do was call and they were there for me. My home health care provider Personal-Touch was excellent. Margaret and Ellen came to take care of me and I looked forward to seeing them.

The first two weeks after surgery is painful and the best thing you can do is get out of bed and walk. I have a pet dog named Zoey, she is a Bichon Frise. All during the night and day, I would walk up and down my hallway with my walker. Zoey would take every step with me, no matter how many times a day I was up and walking, so I have to give her credit too for my recovery. My husband, Fred, made sure I got my pain medicines on schedule and made sure I ate well. He was the Best.

IMG_7936Physical Therapy followed after surgery and those folks got me moving. I actually enjoyed seeing their smiling faces and working out. Rachel and her staff were so kind and good to me.

My co-workers knew the pain I was in daily and witness the weight I lost from being in pain.  Now they see smile on my face and spring in my steps. They asked who did my surgery and how was it? I can honestly say from experience, don’t suffer, go to Dr. Carlson!  He has excellent skills, kind, caring and you will be in good hands. You will be happy you got your procedure done and back to life.

As I age, I know I will probably have some more procedures to get done. It is a comforting thought to know, I have Dr. Carlson to go to. Again, I can’t thank you enough for the peace of mind I have now.

Deborah Ann Cox

Robert D. Copeland – Shoulder (Rotator Cuff Repair) Surgery & Physical Therapy


I originally had my right shoulder (rotator cuff) operated on by Dr. Haynes eight years ago. Because of the experience the first time, there was no question I wanted him to do my left shoulder when the time came. The surgery went very well and after only a few weeks, I was able to begin physical therapy at OSC. With the exceptional treatment of the entire staff, both the surgical team and the rehab team, every appointment there is improvement. I am very grateful for Dr. Haynes and his entire OSC staff and the recovery process that has resulted from their outstanding work.

Robert D. Copeland

Catherine E. Reid – Hip Replacement & Physical Therapy

I would like to share my very positive experience with the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, located at 298 Nat Turner Blvd. Newport News, VA 23606.

Thanks to Dr. John Burrow and Rachel Tyler, MPT, Clinic director, and staff for their dedication to my health and care.

On August 19, 2014 I received a new hip. Surgery was performed by Dr. John Burrow. I had been in constant pain for months, to the point of losing my independence. Thanks to Dr. John Burrow and Rachel Tyler and her Physical Therapy team, I am pain free, and able to return to enjoying my regular duties and hobbies. My short recovery time was unbelievable to my family and friends. Three weeks after surgery, I was able to walk, stand and sit with no pain. I am now, weeks later, able to walk and jog three miles. I am looking forward to enjoying the Holidays free of pain. Thank you.

Sandra Hayes – Physical Therapy

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Rachel Tyler and her amazing staff.

I had an absolutely wonderful experience at OSC. Ms. Tyler is an excellent therapist, professional, very knowledgeable, and truly compassionate. It’s clear that Ms. Tyler is also an excellent leader; from the moment I first entered OSC, I could sense the warm and friendly atmosphere and the sincere concern of each staff member for their patients. I have been a patient at many physical therapy facilities, OSC was by far the best.

Ms. Tyler’s assistant Ms. Catina was always so kind and accommodating, she made me feel as if nothing was ever too much to ask. The receptionists Autumn and Stachia were also so kind and friendly. It was a joy to see everyone at each appointment.

I will definitely recommend OSC to anyone. It is well-run, efficient, and deeply caring. Should I need additional help, I will definitely return to OSC!

Thanks again for everything,

Sandra Hayes